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Here is what I got so far!


Name: Sora Mena
Age: 17 
Species: Vampire 
Looks like: before ran away: Long blond hair, and electric blue eyes, after I ran away: Long midnight Black hair and electric blue eyes 

Bio: I’m Sora Mena I was the only child of the Mena clan till I ran away then I died my hair black and change my to Suko Yereama and bribed the mayor of the town to not tell anyone my real name. My family before I ran away was the most powerful clan in the town.

Name: Storm Lightning 
Age: 17
Species: Human 
Looks like: Long blond hair with electric blue highlights and blue eyes
Bio: I’m Storm of the lightning clan. Our household is partners with the Mena clan. Their daughter is my best friend!

Name: Miami Moon 
Age: 171/2 
Species: god 
Looks like: brown hair and Icy blue eyes, pretty blue shirt, denim jacket, pants, and combat boots

Bio: I’m the most popular in school. Most athletic too. I have lots of friends and my family is rich. I have powers.

Name: Jessie Peterson
Age: 18 
Species: werewolf
Looks like: blond hair, blue eyes, makeup, tank top, short shorts, tennis shoes high heels, and leather jacket
Bio: I’m small and super smart not very popular. I have 3 friends. 

Chapter 1 prologue
Sora’s P.O.V.
I was at my house waiting for my dad to come and visit, but I don’t want him to visit. I was outside on my baloney. The wind was blowing through my blond hair. I sighed I hate my dad.  

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