From time to time things change in the google script environment, and you get a cryptic message from an add-on user saying "it's stopped working". Sometimes that's enough to signal something is not right, but usually it's not,and the addon feedback mechanism is one way communication. I urge you to report anything here,on this forum, so we can quickly get to the bottom of any environmental issues.

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If you are using Goa for Apps Script OAuth2, you may not have been aware how to customize the consent screen. Documentation updated to describe a simplified pattern.

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+chanduri rakesh created this post describing how to deal with some issues where Windows corporate lock down policies are preventing succesful OAuth2 authentication from VBA

If you are using any of my code that needs OAuth2 - for example - integrating sheets API with VBA,

And are having firewall or IE problems, you may find this useful

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SlidesMerge 1.0.5 now available. You can now conditionally skip slides based on whether the source spreadsheet data is empty for some or all of the placeholder data items. 

I was able to use the app perfectly until two days ago...nothing on my end changed and now I am getting this error...

TypeError: Cannot read property "textElements" from undefined.

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I still get a lot of questions on googlemapping.xlsm on this forum - it is a monolithic workbook that does all kinds of things related to integrating Excel and Earth that I created about 5 years ago.

I don't intend to update this workbook at all, and I don't currently have any plans to create newer, slimmer versions of it. I realize that many of you would like simple tutorials on the subject, and one of my forthcoming book projects will be related to integrating various APIS with various platforms, but I won't be updating this particular workbook any time soon.

To answer a couple of recent questions -

1. if you want to run a geocode, but avoid using up quota by not recoding co-ordinates you already have, go to the googleMapping module and wrap the code inside the loop in this condition

For Each dr In .dataSet(cMaster).rows
' --- comment this if to always do re-geocoding
If (dr.toString("Latitude") = vbNullString Or dr.toString("Longtitude") = vbNullString) Then

....geocoding code

end if

next dr

2. If you want to open the created mapped html file in a different browser than the default, then change the browser from default to none in the control section of the parameters file and point your browser of choice to the created file manually.

I'm happy to answer related questions on googlemapping here if I can, but I wont be doing any more updates. Remember that everything that is configurable can be changed from the parameter sheets.

Many other questions have already been asked on this forum (use search community "googlemapping") so you may also find some answers there or in some of the writeups (they are not very well organized so you'll need to search around)

#gde #googlemapsapi #blogpost #opensource

you want to test if something is numeric and can be parsed - eg parseFloat("1.2").

Normally you'd expect parseFloat("some text") to return NaN if the input is invalid, and it does. However parseFloat(null) returns zero and parseFloat ("12sometext") returns 12.

Similarly +"" and +null also return 0 as does +false and +true

So here's a tiny function to strictly test if something should actually be parseable to a number

ns.isNumeric = function (ob) {
return ob !== null && ob!== "" && typeof (ob) !== "boolean" && !isNaN(+ob);

Hi Bruce,

thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and code with us.
I am still new to JSON and JS in general, but am trying to understand the code behind your GoogleMapping.xlsm file.

I have 2 queries, I would like to get your help on:

1) The GoogleMapping.xlsm throws a "Compile Error: Sub or Function not defined" and it highlights the 'getFrequency' function. This only happens on my home computer (Win10/64bit/Office 2013) not my work PC (Win7). Could you please advise how to make it work?

2) I am trying to learn by going through your code. However, GoogleMapping is a huge file which seems to be able to do everything. Is there any chance you could strip out or break down that file for a beginner like me, so I can follow the code from a)geocoding, b)adding markers, c)adding information to the markers(vizmap) into individual files? That would be such a great help for me to study the code.

Thank you so much!

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Hi there, I am having A little problem with diagram I made a video to make the problem clear,(It just dont display )


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Hi +Bruce Mcpherson!
I can't understand how can I delegate domain-wide authority to a service account automaticaly or by an url. I must do this manually. Should I publish my script in the marketplace?
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