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Well, thanks to the adamance of my lovely comrades, I've been dragged into participating in this trivial game of theirs.. Really, what's the use in giving everything away at once? A bit of mystery here and there provides for an air of mischief, and where mischief lies, there is much fun to be had~

Complaints aside, I'm bound under agreement. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this rare, yet informative, self-reveal.

Have I ever..
1. Kissed someone? I've kissed quite a few lips in my years, and yet I've never felt the infamous 'sparks' that people so often claim to. Perhaps because I have yet to kiss the one I love.
2. Been drunk? Ah, well, being as that my body operates much differently from that of a human, I'm required to drink rather massive amounts of alcohol if I'm to become intoxicated.. However, it's certainly been achieved, on more occasions that I've bothered to keep track of. As Lily said, the drinking contests can get rather competitive around here as the night drags on, and our infamous dragoness can hold her alcohol quite impressively at times.
3. Cried myself to sleep? Not in a very long time.
4. Self-harmed? Frankly, even were I to try, it would hardly be effective. Any wounds I'm dealt tend to heal almost immediately, unless they are of a typically life-threatening severity. So no.
5. Felt lonely? My life has led me to become accustomed to being alone, but I only ever feel lonely when separated from the one I love. But of course, I never intend to let that happen, so what is there to worry over?
6. Been depressed? Who's to say?
7. Smoked? Truthfully, just the same as alcohol, it doesn't do much for me. I've done it on occasion, as I find the act itself to be relaxing at times, though the only sort that I enjoy are cloves.

What's your..
8. Age? I couldn't rightfully tell, though I've been alive for quite some time now, at least a century.. Physically, I'd say that I'm somewhere around the human age of 22.
9. Birthday? Why, what birthday would be better suited for an incubus than the day of Samhain? I was born on the exact date of October 30th, many years ago; according to Lily, that would indicate that my zodiac is Scorpio.
10. Status? You could say that I'm actively 'pursuing'. chuckles
11. Biggest fear? As far as anyone else need be concerned, I have none~
12. Dream job? Anything, so long as I'm working alongside my partner.
13. Dream car? I think a motor bike would be much better suited for me.
14. Dream house? I'm more than satisfied with my current living arrangement, though perhaps I'd think about it in the future should the circumstances call for it.

Do you..
15. Like someone? I'm rather sociable, but I tend to not like most others. But, to be fair, not many tend to like me, either.
16. Love someone? The amount of those I honestly love is lesser than I can count on one hand, but yes, you could say that I do.
17. Have a boy/girlfriend? Not currently.
18. Want a boy/girlfriend? I've only met one person thus far that I've wanted to pursue a relationship with, though I'm not so sure she's gotten the idea.. yet~ ❤
19. Have a tattoo? Several. Why, would you like to see? ;)
20. Have a piercing? I have a myriad of piercings on my ears that I did myself some years ago... as well as a few in less mentionable places, though we needn't talk of that.
21. Party? Whenever the members of Forged Destiny get together, there is bound to be one in store, and you'll have to use your imagination when I say that I would be among the very last to not participate in the festivities.

22. Artist? Rayne, of course ❤ Her paintings are the most beautiful I've ever seen.
23. Movie? I don't have a particular favorite.. but I typically enjoy those of a horror or comedy genre.
24. Song? One from my childhood, that my mother used to sing to me. I won't share it here, as it's personal.
25. Tv Series? I don't usually watch much television, but Lily and Risa convinced me to watch the Supernatural series.. It's quite entertaining, to say the least, despite my complaints about the inaccuracy. It doesn't quite hit the mark as far as the reality of things, but it's still a creatively unique adaption nonetheless.
26. Animal? Personally, I've always favored wolves above others animals for their ferocity and loyalty, as well as many other reasons. However, the animal I feel most strongly about in general is the cat, as I happen to have a strong dislike for them. Their eyes seem to reflect my own, only when they look at you it's as if they're peering deeply into your soul, contemplatively.. I find it to be quite unnerving.
27. Book? To put things bluntly, books have never had much luck in keeping my attention.. I've studied and read my fair share of literature in the many years I've been alive, and yet for a past time, it isn't one I much enjoy. I prefer something that can more actively engage my attention, and pique my interest for adventure.
28. Color? Either black or a pale lavender, the very same shade as the petals of an Asphodel. They illuminate beautifully and emit a soft golden light when in the presence of certain folk, those possessing a very unique soul.. my first memory of witnessing it is one that will surely stay with me for a lifetime.

This or that..
29. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter. Facebook seems to be more of a nuisance than anything.
30. Twitter or Instagram? Perhaps both.
32. Facebook or Instagram? Hmm, I don't fancy repeating myself - this should be obvious.
33. Coke or Pepsi? Anything that goes well with rum.
34. Tea or Coffee? Either, but only if Rayne brews it.
35. Tacos or Pizza? As I have no need to eat, I typically don't.. however, in this case I must say pizza, since I found it to be enjoyable to make when Rayne allowed me to help her once before.
36. ..I suppose I'll just go with 'blank', then.

Would you ever..
37. Get married? If I received a yes. ;)
38. Have kids? Well, I certainly won't get too ahead of myself..
39. Swim with sharks? I'm more dangerous than any shark, so what have I got to lose?
40. Share a banana? I'm not entirely sure of what this could be implying, but I suppose so.
41. Eat rotten food? I hardly even eat perfectly edible food on any given occasion, unless it happens to be Rayne's cooking - what makes you think I would eat something rotten?
42. Marry a foreigner? I'm a native to Underworld; here, walking upon the Earth, I am the foreigner.
43. Smoke pot? It's never captured my curiosity, but perhaps. It wouldn't be out of the question.

Now, what a relief it is to finally be done.. This claimed far more of my time than I would have liked, and to answer such silly questions, nonetheless. I hope you're all satisfied.

+Rayne Timore​​ And now, it's your turn, belissima. Do try not to keep us waiting~

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