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Video is failing to upload to my server (text and photo cards are fine). Published site with broken video can be seen here:

Also noticed that cards were not being backed up into private folder until a card was published to the site.

BaseURL issue when posting card detail page URL to facebook. If the base URL does not include the protocol (http:// or https://) then the image preview will fail to load on FB.

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Published site:
i didn't know what to do to start the setup process

I didn't know to check enable deck card for the first step
password doesn't have show option so unable to verify paste

FAQ screenshot doesn't fit on my window so I can't see the red hints
didn't know anything about public/private folders

Link directly to FAQ in the help screen would be sweet

when viewing a deck, it would be cool to edit name right in the main page by double click/hold down

also next to deck name, would be good to have settings gear for that deck instead of having to go through menu

publishing video - world turns blue then back to gray because it hasn't published yet - eventually errored

videos won't load to server

videos turn sideways in my phone deck

why is broken card (video) still showing a broken thumbnail on my website

when I click the card on my site, it redirects but doesn't pull anything, just a blank screen

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Wimsy is now available for testing. Join the group and get the app here:

FAQ here:
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