Do you get overwhelmed with this many questions?

Dear Annabeth Chase,
I have a few questions,please answer them by the numbers assigned to them,thank you for reading.

1. Is Perseus Jackson your "Boyfriend"?
2. Do you have any other "Crushes" than Perseus Jackson? If so,whom?
3. Do you dislike or fear the child(ren) of Hades?
4. Would you hate me if I told you I would be the daughter of Hades(That is,if Hades was real)?
5. Do you dislike me for not believing in the Greek gods/Goddesses?
6. Would you like to roleplay?


Um annabeth ,if mortal communication network is bad for demigods , how come u r using google +

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Oh.... um.....

She passed away......

+Jasmine Yang
What's up with Katherine?

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Haha.... Sorry about that...

+Leo Valdez
Why have you been inactive?

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Haha... Yes, it works as a pen. In the one who discovered it could write.

+The Human Code
This has been a burning question I have had for a long time. Well it might be equal to two, but they are related.
Does Anaklusmos (Riptide) work like an actual pen, as in write? And has Percy ever tried to write with Anaklumos (Riptide)? I mean, it's a ballpoint pen right? He should be able to write with it...
But if he has tried, the does it work?

+Annabeth Chase​ What's Percy's IQ?

What happened to the twins? Are they okay? Are they born yet, +Annabeth Chase​​​?

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Oh, sorry about not updating about them. They're doing great.

+Sofie Esquivel Jimenez
What happen with the twins?

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Haha... I really wish we could....

+Cheyenne Williamson
Would you and Percy consider renewing your vows so that your children could be present?
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