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Hello, this place really is inactive xD

does anyone know if this game is android compatable and if it is plz send me an apk link

hey? anyone know if the pmu cheatsheet will be updated for the features list?

anyone know when the server will be back up?

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Ok guys, its done. My alt is now the owner and this account is now a member. We also need a community photo. Tag the owner with your submissions and i will choose the one that i liked best.

They can be anything from in game screenshots to fan art. NO MEMES

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I hate it when this happens...(yea i know i said i wouldnt. but i figured i might as well make some progress while i got some time)....Anyways...Every time i store my items, my OBS recorder likes to Stop Recording (2nd bar, right column, bottom right). Everytime it does that, whatever happens afterward, does not get captured. And thanks to that, the rest of the eggs wont be shown: 2 farfetch'd's, wrumple, oddish.

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New Video Series i will be uploading on my wall.

Using a spare account, i create a new character Linac (i dont know why i chose that name). DO NOT MESSAGE LINAC AS I WILL NOT RESPOND

My goal is to get 1 of every obtainable pokemon, evolve them so that i have their evolutions, and get them to 100. How will i do?

The server hasn't responded for a couple of hours. Is it just me or is PMU currently down? ;.;

Edit: forum search says "Sorry but you cannot use search at this time. Please try again in a few minutes." Is this intentional? :0

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