Now offline

Actions against me will be voided!!!!

+Hellenic Gamer​ has been banned for:
1. Ignoring my Voids.
2.Being Unrealistic.
The owner was informed.
And till more he will stay banned

Treaty of Benelux and Denmark

1.Germany will annex both.
2Germany will help rebuild them.
3.Germany will protect them.
4.Germany will pay all damage

Grecce mainland has been completely invaded by German and Soviet troops

+Subaru Mapping​ USSR can i buy Bessarabia an Nothen Bucovina please?

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Finally a new video!

+Alex Mapping HD I think you will like it :D

Germans and Sovjet forces have reached the Capital of Greece

If you give up you wont have that hard conditions....


Anyone Japan?

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Greece is liberated by rebels and the goverment is putted back into power now i am going offline long live greece
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