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I'm looking for a senior analyst level candidate who either has learned a bit of Go or is willing to dive in. Facility with at least one programming language (Go would totally count) and SQL are required. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested. Full-time, Boston based.

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The Wanderu engineering team will be hosting a Golang beginners workshop Wednesday Oct 19 in Boston starting at 6 PM sharp. Anyone interested in learning Go is welcome. There will be pizza and beer. We'll be building an API of some sort as we fumble through learning the basics of the language... something simple but collaborative that can show off all of stock Go. Bring your laptop. It will help if you have an editor set up and Go pre-installed.

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Seeking Cultural Commentators in Boston! Our Cultural Streetscapes Network is an elite, global group of culturally-connected individuals who gather and distill local intelligence, providing strategic and creative inspiration for companies, brands and agencies. The Cultural Streetscapes Network currently covers more than 50 countries and 140 cities globally, If you're on the front lines of local culture and have your finger on the pulse of the city, we'd love to hear from you! Please refer to the Job Description and apply online!

Hi everyone!  I'm looking to help a local Boston area client hire - they are a Pre-Series A, 5 person startup led by a group of successful entrepreneurs.  The stack is Golang with React and Docker.  This is a full-time position and requires engineers to be on-site but they are willing to train anyone with serious professional  Python and/or Node.js experience.  If you're toying with Go - or Rust or ELM for that matter, on the side of any other language we should chat as well.  DM me for the 411.

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Who is the fighter? Pass the Golang Test and win the battle!

It was a dark place, acres of old forest untouched for ten thousand years. It smelled of moist earth and decay. This was a place of deep silence and brooding shadows, and the gods who lived here had no names. One should be brave enogh to risk everything and find their secret. Would you dare to be the one?

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The below text is copied more or less verbatim, but basically: if you are interested in Docker and want to attend a code-a-thon (for some good causes), or if you are interested in mentoring those that attend (with Git, FOSS generally, and especially Go!) then you may want to take a look.

One can assume that mentors will get cake, too.


During the week of March 23rd, the Docker community will be hosting over a dozen open-source-a-thon parties around the world. At these parties the Docker core team and expert developers from the broader open source community will teach and guide participants on how to contribute to open source. 

Contributions to the project at these events and in the weeks following will count toward Docker’s donation to the Oceanic Society and its mission to conserve the habitat of Moby Dock and blue whales across the planet.

Contributors can:
  * Learn how to contribute to open source
  * Learn Go
  * Contribute regardless of their technical experience

Contributors will:
  * Get an awesome "Contributor" T-Shirt (while supplies last)
  * Help marine wildlife (a donation will be made for every contributor) 
  * Have a great time
  * Enjoy cake, food and drinks
  * Make a difference in the world

The event in Boston will be on March 25th.
You can find more details and RSVP at

Mentors will:
  * Help people with how to contribute to open source
  * Help with git
  * Mentor with code contributions
  * Get an awesome "Mentor" T-Shirt (while supplies last)
  * Help marine wildlife (a donation will be made for every mentor) 

If you are interested in mentoring then please RSVP on the meetup page and sign up to be a mentor at

There will also be an online event the following week in the event that you are not able to participate in person or would like to help mentor online as well. 

More information will be available at in the upcoming days.
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