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Name: Captain Kirst "The Dark Siren" (Kirsten Elinya Lytenn)

Gender: female

Age: 23

Birthday: December 21

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 122 lbs

Species: Human

-brother (whereabouts unknown, presumed dead.)
younger sister (presumed dead)

Language: I've picked up a few in my travels. Latin, English, Norwegian, German, Spanish, and some Dutch.

Weapons: Twin flintlock pistols, a katana with a dragon carved into the blade, and a few small daggers I hide in my boots and coat. My ship is The Maiden of Death

Appearance: Wavy ebony black hair that goes a few inches below my shoulders usually pulled over in a right side part, very dark purple eyes, tan to an extent, I have a kind of average build but I think I'm pretty strong, and I have a burn scar across my left shoulder from being branded at a slave fort that I escaped from.

Personality: I'm very stubborn, hot-headed, and charming, sometimes I can be rather intimidating when need be. Above averagely smart and I love to sing and play my violin. Oh, and sarcasm, there's usually a lot of that. I'm a survivor but I would rather die then admit to being someone's slave or servant.

Background: We lived on a very small island with just our family and sometimes housing trade ships or sailors. My mother was a healer, and my father was a blacksmith and apprenticed my older brother Jeyton, I also had a very little sister named Lynia. Jeyton died when I had just turned eleven, he was defending one of the resting trade ships from a pirate attack when I saw him get shot down. I always hoped he had survived and climbed aboard a ship and just couldn't make it back but..that's ridiculous. Anyway about three months later our island was attacked by another pirate and I was the only one of my family that I thought had survived. I was taken in by the crew because they liked my attitude, and after I stopped trying to kill them, and after they had had their fun with me, they even trained me in weaponry and some hand to hand combat skills. At 18 I surpassed them in strength and half the crew thought they were in love with me. It made it easier when I turned in the crew that took me from my family simply for the sake of gaining the Trust of the english navy. They were a weakling crew anyway, I needed somewhere to dump them. Though they gave me the title of privateer I do not serve them, I only keep myself out of trouble with the royal navy by using the title to my advantage, usually I try to keep out of english waters anyway, the despicable hypocrites.

Likes: snow, rain and memories of my family, a good fight, the ocean

Dislikes: People who don't stand for what they believe (They make for a poor, not at all challenging, opponent.) and believe it or not, alcohol. (I don't mind if others drink but I find it disgusting)

Abilities/powers: I do not have powers. I am quite flexible, a great shot with a pistol, but I prefer my sword. I can hold my own in a sword fight with quick thinking and strategy unless you pissed me off, then you're going down without style. I'm quick to anger on my ship but more cunning with those who are not under my command. Destroy first ask questions later is my usual attitude, but that always gets me in trouble which is a load of fun for me. My talent for singing and playing the violin, as well as killing or seriously injuring anyone was unfortunate enough to proclaim their love to me after I had been singing, and my habit for singing when I see a ship approaching earned me the nickname "The Dark Siren".

Allies: None yet.

Ship: The Maiden of Death
Forty broadside cannons, two chaser cannons, and a naval ram made of an iron mermaid.

Theme song

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Name: Arthur the brave sometimes the coward
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Hair: Photo
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Making people smile and is willing to help anyone but the ghost who forced him to kill his best friend Lewis
Crew: None yet.
Rank: Basic
Personality: A true Jester
Likes: Practical jokes, pranks and making friends laugh and smile
Dislikes: Boring people, no sense of humor people, not having fun
Bio: Was forced to kill their best friend Lewis so he left his friends Mystery and Vivi so he could be alone so than he would not hurt them
Skills/Powers: Can fix anything
Weapons: his metallic arm


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Name; Gabriel turner
Eyes: red
Occupation:pirate for hire,blacksmith
Personality: loyal,caring,strongheaded,flirtish
Dislikes:lazy people,smugglers
Gabriel Turner, , was the only child of WilliamTurner III In his life,Gabriel Turner was an accomplished blacksmith by trade, an excellent swordsman by pursuit and a budding pirate by fate. After embarking on several adventures with edward sparrow, Gabriel embraced his pirate heritage as he pursued his own purposes. Despite Gabriel's best efforts to adhere to the social class structure, he realizes that some rules are meant to be broken.

Born in Hobbition, england, Gabriel was raised by his mother in England and believed his father was a respectable merchant sailor. When his mother died, Will now sails the sea's while wearing a gold medallion to remember of his mom
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Name: John Hanna
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Naval officer
Crew: No player made crew
Rank: Basic
Personality: Very strict
Likes: order
Dislikes: Pirates
Bio: John grew up in America. He became a Naval officer as soon as he could. He has a ship of the line called the Defender.
Weapons: Rifled Musket with Bayonet, Cutlass, Flintlock pistol
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Dalton Rapattoni








I show no mercy to my enemies

People cowering in my presence

People that are arrogant

I've been a pirate for as long back as I can remember and it's the only life I know. I enjoy seeing people cower in my presence. I've killed plenty of people in my life span and I'm not ashamed of it. I know a little bit of magic.

Long curved sword
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Name: Unknown

Alias: Nebula

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Star Maker

Personality: She is often calm and speaks very little when calm but when she is excited, she becomes very talkative.

Occupation: Killer for hire/mercenary

Bio: Nebula never knew where she originally came from but she always remembered she came from above and often would make small stars for others to see as a job and was able to create her own weapon with her stars. It was always a scythe. Never a sword or a gun. Always a scythe. She was too fast to be human and with four arms, it made it hard to blend in with humans so she would wear a shawl to keep her own arms hidden from others. She soon learned with her ability she could be a killer for higher although she never needed to eat, drink, sleep at night, or even have a need for a home. She would often sleep during the day in any place she could find to rest yet always awoke when the sun was down and the stars were out. Now, she is left on Earth to "find herself". She knows there is another being just like her who knows what it means to be a star maker. She just needs to find them.

Nebula was at a randevu point, waiting for one of the people who called her for a job. She never understood why humans would kill one another for personal reasons, accomplishments, or funds. It all seemed pointless but it wasn't her right to speak out towards a customer. They had their reasons to hire her and she was the one for the job.

Open RP
You can be the employer or target. Either one. Your choice.

No one liners
No text talk
No flaking
No god teiring

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Name: Franklin Goddard
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Pirate
Crew: Just him and his magic jaguar
Rank: Basic
Personality: Polite, charming, adventurous
Likes: His Mayan magic Jaguar Destroyer, gold, wine, rum, the ocean, freedom, and women.
Dislikes: Annoyances, law, swindlers, privateers, the navy.
Bio: A former member of the HMS Athena, Goddard crashed onto a Mayan island where his heart was replaced by a jade skull, giving him access to a destructive jaguar companion. Now a pirate, Franklin and his friend take what they want on the seven seas.
Weapons: Two cutlasses, two pistols, a rifle, and Destroyer
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[open to any, gender, age. Etc.]
[please be descriptive. 5 - 6+ lines]
[i do reposts.]

my name is Dean Turner.. Many have said I was their savor.. Many have said I was going to roast in hell where the hell hounds would pick my bones clean.. Like I deserved. Honestly it had been so long sense I truly knew who I was.. I have forgotten completely..

lights flashed across his eyes as he tried to take a breath, unsure where.. What.. How.. When.. Anything.. Just straight up unsure.

they call me a man out of time.. One that had been running from death sense.. Well sense the beginning.. What do they know? They don't even know what I was before.. Well before I became this.. I barely even know. This is where they're wrong.. I've been running towards death sense.. Well.. Forever.

burning pain slid up his throat as it felt as if a knife had punctured his deep indent just in between his collar bones then rode up the smooth line of his neck, hands feeling disconnected he tried.. Dammit he tried so hard to grab for something.. Nothing.. Nothing was there. Just... Cold..

I'm tired of being the man that fixes everything.. But I can't help it no guess its the humanity within my bones that shake me to do stuff no normal man would do.. I yell at myself to run threw bullets for a girl.. Or have my stomach sliced open for a helpless young boy whose father died before him.. And in the end I never see them again.. Why? Was what I did not good enough...

freezing needles nipped at is body, swallowing his ears, nose and finger tips.. Free falling down into what he thought was nothing.. Until..

{late 1800's.. February 23rd. 1:19 am. Pacific Ocean.}

what the hell am I doing with myself? The dead reach to my feet welcoming me as their own and I want so bad to allow them to grab me and tug me to the hell I belong in yet something within fights so hard to be the savior people don't seem to need.

shouts.. Right? Yes shouts flooded his ears, ones nipped with a cold curb. Something grabbed his arms.. Then legs.. Something thin.. Small.. It was ropes.

"What the hell!" Victorian English accents ripped the freezing cold air, "this is man!!"

"Is he alive! Pull him on!" another spoke, with as much haste as the people could manage the half deD and frozen Dean Turner was pulled on the Elizabeth May the fishing boat of the British empire.

"He's breathing! Barely! What the hell!!"

hands slid over Dean's bare shirtless chest, they had ripped off his shirt in order to free his body from the heavy cold weight. 7 hole like scars faulted his left ribs, pushing roughly water began to throw up from his blue lips,

"Get him on his side!" flipping Dean over his two long deep scars that fell from his shoulder blades down to his mid back could be seen.. Highlighted past his pale frozen skin. One man gasped,

"Get captain [y/n]!! [He/she] has to see this!!" 
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Before I make my profile I wanted to ask and see if ships like USS Arkansas were a bit too powerful and advanced (even though I was planning to use original layout when it was launched in 1911)
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