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"I am the sole survivor of the N.V.C.P, or in its full name, the "New Vampire Creation Plan". You never fought someone like me. I am neither a full vampire, nor a full machine. I am Despair, and I will be your death, your loss, your last emotion. I am the first vampire of the new generation."




The new generation vampire,
The sole N.V.C.P survivor.

10-18 (He prefers staying within those ages)



1.5 meter

46 kg.

Scarlet Devil Mansion, Transylvania, Earth.

Resides at:
currently homeless.

Youkai vampire, Shapeshifter, Destroyer, Cyborg.

Chaotic Good/ Chaotic Neutral.

Gensokyo youkai, The sole "New Vampire Creation Plan" survivor.

Date of birth:
21 November 1509.

Biological father:
Vlad “Tepes” Dracula the III, deceased.

Eldest sister:
Remilia “Devil” Scarlet the I.

Elder sister:
Flandre “Devil” Scarlet the I.

Mother (not biologically):
Sakuya Izayoi (also the head maid of the mansion).

Father (not biologically):
Name unknown, deceased.

Has Autophobia- Fear of being alone or of oneself.
He has no problem with staying alone, but he can start panicking and go completely crazy if he FEELS alone. This makes him very depressed, even when he is with others.

Despair is a bit shy when first coming in contact with, but when he learns to trust someone, he will mostly open up a big more than the usual. He completely opened his true personality only to his elder sister, Flandre, who is as psychotic as him at times. When he is depressed or lonely, he has a very high chance of going berserk or losing his mind, which results huge destruction. When he is with people, on the other hand, he will usually be very calm and will barely talk, and if someone will try to talk to him directly, he will mostly try to avoid conversations. Still, he likes going with others, even if he stays quiet, and will usually just come along others, especially his sister Flandre. He has hard time believing others, for a lot of reasons. When realizing he is in actual danger, he will become a deadly monster who will kill without hesitation to defend himself. If he sees someone else in danger, he will usually go for the heroic course of action, trying to save the innocent and stop the evil ones, even at the cost of killing his opponent.


Low level Shapeshifting

Despite being a very strong shapeshifter with a lot of potential, he is not good at shapeshifting, due to the fact he had almost no training. He joined his current family at a pretty old (chronological) age, and thus had almost no time to train. He can change his appearance- He can change to any humanoid form, including age and appearance changing. He can grow his huge wings, that are made of smoke, but he prefers not to.


Despair can make others feel desperate and lonely, especially when he feels those ways himself. This ability is basically a transfer of emotions and mental states- his desperation and loneliness is transferred to the opponent, while he takes the confidence, happiness, etc. of the opponent to himself.

Dark Danmaku

Despair is one of the few users of the legendary Dark Danmaku. This is an extremely strong type of Danmaku, that has extreme hitting power, yet lets the user launch huge amounts of projectiles at every moment. This type of Danmaku gets stronger when the user’s personality and mental state will be darker.


Grim reaper’s guns

two 9mm Scarlet series guns- Desperado and Defectio (despair and defection). Both are extremely deadly due to the runes drawn inside the barrel and on the guns. They can penetrate light tank armor and other light vehicle armors, and have two kinds of ammunition: armor penetrating rounds and high explosive rounds (AP and HE). Both guns automatically reload themselves, and are usable only by Despair, due to the fact they check the fingerprints of the user before every shot. Those guns also use voice commands and are half electronic. Those guns are dark artifacts from another universe, where they were created to kill most kinds of enemies, especially holy ones. Those guns belonged to one of the strongest grim reapers of that universe, who was in charge of killing any holy being that will betray the heavens or attack the guardians and grim reapers of the hell. Those guns also improve the accuracy of the shooter, and make him a much better gunslinger. To be precise, Defectio can strip holy beings of their powers, while Desperado can remove their immortality and take lost or holy souls.

The cross of hope

This silver cross necklace looks normal in every way… as long as you do not try to check it thoroughly. If you will look at it from up close, you will see that it shines in a strange way, unlike normal silver. This, in fact, is the cross of hope. an anti- vampire relic, that was created to seal and block the powers of vampires. any vampire that will wear it or attack someone who wears it will be unable to use his powers to the fullest, or even close to that. the one exception is Despair. His father blessed the cross and Despair to match each other, and by doing so, he blocked the cross from effecting Despair.


Vampire speed

As a strong vampire, he is capable of moving extremely fast, and even when running, he can go much faster than sound. He will become faster if his mental state is bad and dark.

Vampire strength

He possesses a huge amount of physical power, enough to break a mountain in two with a single punch, or to evaporate a human after one hit (not even at full power). He will become stronger if his mental state is bad and dark.

Vampire durability

His durability is on planet buster level, as a Scarlet Devil vampire.

Self and partial immortality

One of Dracula’s failed experiments included putting a certain curse on Despair. It caused Despair to be unable to die if he wants to die. It also bound his soul to his body, making it much easier to revive him, and prevents him from descending after death. He tried to suicide many times, but he never succeeded. in fact, he killed himself 72 times until now, but he returned every time.

Quick learner

He is able to learn new attacks and powers very quickly, which is one of the main reason for his potential. Theoretically, there is no actual limit to his ability to learn, which can bring him to extreme levels of power over the time.


This ability is one of the effects of a successful experiment of Dracula. This ability lets him to find the weakest points of objects and opponents, and utilize this knowledge to fight or destroy them. Basically, if a building has a weaker point in a certain place, he will know about it, and he will also know how to use it to destroy the building. If an opponent has a weakness, or his attack has a weakness, he will know about it too.


As a vampire, Despair has a strong regenerative ability. This will let him even regrow lost bodyparts and fatal wounds, as long as he is alive.


Almost every youkai is capable of flying, and Despair is no different. He is a pretty fast flying one, even for a youkai.

Enhanced senses:

As a vampire, his senses are extremely sharp. And as an experiment, his senses became even sharper, to the level that gives him the ability to predict movements, by hearing the muscels of the opponent moving before he moves. He can also hear it when someone is close, even if he is completely stationary, by listening to the movement of the air around him.

Mark III "New Vampire Creation Plan"

As the sole survivor of the "New Vampire Creation Plan" or N.V.C.P, he has three mechanical bodyparts- his right arm, his right leg, and his left eye. Those bodyparts are made of Varanium, a metal that blocks regenerative abilities. Varanium is also one of the strongest metals in existence, making it almost completely undestructible. The arms are usually powered by his body's energy, but when using the special effects of the bodyparts, they will use a nuclear infinite- energy battery, model 3N.
The bodyparts give him the following modifications:
Left eye- ability to see everything in front of him much slower, as if the time has slowed down to a 1/4 of its normal speed.
Right arm- tremendous power. In addition for his normal vampire strength, this arm also provides him a boost for his punches, making each punch about 3 times faster and stronger.
Right leg- tremendous strength and flight speed. It has boosters in it, making his kicks much more powerful. In addition, he can fly forward very fast (like a fast drift at low speed).
The bodyparts also has a camouflage, that makes them look like normal bodyparts, until they are activated.
Those bodyparts are completely immune to fire and heat, due to Varanium having an almost unreachable melting temperature. Their atomic structures were also reinforced to raise this temperature.


Despair is the third child of the Scarlet Devil vampire family. His father, Dracula, was already completely crazy when the first child, Remilia, was born, and decided to create himself a perfect successor. He tried with Remilia, and his experiments gave her the power to control fate, but he did not think this power is worthy of his successor, so he threw her away after his second daughter, Flandre, was born.

Remilia managed to hide in a small town nearby for a few years, until one day she decided to confront her father and kill him. By that moment, Flandre was already a vampire too, and she had the power to destroy absolutely anything and everything. Dracula was sure that she will be the successor he wanted, but Remilia destroyed his plan by sneaking into his castle and encouraging Flandre to help her kill their father. Flandre, who went almost completely crazy because of her power and the experiments, succeeded to help Remilia.

The two almost killed him, but he managed to run away and hide. That day was the day when the legendary "no life king” has officially died. But he managed to survive and stay hidden in a small house in a big forest. He had his third child with him, and he called him Despair.

At this point, Dracula has thought of thr "New Vampire Creation Plan", or N.V.C.P. the plan was simple- the creation of vampire cyborgs, that will surpass the current vampire generation and become the world's strongest race.

Dracula gathered a group of scientists. He also created 19 vampire children, to use as test subjects, the first N.V.C.P vampires, or "Mark I vampires". He gave the scientists enough resources, and told them they have 3 monthes to give him the new vampires.

They succeeded. After 2.5 monthes, 5 new mark I vampires stood in front of Dracula, ready. He was pleased with the success, and asked them to show him what they can do.

Thats when they failed: out of the five, 3 exploaded to pieces by certain activation problems. One failed to use his new bodyparts, and the last managed to show certain upgrades of his abilities, before collapsing and dying as his body blocked his own new bodyparts, including his metal spine.

The next generation, the Mark II, were a failure too. Most couldn't use their new bodyparts fully, or just died after their bodies disabled their metal bodyparts. But Dracula didn't give up back then.

For the Mark III, he decided to use older vampires, all 18 years old. And he did it. He managed to create 3 functioning, healthy cyborgs, for the Mark III test. But at a certain point, they went crazy, and killed each other. Thats when he decided to use Despair.

This child was his last attempt. He wanted a successor who will be strong and yet, will not go against him. But Despair was not the one he wanted. He was born with much weaker powers than the ones his sisters had. Dracula tried and tried, but once Despair gained his powers, all the experiments started failing. His cyborg parts were fully functional, and he even managed to surpass the former mark III vampires. But as a successor, in Dracula's eyes, he was a complete failure.

Dracula, not wanting anyone to find out he is still alive, raised the child anyway, until one day his mind finally snapped. He took one of the two grim reaper guns, Desperado, and shot himself in the head, right in front of his own child. Despair, who was a happy and social until that day, could not erase that moment from his head. He started having nightmares about that day, and his personality was wrecked on that day. He stopped talking to anyone, and for a few days, he simply sat next to his father’s corpse, unmoving, and cried.

On the fourth day, someone entered the house, thinking that it is abandoned. He found the child, who was starving and could barely even raise his head to look at the intruder. The person looked next to him, and recognized Dracula. He let the child drink some blood he took from his own arm, to save him.

The man, who was a normal human, was one of Dracula’s biggest enemies. Dracula murdered his whole family, leaving him only, when the man was at the same age as Despair. Years after that, the man finally managed to overcome his trauma and build himself a family. And then, one day, Dracula returned, and murdered his new family too.

But the man did not harm the child. He raised Despair for his whole life in that house. He even buried Dracula’s dead body, to help the child overcome his trauma too. He was like a new, real father to Despair.

But he was a human, and like every human, his time in the world was up. He died peacefully, in his sleep, and Despair was alone again. He buried his father’s corpse, took the guns, Desperado and Defecto, wore the cross necklace his father always had with him, and left the house to find himself a new life.

He wandered for years, looking for a place to stay at, but nobody wanted him. Every time, someone found out that he was a vampire, and they tried to kill him.

One day, he met a strange woman, that said her name is Sakuya Izayoi, and claimed she was sent by his two sisters to bring him to their mansion, his original birth place. He refused, thinking she is lying, and ran away, but Sakuya did not give up. When he finally reached an abandoned shack not far from there and blocked the door, he heard someone behind him. He turned, and found himself looking in the red eyes of a young girl… who had two big bat wings on her back. Next to her, stood Sakuya. The girl claimed her name is Remilia Scarlet, and said she is his eldest sister. and this time, after he have seen the wings she had, he believed. He came with them to the Scarlet Devil mansion, and there he met Flandre for the first time. The moment their eyes met, she ran towards him, and dragged him to play games with her, most of which were made of “killing things” or “destroying things”. Despair never thought someone would open up to him like that until that day. On that day, a new Scarlet Devil vampire was reborn.

But one day, Flandre left the mansion. She wanted to explore the world. She left in the middle of the day, before Remilia and Despair woke up, leaving only a little note behind, with an explanation as for why she has left. She asked them to wait for her, and to let her go. She promised to return one day.

Despair was heartbroken. His only true friend has left him. He decided to ignore her wish, and started getting ready to go after her. Before he could finish, Sakuya entered his room, and saw what he was doing. She started crying, and he tried to promise her that he will not leave, but she only hugged him and asked him to go. She wanted him to make sure Flandre will be fine. And so, on that day, he left to search for his sister.

On that day, his legend began

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