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LIF2014 - Language in Focus Conference
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Today is once again time for bi-weekly meeting.

For all volunteers of the LTI, a place for questions, solutions, ideas and whatever more you have to bring : )

The meeting agenda:

At what time will be the meeting where you are? Check this link:

Teamspeak client software is required to access this event.
Free download, and easy to use.
Password: ts_129tzm

After installing Team Speak, just click on this link so you can be "teleported" to the meeting room ; )

Event in facebook:

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4th episode of Culture in Decline "War On Nature" has been published and is being worked by LTI.

If you are intrested about how the work is going and check if it's already open for translations check this thread in LTI-forum:

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For all volunteers of the LTI, a place for questions, solutions, ideas and whatever more you have to bring :

Again next saturday

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Hi, I am a member of TZM South Korea chapter.
 I just found this community. It seems like you guys are doing well. Here South Korea, this movement is not well known yet.
 I think the one of the main reasons of inactivity of this movement is the language problem. Most of the TZM and TVP data are in English. and most Koreans don't understand English and people from other non-English speaking countries as well. Even I also have some difficulty of translating English to Korean. English is not easy to Asian people.
 Then some months ago, I knew about Esperanto! It seems like a really good universal language. Much easier and fair I guess. So non-English speakers can translate data of this movement easier than English.
 So how do you guys think of Esperanto as the universal language of our movement?

Hi LTI :D  I am a great admirer of all the hard and wonderful work you do.  Thanks for the chance to share some with our great extended family! 

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Hi people!

Latest TS3-meeting was 5th of january and you can find meeting audio here: . Some things discussed were the possible upcoming closer interaction with TVP Activism volunteers with bilingual skills and recent issues with Pootle. You can find chatlog & older meetings at lti-wiki:
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