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After being driven out of the 300-year old kingdom of Pars….The third and only remaining son of the Silverstone family, Luka Silverstone has fled to The Grand Duke [F/N] [L/N]
Luka and his men rode for days before finally reaching the Grand Duke’s land, but eventually, they finally reached it. The gates were opened and the Duke’s men let Luka and his own men in. Once they were all safely inside, the Duke’s men close the gates behind them. Luka slows his horse to a stop.

“Welcome, it’s a pleasure to see you, your highness.”

Luka turns his head to see The Grand Duke. He smiles kindly.

“It is a pleasure to see you once again [Y/N], though I wish it were under better circumstances.”

He replies as he gets down from his horse, he makes sure his men were settled before going inside the massive fortress with the Grand Duke.
However, the young prince hasn’t realized that entering this fortress will make his life even worse……

Once inside he was lead to the room in which he’d be staying in, [Y/N] leaves him, to allow the prince time to change and freshen up. He removed his armor and his father black cape, which had the royal crest on it, and placed them on a body rack. He then baths in the privet bath which was attached to the bedroom. Then he changed into some loose clothing for the night.

The Duke knocks upon his door, he goes and opens it, quickly allowing the other in once he saw who it was, once the door was shut [Y/N] began discussing how things would work out for Luka and his men.


“[Y/N], wait! What did you say!?"

Luka exclaims in disbelief as he stares at the man before him…….

the duke had just told him that he would have to allow the duke to have his body in return for his men staying there. But Luka couldn't believe his ears.

(You are the duke. Powerful, demanding seme needed. You need to be slightly perverted but can be a gentleman every now and then)
1.) Don't control my character. Just hint at what you'd like me to make him do or just message me with an idea.
2.) Don't cuss. The words we use today for cussing, they didn't have in these days so please get creative if your character needs to.
3.) 4-5 lines at least please.
4.) Your gut can do anything he wants to my guy, but the duke can't share Luka with anyone else.
5.) If I don't respond in three days then tag me, because I will do the same to you unless I know you'll be off for a while.
6.) Bring ideas to the table. I'll welcome any ideas to further the rp.
7.) Type "Dirty Prince" below when asking to role play.
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"Who wants a slave?! He's $500 for rent per day and night And to buy him he's $1900," the slave seller said passing around my profile

Info with picture
First name: Tremaine
Middle Name:Lee
Last Name: [has none]
Sexurality: [doesn't know]
Allergics:Coconut & Cherries [he doesn't know this]
Medication: [none]

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yaoi rp...slave×master
Name:Zane Keth Pearston
Sexurality:he doesn't know
Likes:running, cooking, climbing trees, swimming, playing, reading, ect.
Dislikes:bullies, rude people, ect.

You have always wanted a slave and you heard younger ones are better so you wanted to give it a go, you looked through files of kids and picked me, days later I arrived but they have be held tight in there grip because I'm jerking and growling. They knocked on your door and says, "hey, your slave has arrived!" they placed a callar around me and tied me to your porch and they left, you already paid for me. I'm jerking and growling mad. You opened the door and saw me, then you..

Rules: (btw u don't have to have a profile but..maybe a picture of your character??))
→make sure your character is male, this is a yaoi, a girl can rp this with me but make your character a male
→you don't have to do more than +1 lines but don't use emojis nor 1 words
→your character will be dom
→if you don't wanna rp it no more, just tell me instead of randomly abonding the rp leaving me waiting for your every text
→NO irl dirty pics
→have fun

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You just got done with a relationship after dating a hardcore bad bitch, feeling shitty and all your friends suggested you should go out and have fun to get your mind off things, after stepping into the club you realized why you shouldn't miss your relationship because you forgot how much the relationship tied you down and how much your ex didn't let you do all the fun things

The club was nice there was; a bar section, a smoke section (for both cigarettes and drugs), a game section (including pool, dart, and cards), a dance floor, and if you wanted to start a fight go out back. Most people bet with money on fights

You thought if you was lucky enough you may be able to get lucky tonight, if you know what I mean. There was a lot of people out tonight, doing things. Most of them were looking for people to get laid with. You decided to get a drink or two, so you walked over and sat on a barstool, right next to me. Of course you didn't notice me at first, but you noticed me after you heard me talk to the bartender about random stuff, and ordering all kinds of drinks you realized I might be drunk and you thought I looked cute. You decided to make conversation, hoping you'd get lucky tonight

→make sure your character is male, this is a yaoi, a girl can rp this with me but make your character a male
→you don't have to do more than +1 lines but don't use emojis nor 1 words
→your character will either be dom or a mix of dom and sub, but make sure your character is Dom
→if you don't wanna rp it no more, just tell me instead of randomly abonding the rp leaving me waiting for your every text
→NO irl dirty pics
→have fun

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🐾Nickname: [has none]🐾






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A little bit about my character:
Mika Hazuski, nineteen years old, gay, he is mostly quiet unless someone does something to him like a kiss or something then he yells something like "what the hell", he doesn't believe somebody should say "I love you" without living proof of the love, when he wants something he uses no hesitation to get it, when someone is being annoying he either says "leave me alone" or ignores it, he will rarley show feelings..

A little bit about my characters background:
Raised in a foster home, isn't allowed to live alone cause of insadents that happened before, never liked school nor the foster home..that's basicly it

How you became my master:
My foster people was begging people to adopt Mika, they said they'll even pay the person $1000 monthly to do it, you decided to because you thought of me as an good advantage also could use the money for sex things, so you decided to adopt me

-you don't half to do more than one line but please try to make it more than one word/letter
-pls respond and don't quit unless telling me
-if I don't like something I'll tell you and if you don't wanna change it I'll tell you to stop (aka if you to time skipping without permission)

My foster parents begged you to take me so you did for the money and for the advantage to use me for sex! They go over and tell me to get packed. I'm packed and go to you. When we get to your house I looked up at you I haven't talked to you yet, you..

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I'm Mika a very shy one I was always shy when I grew up I was shy too I always kept quiet when people were near because my little secret is I'm afraid of everybody I'm afraid of getting hurt or even my feelings hurt. One day we were in class and the English teacher assigned us each a partner cause there wasn't enough books to go around and we were supposed to read it for homework to fill in answers on the work sheet he has given us, well anyways the teacher was assigning partners for the chapter book were supposed to be reading and he assigned us to work together. The bell rings and I look down with a sigh standing up and you...




Unknown (secretly gay)

Down below

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{Appetite for stars}

Possessive behavior
Dirty talk
Dubious consent
Obsessive behavior
Sexual tension
Hand jobs
Rough sex
Bad boy Jungkook
Unhealthy relationship dynamic
Emotional manipulation


He felt like sin but tasted like love so what's a clumsy man to do but stumble in delicious crazy love.


Jeongguk’s new step-father is a whore.
Or according to his mother, the homewrecking little slut that lived on his knees. She wouldn’t dare say this with Jeongguk in the room, but the boy has taken to eavesdropping around corners recently. He’s curious of what his family thinks of Jimin. Strangely enough, no one denies that Jimin is a pretty little thing. Any man would stray for a quick fuck with Jeongguk’s new step-father.
Although Namjoon insists that he’d met Jimin after the divorce, his mother scoffs at the excuse. She says that her husband was already supposedly seeing the high school graduate months before Jeongguk’s eleventh birthday. Whenever their living room becomes a hotbed for gossip between jaded housewives, she always has a few choice words for Namjoon and Jimin’s new relationship; immoral, inappropriate, unhealthy and confusing for their twelve-year-old son. And despite how he has to travel all the way across Seoul to be with his dad now, Jeongguk can’t bring himself to be mad with Jimin.
Actually, Jeongguk thinks his new step-father is really pretty! Beautiful is a word he learns later on; to use and abuse whenever he has the opportunity to see Jimin on every other weekday or weekend. The child is smitten. Which is more than can be said for his dad.
Young as he is, Jeongguk knows that it isn’t Jimin’s personality that Namjoon stays for. Though the heat and tension is high, their honeymoon phase doesn’t step beyond the bedroom door, and Jimin has resigned himself to that. Jeongguk can say this, because it’s true. He knows Jimin, he’s always there to listen! If you ask him, there’s no one else in the world that can understand how amazing his step-father is, not even Namjoon.


Jimin’s first love were the stars. His second had been his first-year middle school teacher. A man of stern expressions and a dedication to some sort of art. Jimin had been convinced he was in love with the man, until of course he was caught fucking the mouth of one of the teaching assistants in the broom closet. His third was the convenience store clerk around the corner from his childhood home; a tall, lanky college student with comely features and a crooked smile. He’d gotten over that love quicker than the second when he found the man taking up-skirt photos of his female customers. His fourth was Namjoon.
First loves, they come and go. Impermanent. That’s what he’d been hoping for him. He’d been holding his breath for years, hoping the boy’s behaviour would change. It never did. In fact, he became that little bit more insatiable as he filled out his clothes, and that had only led to a long, but clean divorce for Jimin and Namjoon.
He thinks about it often. How things could’ve been different if he’d just held on for a little longer. Maybe he could’ve worked things out with Namjoon, his former husband seemed quite willing to talk. His son, however, did everything in his power to stop the couple from reconciling. And Jimin was too much of a coward – too scared that if he were to tell the truth, Namjoon would think he’d coerced his son into the obsession. It got tiresome. They were taking one step forward only to take five steps back. Though it feels like they had been pushed more than anything.
He’s at least thankful that Namjoon was kind to the end.

The first thing he’d done after the divorce was go back to school. A community college where he’d worked his way up to becoming a kindergarten teacher. It was the best place for him. Handling Jeongguk had been an educational experience for him. There were many things he’d done wrong.
Despite what he’d put Jimin through, he really did love the boy, even though it was not the kind of love he wanted. He’d been such a bright spot in Jimin’s darkening life. The kid made him smile and laugh, which is what he’d hoped Namjoon would’ve done more for him during their marriage. He misses them from time to time. However, he knows the idea of them is more appealing than the actual thing.
It’s been five years since he’s seen either of them. He wonders how they’ve been.

He has five minutes before his first student arrives. He can already hear the screams and sobs of distress. Jimin makes a hasty sweep of his own classroom, deeming it as tidy as he can get it before setting out to greet the sleepy kids coming in with their equally exhausted parents. He’s all too glad to take the children off their hands when he sees the deepening wrinkles and weary smiles. He returns their polite bows in kind, beaming happily at the new chubby faces greeting him.
This is the second time he has a new set of kids. It’s exciting.

“Good morning, guys!”

Jimin grins, waving his students in after their parents have said their goodbyes. Some of the children are shyer, but having moved up from Taehyung’s class, most of them know Jimin by face already.
For the years that he’s been around kids, Jimin didn’t think any child could be more troublesome than he was. Until he meets his younger brother.
Imagine his surprise when he’d seen Namjoon’s ex-wife strolling in through the kindergarten a year ago. She hadn’t acknowledged him at first. She didn’t spare him a glance. She stayed for five minutes, explaining to Taehyung that her son’s diet was delicate and that he needed special attention before he was listening to her heels click away down the hall.
Sunhi, the little half-brother, was a sweet child, but his mother’s overbearing nature and influence within the kindergarten made it hard for any of the teachers to treat him like the others.
Sunhi will be joining his class today.
As expected, his mother has him by the hand as they approach his classroom. She’s not looking at Jimin, but Sunhi waves enthusiastically. It’s scary how much the boy looks like him. Big doe eyes, rosy cheeks, and adorable overbite. He has a few more moles than he did. Some scattered and dotted on his cheeks and chin, one under his right eye, and three more on his forehead. Jimin had cooed at them when he first met Sunhi. The boy had been embarrassed by them, but Jimin had gasped and told him that they were just stars to be made into constellations.
He’d never been prouder to make Sunhi smile.

Jiyeon only shakes her head. When it comes to Sunhi, she’s always willing. From what he recalls, she hadn’t been very involved in her first child’s life. No wonder he had clung to Jimin. Jiyeon is making up for her neglect at least. Ah, but that’s none of his business.
“So, I guess we’ll see you at three,” he says, ushering Sunhi into the classroom so he can join his peers.
“No, actually, I will be busy from now on. I won’t be able to pick Sunhi up anymore,” she says, looking more uncomfortable now without her child beside her.
“Oh? Then who will pick Sunhi up?” he frowns in concern. He wasn’t informed of this. Typically, the parents will give the kindergarten a warning beforehand that someone else would be picking their children up for them. Jimin wasn’t told anything at all. “Your partner?”
“No,” she shakes her head, “Jeongguk will be picking him up from now on.”
Jimin tries not to shiver at the name. He’s done so well to forget. He hasn’t heard it being said aloud in months. Sunhi’s spoken about his big brother a couple of times when he stops by to see Taehyung. He’d bragged about how cool Jeongguk was. Jimin chose not to listen. The filthy guilt he feels isn’t quite as strong when the divorce had been fresh, but after all these years his name is like a hand on his neck and a finger down his spine. Jimin shudders.
“I…” Jimin swallows thickly, “I wasn’t told of this. D-Does he have the free time for that?” He can’t bring himself to say the name.
“He’ll be fine. His classes finish at the same time, and campus isn’t that far from here. You’ve known Jeongguk for years, I thought you would be fine with it,” Jiyeon frowns.
“No, of course, I am. I was just surprised,” Jimin quickly reassures. The last thing he wants is to see Jeongguk. The last thing he wants is for his class to be exposed to that kind of behaviour, but, then again, it’s been five years. Jeongguk would be twenty-years old now. He’s more mature. Jimin had been his first love. All kids grow out of their first loves. “We’ll be glad to have J-Jeongguk here.”
Jiyeon takes that as her cue to leave.

It haunts him for the rest of the day.
He keeps thinking about it – reliving memories.
Jeongguk’s breath on his neck, his fingers on his waist, the sharp line of his jaw caressing his cheek, prickling him with the first hints of stubble. He can still feel it. The boy had always been like a shadow. His presence not that forceful, but he creeps. He’s quiet, but he’s a persistent lingering thought. He wonders how much of that has been carried through to his adulthood.
Jimin’s terrified. Every time he turns his back he has to look around the corner of his eye to make sure the boy isn’t beside him. He really shouldn’t be so anxious about the reunion. Jeongguk had been so young, he may not even remember him. Plus, Jimin thinks he’s changed quite a bit since the divorce.
Regardless, Jeongguk’s plagued his mind since the kid was fifteen, and no matter how much either of them have changed, it stands that, that is exactly what Jeongguk had wanted once.

He’s so fucked.
It’s already the end of the day, the first pair of parents have arrived to retrieve their children and Jimin is just waiting for those large dark eyes to appear around the corner. Jeongguk used to be so boyish, very innocent in regard to his looks. He takes after his mother in features, but has his father’s dorky disposition that made him that little bit more approachable. That is, when he’s not humping Jimin’s leg in the middle of the night.
How much of Jeongguk has grown?
God, he’s sweating.
Time seems to fly by, and one by one, his students are waving him goodbye on their way out with their parents. He keeps an eye on Sunhi in the corner, hugging and kissing his friends as they leave. Four left. Then three, then two. In the end, it was just Jimin and Sunhi.
“Sunhi, do you have an idea of why your brother might be late?” Jimin asks, kneeling down beside the toy chest where Sunhi plays by himself. He’s putting all the pieces of a toy car together, expertly slotting the wheels into place. Jimin wants to praise him, he’s just so anxiety ridden, he can’t bring himself to sound excited.
“Hyung is always late,” Sunhi offers, clicking the last wheel into place. He holds it up proudly, presenting it to Jimin, who forces himself to grin until his cheeks ache.

When five minutes turn to six, Jimin’s gives up allowing Jeongguk more chances to redeem himself. He’s gradually becoming less concerned of where he is and angrier that Sunhi has been left stranded at the kindergarten. He’s about to suggest they return inside when he hears the roaring of a motorcycle engine come racing down the street. As it nears the gates, Jimin’s pulse quickens. This is a school area, motorcycles were frowned upon. The moment Jimin peers around the corner, he gets why.
“That’s hyung!” Sunhi gasps gleefully.
On instinct, Jimin picks Sunhi up from under his armpits and carries them both a couple of paces back away from the gates, just in time for the motorcycle to skid to a stop before them. Sunhi squeals, wiggling in Jimin’s arms as the rider puts the bike in park and switches off the ignition.
From Jimin’s limited knowledge of bikes, he recognises it as a large Japanese brand cruiser. With slick black paint and leather seats, it’s beautiful. He’s almost offended someone would touch it, let alone ride it. The mechanics and winding details that make up the bike has him slightly starry eyed. These days, he’s more accustomed to seeing sports bikes riding through Seoul traffic. Occasions where he gets to see a cruiser this big and magnificent are scarce.
The bike, gosh, the bike is gorgeous, however, it’s the rider that has his blood running cold.
“Jeongguk-hyung!” Sunhi breaks from his arms to dash towards the newcomer at the gates.
Jeongguk is wearing his helmet, his visor secured down. Jimin can’t see his face. The rest of his attire is what Jimin would expect from a delinquent; jeans ripped at the knees, wallet chain dangling on one hip. He’s in a leather jacket, and Jimin swears his mouth goes dry. He’s taller. So much taller compared to the last time Jimin had seen him.

Noticing Jimin standing two feet away, Jeongguk pulls back from Sunhi to stand up and remove his helmet. Jimin hadn’t noticed that he’d been holding his breath this entire time.
Jeongguk is not the same boy. There’re subtle differences. His features are sharper. He’s traded his baby fat for just about everything else that makes Jimin’s stomach flip in on itself… He’s so fine. Jimin curses that he’s not a good enough artist to do him justice.
Although Jeongguk’s grown into a man, his eyes have remained the same. Large and black to add some innocence to his pretty face. There’s no escaping the memories.
“Jimin-hyung,” Jeongguk greets, bowing more out of habit than actual courtesy. Hearing his voice now clearer without his helmet, for the first time in years, Jimin’s entire body flushes.
His blood rushes to his ears, throbbing with his pulse.
He’d left Jeongguk right at the cusp of the boy’s puberty. He’d been there for the embarrassing voice changes, but he wasn’t there to hear Jeongguk come into his own. He didn’t get to see Jeongguk become who he is today; a fine young man that has more cut in his smile than in his teeth.
Jimin takes a moment to retrieve his jaw from the floor, hoping his smile is friendly, rather than downright nervous. “Jeongguk-ah. Nice to see you again.”


//This will be a long term roleplay where Single kindergarten teacher Jimin's life turns tumultuous when he falls in love with his ex's punkrock/badboy son from a previous marriage (aka Jungkook). Jungkook is all kinds of cool and suave and dangerous, and Jimin admires him from afar whenever he comes to pick up his little brother.
This will have triggering scenes that some may not like, so if this is you please do not read. You will be playing the part of Jeon Jungkook, a college bad boy who has an obsession with his father's ex, Park jimin. Please do not think because my starter is long that you have to meet these requirements, at least two paragraphs are fine, and I only wrote that much because I felt the need to establish the plot effectively. If you are interested, please comment below and we may get started!//
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