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Play this RP please

My brother was just diagnosed with skin cancer. I don't know, I want to kill myself. My best friend. No.

All portuguese speaking countries have different words and accent.

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Please join!

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How are you in Portuguese?
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More countries in Portuguese:
Escócia - Scotland
Inglaterra - England
País de Gales - Wales
Northen Ireland/Ireland - Irlanda do Norte/Irlanda
Alemanha - Germany
Dinamarca - Denmark
Suíça - Switzerland
Bielorússia - Belarus

The "obrigado" chages with the sex
Male: you say obrigado
Female:you say obrigada

Bola = Ball
Canhão = Cannon
Bomba = Bomb
Guerra = War
Trapaça = Cheat
Bunda = Butt/Ass

When you talk in portuguese, just don't use translater ok?

I feel like we need goals in this community. Currently I use DuoLingo to learn Portuguese. We, as a community, should set up goals to reach on DuoLingo. (For those who are still learning). +Brazilian Mapper
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