FeaturePoints is an app I found out about that you
can download for either iPhone or Android that
lets you earn rewards for trying out apps. This
seems like pretty much a win-win because most
of us try out apps occasionally anyway, for no
reward. Here is some more about how
FeaturePoints works.

How to Use The App
Download the app to your mobile device and go
through the list of free apps available. You'll
notice that every app listed has points
associated. If you download any of the apps
listed to your mobile device and use them for 30
seconds to one minute, you'll get those points.
And apparently they are always adding new apps
so you likely won't run out of apps you can earn
points from too often.
Currently FeaturePoints is open worldwide.
What to Redeem For
It looks like FeaturePoints has a lot of different
rewards to choose from. I'm always happy to see
Paypal as a redemption option on anything that
pays in points because that automatically makes
it a lot more like you're getting paid in cash, and
FeaturePoints does have the Paypal option.
Another thing you can do is trade in your points
for apps you may want that cost money. It's a
great way to get premium apps for free. Update –
I have had this app installed and HAVE been paid.
I requested $5 to Paypal and the money went
almost instantly into my account.

Minimum Points to Redeem
If you are after a Paypal redemption, it looks like
you need 6000 points to get $10. The amount
you need to get a premium app varies, but from
the looks of things you'll need a minimum of 594
points for the cheaper apps. However, most of
the free apps that you can download and earn
points for give you a generous amount of points,
so it probably won't take you that long to reach
the minimum for something you want if you use
the app often. Note – this app will limit how
many times you can redeem per day.

Have I Been Paid?
Yes. You can see my Paypal payment proof below
where I requested $5.

Referral Program
FeaturePoints has a fairly generous referral
program, too. If anyone signs up to use the app
under your referral link or by putting in your
referral code, you'll get 50 percent of the points
they earn on the apps they download. Note that
this does NOT take away from your friend's points
— they will still get all the allotted points for any
apps they download. It's just a bonus
FeaturePoints gives to you for referring your
You definitely will want to sign up under someone
if you can, not only because it helps them but
also because that's the only way you can start off
with 50 points.

How to Download
If you are on Android, you can install the app
through Google Play . If you're on Apple, you'll
need to open the Safari browser on your device
and go to the Feature Points website to begin the
process of installing the app. Good luck, and
please comment below if you'd like to share your
experience with FeaturePoints. You can put in my
referral code BB466T to get your 50 instant

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有傳給(Has passed to) -- 美國中央情報局.( Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ). 聯合國 ( United Nations )  
蜥蜴人(Lizard People)們中隱形術最厲害之一 (下方圖為以前本人的相片.) 現在可以變成人且很帥. 我是4000年的靈.
蜥蜴人們說我們很高興能夠參加理想宇宙. 我們變得很快樂. 我們希望宇宙永遠和平.
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幸福美滿。 不無聊

蜥蜴人(Lizard People))們
( 在此聲明主要是給宇宙的外星人及靈看 )

( 以下所附的相片 : 是現在的長相及以前的長相 )
( The photos attached below. They are Now looks and Before looks . )
Because now we can choose our own favorite looks
現在的長相跟Steve Jobs (天柏)一樣.
Now looks like Steve Jobs .

公平正義(理想)宇宙政府說: 公平正義(理想)宇宙創建者為徐紫涵(原名:徐孟玲),
天上的政府 ( 包括中國.美國.台灣.總共是872種動物 ) 與公平正義(理想)宇宙政府共同創造理想宇宙.
The government of heaven ( Including China. United States. Taiwan.A total of 872 kinds of animals) with The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful)l Universe Government create the Wonderful Universe together.
公平正義(理想)宇宙政府說: 在此宣布是因為邪靈到處對大家說自己是公平正義(理想)宇宙主義創建者
The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universe Government said: Announced here is because the evil spirits everywhere to say that they are The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universalism Creator .
The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universe Government welcomes you to provide advice.

( 在此宣布主要是給宇宙的外星人 . 聯合國 .美國中央情報局 及 靈看 )
( Announced here is mainly to the alien of the universe , the United Nations . CIA and the Spirit. )
公平正義(理想)宇宙主義是 --- 每個人是最大的. 每個人是老闆.
The Fairness and Justice (The Wonderful) Universalism is
Everyone is the biggest. Everyone is the boss.

A lot of people know the truth from the following pages

徐紫涵 ( 孟玲紫涵 )(原名:徐孟玲)
Hsu Tzu-Han ( Molly Athena ) ( The original name : Xu Meng-ling )
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