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Every member should make a profile before roleplaying

There is going to be 2 of each character

Percy: Open, Open
Annabeth: Taken, Open
Grover: Open, Open
Clarisse: Open, Open
Connor S.: Open, Open
Travis S.: Open, Open
Will S.: Open, Open
Leo: Open, Open
Piper: Open, Open
Jason: Open, Open
Frank: Open, Open
Hazel: Open, Open
Thalia: Open, Open
Bianca: Open, Open
Zoë: Open, Open
Reyna: Open, Open
Hylla: Open, Open
Nico: Open, Open
Octavian: Open, Open

Tell me if there is any other i'm missing

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Happy birthday Seaweed Brain!

Can a make a child of one of the big three

Soon there will be quiz for moderators so anyone who is interested are requested to give their names and submit their profiles as soon as possible

All the members are requested to submit their profiles as soon as possible

Someone want to rp with annabeth

All members are requested to submit there profiles

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Quote: "be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy "

Name: Georgiana Gracie franchesska wilson
Nickname: Georgie
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Athena
Camp: half-blood
Fatal flaw: Friends and family
Likes: to have fun with her friends
Dislikes: trouble
Bio: she grew up in a rather big family and spent most of her life without a mom because when her dad remarried her mom died in a car accident soon after she was born. she lives with her dad and two older brothers Kurt and christian and her younger brother Bobby. 

Hi Shivani

Nickname:- None
Age:- 13
Fatal Flaw:-Doesn't pay attention to small things
Likes:-New friends;Party hard
Dislikes:-Lie's; Bullying
Bio:-When she was eleven years old I ran away from my house for camp half-blood

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