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So...I made dis community so people can invite a person/people to a RP(aka Roleplay)

Don't ask me why I made dis...I was super bored and I was spamming peoples in a RP so I made this instead of spamming them :>

1.No sexual RPs
2.To invite people or just a person in a RP you just tag can tag as many people as you can but if you want multiple people in a RP you have to post it in the "Group RP" category
4.Make a post or multiple posts for the character/characters you RP!!! I mean you can make a post with their name,species,likes,dislikes etc.
5.Have fun!!!


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First person to comment gets to do an rp with Ann my new oc...bc why not

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Who wants to RP with Funtime Neon?Cuz I'm bored..Only the first to comment gets to RP
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My new OC Misti!

Single or Taken:Single
Powers:she has the powers of green ice and purple fire,although she can't really control her powers....But she tries ^^'
She can die multiple times but only as her normal form,as her human form she only has 10 deaths,if she dies 10 times then she becomes a human angel and so nobody can see her
Accessories:she loves wearing purple hoodies and her hot pink boots but as her normal form she is only "naked"
She can also become a wolf and a bunny
That's it from Misti!

ThIs CoMmUnItY iSh DeEd

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Vampi:OH well hello!!!!Nice to meet you reader!!!!My name is Vampi!!
Vampi:Well....I think I'm going to do what some other people do so...

~/Some Stuff Bout Meh\~
Forms:I can sadly only turn into a bat OH AND A HUMAN xD
Friends:Christina,Anti Christi,Alex(my vampire friend :3)
Likes:Drinking blood or sucking blood...however you call it xD,meeting other monsters or humans and the moon
Dislikes:The morning and afternoon sun and garlic(garlic and the sun do not kill her tho :/)
Vampi:If you want to be my friend you are allowed to xD but...Plz be my friend...I'm lonely ;-;
Vampi:And I think that's it!!!For now...Bye~❣
(First drawing is made by an amazing friend +KittyMoo the goddess of memes.,second drawing is made by Le Cringy Artist "aka me",third drawing is made by me as well but it's Vampi's bat form and last but not least is Alex and Vampi together in the galaxy xD and it's also made by me...BUT!!!!The bats are made by +Jamella Hassan and colored by meh :/...ANYWAYS!!!Stay pawesome!!!BYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!)
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yo i am DARKIPLIER Edward Fischbach

Anyone wanna rp?
If yes tell me in le comments so I'd be able to pp you

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Ma OC Carll!!
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