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Name: Crona Gorgon
age: 15
species: demon swordsman
gender: female
likes: my friends
dislikes: evil, loneliness
personality: calm, shy lonely
powers: darkness
bio: lady Medusa is my mom... and she's a witch. I'm her daughter. I was her experiment, and so I'm me. I have black blood and with it is Ragnarok. I am nice, compared to my mother Lady Medusa 
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Name: Kim Diehl
gender: Female
personality: shy when meeting boys, faithful, loving, smart, tough to girls, loves books,loyal,
loves music, and loves money
Dislike: annoying people
Bio: I'm a witch, so what?. As long as you don't say a thing, you won't get hurt. I left the witch realm and I hope I can be like any ordinary meister
Weapon: Jacqueline Lantern O. Dupré (if there is one)
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