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So sorry there have been no posts  in a while but bare with us! :)
A huge thank you to all of you who are still members and as always we welcome any advice you have. If there are stories you would like to share that would be amazing. See you all around!

Hey guys, I was going to hold a g+ hangout group chat latter today for writers to discuss, well anything related to writing (or not if thats the way the conversation goes.).

Was going to do it sometime around 7-8 pm eastern standard time (please observer daylight saving time).
Comment if you want to join?

kevtha fracai(greetings friends)
I'm writing a sort of fanfictiony story it's men't to be part of what happens after the inheritance cycle by christopher paolini(don't worry there are no spoilers) but the prologue is set before they start. anyway this is the prologue,
Shimmering shadows:
The sunset was beautiful, on a lone hill a figure was silhouetted, standing alone, the sea crashing and roaring for miles unhindered, that was what one would see if they were standing on the shore of Du ey nry the evening before limerick lífdagars'baens birthday, she often stood on hraustligrs jagged peak watching, waiting for the time when the world would hang in perfect balance between day and night, being and not being, for then she would fly, no eyes ever watched the hill, none saw the figure crumple and a shimmering shadow flutter disjointedly up into the night flapping once, twice then zooming faster than light through the starscape that watched forever, coldly surveying everything but seeing nothing until the sun’s rays peeped shyly over the rim of the horizon. Soren would groan and growl shifting, ever shifting, then a gold dust would seem to seep from her skin and she would scream all the voices of every creatures pain would come rushing out in a haunting chorus and when the scream had died away the ever changing skin of the shifter would slowly remake its self in to the semblance of an elf it pleased limerick for her to train (if what she was put through each day could be called that) in an elven form. Today was limericks birthday, they would strike today a shudder ran though her as she thought of the sneer that disfigured limericks possibly once handsome face, then she closed her eyes and breathed. Black wings swelled raggedly from her shoulder blades, to Du hol she went, endeavouring to get there before limerick lifted the spell he put on Jezz-mine every night to make sure Soren’s screams would not wake her. Jezz-mine should sleep till limerick was dead. “Limerick?” Soren tugged his sleeve “I have a surprise for you” she said with feigned innocence “I want you to come to du rakrs” limerick nodded stiffly “show the way” he grunted as they set off towards du rakrs. When the got there Soren trilled a tune and dived headfirst into the swirling mists that encloaked the beautiful waterfall. Niernen and Brysvarburthro pounced tackling the surprised elf to the ground he yelped and as she rose from the mist she laughed, pinned to the ground there was nothing he could do but struggle as Soren took Niernens place passing her a silver dagger then, with a feral cry Niernen stabbed him once, twice and slit his throat. Sure that he was dead they washed the knife and buried him “time to wake Jezz-mine up” Soren voiced the thought that hug in the silence the others nodded in agreement, so back to du hol they went. When they woke Jezz-mine they told her limerick had gone away on an adventuring expedition “but it’s his birthday” she pouted “it’s for the best” Soren said “I won’t have to endure the pain anymore” Jezz-mine look confused then she realised “the soul flying hurts? Doesn’t it?, you’re so brave Soren” she smiled “let’s have a party any way I prepared a feast for limerick but if he’s gone he can’t have any, and we shouldn’t waste it” Soren smiled at her sister but it didn’t reach her eyes “I’ll tell the merows and selkies” she said softly and flew away to do just that.

um so, a shifter can turn into anything(soren is a shifter), the lethrblaka alfa can be either bat or elf(jezz-mine is a lethrblaka alfa), a merrow is pretty much a mermaid, a selkie can be either seal or elf(niernen and bryszarbuthro are selkies and limerick is an elf who ran away in the dragon wars. 
feedback is appreciated and hopefully i'll have finished the next chapter soon

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This is the beginning fantasy story I wrote without thinking about it. Check it out, I thought I did pretty well.

Hey everyone,
I originally started this community for help on novels and for people to group up and write novels together. Message me or comment on here explaining what advice you need and I would be glad to help.
See you all later

Thinking about writing a story in which murderer kills people by feeding them to different types of starving animals, i.e piranhas, rats, dogs etc.
Anyone got any ideas for a title/subheading?
Any help is much appreciated
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