I am Davide Marsili and i am 27 years old.
I am an amateur mountain bike rider.
I'm looking for people who wants to spend their holidays in Umbria and would like a point of interest for guided bike riding tours!
In the green Umbria near the beautiful city of Perugia, I organize mountain-bike tours for foreign visitors that would like to come and discover amazing trails, fascinating landscapes and also ancient castle and ruins.
The hills around Perugia, in particular the natural park of Monte Tezio, are the perfect place for excursions on a bike with kilometers of off-road trails.
There are a lot of different possibilities for guided tours, based on the rider's experience and request.
The guided tours are CUSTOMIZED for:
1) Positive climb (Mt+)
2)Lenght of the course (Km)
3)Technical difficulties (off-road trails/asphalt)
If you need any further information, please do not esitate to contact me at:
-Umbria Adven-Tours Facebook page

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