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This is down right inhuman. To be segregated in an institution, home, in sheltered work shops, to have local government agencies make choices as to what services we can or can't get despite being disabled and to have basic decision making rights revoked??? Come on we are adults not babies or kids. This is definitely inhuman so please share this post. 😡

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What a tragedy!!! Last night I found out that my friend Peter Blundy has passed away. He died peacefully.

Many years ago he suffered a brain damage and had been living with a condition called locked-in syndrome. A few years after his accident he recovered from depression and set out to tell his story to the world. His website is the result of his efforts.

Please, note that he was a complete quadriplegic. He could only use his chin to move the mouse and one of his fingers to do the clicking. Yet, what he achieved is nothing short of marvelous, and has become an encouragement to many, among them me and my friends.

This group is also the result of his attempt bring disabled people and supporters together.

Please, visit his blog and read his life story if you have time, and leave a comment if you can. I will maintain his website and his groups to keep his memory and work alive...

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The View From Chair Level Ep. 4: The Stages of Grief & Disability
Getting to the stage of acceptance is a journey of its own. whether it's the stages of grief or getting to the point of finally accepting you have a disability. These two processes are completely the same.
I hope this helps those going through this process.

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The View from Chair Level Ep. 3 Dealing with the unexpected

Life throws many unexpected wrenches no matter how much planning goes into an activity. It's how we "Deal with the unexpected" that shows our character as a person. Here's episode 2 of #TheViewFromChairLevl Comments are always appreciated.

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Some 20 exceptionally talented artistes/troupes will converge in Singapore for what will be the first and largest gathering of artistes with disabilities to perform in an event in the Asia Pacific region.

True Colours is presented by UNESCO and The Nippon Foundation (TNF), two international organisations which champion the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs). It is produced by Very Special Arts Singapore (VSA) and supported by many partners including Platinum Partner DBS, Venue Partner Singapore Sports Hub and the Asia-Pacific Development Centre on Disability (APCD).

Bored. Anyone wanna chat?

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Disability is not a curse but a ray of hope,
if you look at it as a power.
Do not forget to watch and share
a very special story.
अंधा होना एक अभिशाप नहीं है। कृष्ण लाल गौतम की सच्ची कहानी।

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Niriksha Achari speaks about Ludwig Van Beethoven and his extraordinary power of being positive.

#Positive #Ludwig #Beethoven #music #passion #determination #resilience

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Health-Care: Demand for Powered Wheelchair to Grow Steadily

A Study on the Current and Future Trends of Powered Wheelchair
Find out the factors responsible for the increasing demand for Powered Wheelchair In Healthcare Industry

Get the PDF sample copy of this industry Insight

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Frontier Support was founded by a team of just five in 2006 to provide specialist care and support to people with a variety of needs including Learning Disabilities, Autism, Aspergers, Epilepsy, Mental & Physical Health issues and Challenging Behaviour.
#disbability #disabilitycare #disabilitiycareproviders #disabailitysupportservices #learningdisbailities #support #supportservices #mental #mentalhealth #mentalhealthsupportservices #behaviour #challengingbehaviour
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