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(Gradual romance)
She was a successful woman. She was a singer for a while then gave up the dream to go back to school. She got accepted to your college. She was a superstar to say the least. It was a small town and she was famous. She didnt quite fit in. She showed up to her first day and looked around. You were a college Junior, you had no idea who she was which shocked a lot of people. They kept wanting to show you photos and have you listen to her songs. But you didnt really care, that was kind of your whole thing. You were the guy who didnt care about anything. She walked around a little lost and was looking at a map of the school. She didnt look up and immediately bumped into you as she turned a corner. She jumped back in shock and looked up at you I am so sorry. She put a hand on her chest. You scared me. Im so sorry. She laughed a little. Some jock yelled out her name and she turned. I guess thats my cue? She looked at her map Bye. Im sorry! She ran over to the guy who yelled her name
(Her name is Marie. Yeah lame I know lol. Anyway no one liners. No text talk unless they're texting. Private posts available. And finally. Please tell me what your characters personality is like and what they look like. Male needed)

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"I could turn around, or I could give it up. But I'll take what comes."

High school. Where everything happens. Where you learn about yourself. Where you can really, well, glow. This is more than just a metaphor. Though I will have to show that later. For now, the high school. It was a normal one for the most part, but just like the world. There is magic. Though not like wizards, or witches. No, magic that tells you who you are destined with. Someone who will be in your life forever. The person you will be happiest with. And if you want to be the happiest you can, listen to it.

"Oh, the storm is raging against me now
If I'm afraid of falling, then I won't look down."

I was one of the students of the high school. And I was just unlucky enough to be one of the shy kids. The loner. Also a bit sarcastic if I am in the right mood. I didn't talk to anyone. That is unless it was a day where I had the worst of luck, and I ran into you. Which was every day. You were the schools bully, or a##hole (for whatever reason. I dont care what you choose. Just stick to the character for a bit.) Now of course not every day was the same. One day it would the a simple petty insult, but there are days where it was worse. It ranged from getting tripped, being attacked. But today, it seemed to have been taken too far.

Singing tune. "Walking the wire, wire, wire, so look out down below."

Today started off feeling like a normal day. Nothing felt off. Nothing felt different. Only today. A plan was made between you, and your friends. They had put a light in your shirt, and gave you the switch for it. The plan was to turn the light on a few seconds after having me in a corner. Emotional trauma was the plan. And the plan had just started.

It was gym. Everyone had just finished getting dressed. I was just about to leave when they had made you go over to corner me. I had soon spotted you, and sighed. "What's in store for me today? Whatever it is can you make it quick? I'm about to be late for class." Soon enough I was pushed into the corner. Your first lifted to "punch" me until your chest began to glow. I had soon saw, mine starting to glow as well. I look at you, my eyes starting to tear up. Though I also seemed angry. "Jacka##" I had said before walking away.
[no emojis/text talk/one worded responces]
(You chose if it was the light or not.)
(If you're still not sure glowing hearts are how you can tell you are destined to be with someone. Or you'll love them.)
(No godmodding.)
(I'll keep any cussing censored until I get an "it's okay")
(Based on a comic I read. I would tag the creator, but i lost the name.)
(Please read it all)
{Thanks For Reading}

Hello everyone!~ Pleasure to post again once more!

I'm looking for an RP partner interested in any of the following down below!

Stranger Things
BnHA/My Hero Acadamia
Soul Eater
Camp Camp

If any of these things don't really interest you, go on ahead and comment! I'd be down to plot or discuss any other Anime's, considering this is a list of games/anime's I could think of on the top of my head (Trust me, I have a list somewhere. Lol) I do mostly Yaoi Rp's, but that doesn't mean I don't do Yuri or just Straight Rp's. I'm really open to anything and everything. Anyways! Comment below if interested at all. Thanks a ton for reading this! And hope you have a good day.

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"but I don't want to be a pet..."

you were a rich man/woman that bought many things. Anywhere from a vase to a new mansion. You're extremely rich and you were starting to get bored, wanting something that could entertain you. You sent to an auction and you saw a small neko boy/girl be brought out. Many people started bidding on it. You won and you got the kid you decided to...
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(one on one roleplay starter! As many people can join! Comment for private post or just comment your reply$

Denis stood out looking over the crowd of auctioneers eager to bid on what ya had to offer them he raised his hands up and the lights flicked on to shine down on him, grabbing the attention of the audience. "Welcome auctioneers! I won't bore you with pretense so I'll just get right to the bidding." He gestured his hand to the right of him and the light shone to revel a tall skinny man with black shaggy hair covering his eyes and dark brown doberman dog ears. He had a baby face and a big smile. "The first specimen is scooter. He's loving and playful and loves to act innocent. He'll be eager to follow every command you give him" he gestures his hand to the left of him and the light shone to reveal a man shorter than him that almost looked like a female if not for the obvious buldge in his tiny black shorts. He had big Doe eyes and curly lavender hair with a white and yellow flower crown, as well as lavender dog ears and tail to match. He had a cute and almost shy smile as he held a leash connected to his neck. "This is Clover. Clover is a very fun pet. He's very shy and doesn't talk much, but he us also a very horny one. It's easy to get him aroused and once he is, he'll be all over you. And when he wants sex, he'll do anything to get his pleasure and it's always very enticing to watch." He holds out his arms to the two specimen, who both grab his hands. "If you would like to bid for clover hold up your paddle for one and for scooter hold up your paddle for two."
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((I now know it put make instead of male))
🌹Your kiss is all the nightmares I wish I had🌹
(Confident and sarcastic make needed)

this might be sad probably will be but the world is funny! If you're a sociopath!

It all started in Highschool. The time people kind out if they had a chance at life or not. Jade Glass, she was The school's musician that filled her head with dreams of living more then Corolla beach North Carolina. The only place she called home was her own mind,  her life wasn't all rainbows and happy endings when she was 12 her mom died of a brain tumor and her dad wasn't home much mostly he was sailing leaving her alone day after day when he would come home there wasn't much to say without her mom around. The house felt empty without her mom's favorite music playing through out the house and the smell of flowers through out the house that plants filled the house on every  window seal. After she passed the house went uncomfortably quiet and the smell of flowers faded away from the dying plants. When Jade was 14 she put on Take it easy by the eagles, one of her mother's favorite songs. She felt the warmth of her mother through out the house as she replanted flowers on every window seal like her mother did.

Three years later she was 17 and she sat in a empty music room in school with her leg over the other one as she leg hanged off the stole in the middle of the room when would face the big window that went across the wall. She had her guitar on her leg with the back of it leaning against her stomach. She played Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac as she sang with her eyes gently closed with the warm sunshine shined through the windows onto her face. Towards the ending of the song jade felt the presents of someone close in the room.   Until it was over she stopped and opened her eyes to look out the window. how long have you been there? she said as she turned around to look at a boy her age in the doorway of the room looking at her with a small smirk. Jade looked at his (H/C) Hair and (E/C) eyes as she put the bottom of the guitar on the floor with her  holding the top of it as her palm of her hands covered the strings. "Mostly the whole time, took you a while to notice." That was where it all started

They slowly started to like each other, (Y/N) started to fall in love how free spirited she was, Jade would wonder what was on his mind and what was his story because some things he would refuse to tell her, that would make her curiosity grow bigger. It's been 8 months since they got into a relationship and she started to fall deeply in home with him. 3 weeks before Halloween (Y/N) started to grow distant from her. Less smiles, less sarcastic remarks. She would see him around school being himself around other but when he was around her, he was different. One night jade decided to show up at his house while his parents were gone without notice. She parked in front of his house with a small bad feeling as she got out of her car. When she walked closer to the front door the bad feeling grew stronger. She went to knock on the door then in the corner of her eye she saw movement in the window next to the door through the blinds. She saw him with another girl on the couch. He deeply kissed her as he had her hand on her hip while he was over her as she was laying down. Jades mind went blank when it felt like a million thoughts went through her mind. She looked down and without knowing she was knocking on his door. Once she realized she quickly put down her arm but it was to late, he was walking to the door as the girl on the couch waited for him on the couch. Jade took a few steps back as he opened the door. Her hands shaked a bit as she looked at his shocked reaction seeing her Our relationship was too good to be true, right? she smiled at him as tears filled her eyes. He stood still not knowing what to do as she quickly walked back to her car, getting in and driving away. Those few second for him flew past him as he regretted everything. Tears slowly fall down her cheeks as she looked forward driving back home. Once she got there she ran inside closing the door behind her. She leaned her back against the door as she slid down onto the floor with her knees against her chest. She broke down in tears.

Hours has pasted and it was 4 am, she stares into space hugging her knees while she hasn't moved for hours. She heard a knock against the other side of the door as she felt the vibrations from the knocks. She slowly got up and turned towards the door. She opened it seeing it was him. They stood in silence for a moment until she said how long.. she looked down trying to hide her red eyes from crying "2 weeks" she could feel the coldness off of him like he didn't even care, like they were strangers all over again why. she leaned against the door frame and closed her eyes trying to calm down "I guess I started to get bored.. I don't know you're not what I want anymore"  he said as she looked at him slightly why are you here then.. he stayed quiet for a few moments until saying "I don't know.." he said while he reached out to her why do you have so much pride.. to much for you to tell me the truth. She took a step back as tears stream down her face and she closed the door. She felt her body shake a bit and she could feel  anxiety wash over her body. She went up stairs into her room, she wanted it all to end. It wasn't just him that made her feel like this, this was just the cherry on top of the ice cream sunday that made her just give up. She went into a box under her bed and opened up a wooden box. She took out a bottle of sleeping pills that she use to take to help her sleep. She stared at them for a moment and laid on the bed. She played dreams by Stevie Nick's over and over as she took the pills, as many as she could. She stared at the ceiling as she let the music drown out the sounds of anything around. (Y\N) sat in his car outside her house as he sat there doing nothing. He regretted everything he said  because everything he said was a lie and he knew she was right about him having to much pride. He got out of his car and walked back up to her door again and knocked. No answer. He knocked again thinking she was ignoring him. No answer again, he grew worried and opened the door. He called out her name through out the house until he runs upstairs. Her bedroom door was cracked open and he was hesitant about opening it. He slowly pushes it open  and she's her on the bed with her hand off the bed with the pill bottle right under it, then he...

i know it sucks

(Hentai allowed)

(No text talk)

(Need your characters name and picture) 

(Pps only) 

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Name: Candle Chalcedony
Offenses: Murder, Torture of humans and animals, aggravated assault, kidnapping, breaking and entering
Age: 27 years
DoB: March 29, 1985
Weapon(s): Avoids guns. Uses mostly sharp utensils such as knives, ice picks, spears, arrows, and sythes.
Clothing/Equipment: Wears heavy coats that hide his form and most of his appearance. Carries a black duffel bag of weapons and random supplies.
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 142 lbs
Build: Disgustingly malnourished and bony, however dons clothes that make him appear wider
Religious Views (if any): Strict atheist. Hates religion in general, especially Buddhism and Christianity.
Bio: A perfectly normal person from the start. Born intersex but identifies as male. He attended a college in Washington and had a normal child hood with a nice mother and an artistic father. While in his last year of college he was kidnapped and his whereabouts became a mystery to everyone who ever knew him. After he escaped, murdering the kidnapper, he lived on the lam, kidnapping his own victims and torturing and occasionally murdering them. He also obtained and tortured many animals. He refuses to discuss the kidnapping and his life before then. He refuses to sleep and eat if he can help it.
Skills/Extra Features: He is very agile and surprisingly strong for his build. He's sneaky and unafraid of consequences.
Physical abnormalities: He has Grey eyes. He has a completely benign hemorrhage in his brain that causes him to have random nose bleeds every now and again. He has half a tongue that was crudely cut and is consequently pretty infected. He has no tattoos be he does have a branding scar on the back of his neck or the phrase "good boy" that he hides and is embarrassed about.
Personality/Mannerisms: Strangly polite and perky and very philosophical when he wants to be. Most of the time he stays quiet until he has something to say. When he does, he can talk for hours. He has a very short temper and many triggers. Befriending him proves a very difficult task. Though crossing him is too easy and will result in a long, painful session of torture. Although the victims he keeps, he always seems to really care for them.
Quirks: He has certain triggers that can really set him off. Those that make him angery would include certain words ("wacky" "shun" "sphere") and there is one certain thing that will send him into a full on panic attack, submission, and a somewhat paralyzed state. But I won't give that away. How about this. If you can guess my favorite color or insect I'll tell you what it is.

Starter: No starter. Just come say hello and he'll say hello back! He's a very friendly guy!

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I have a Cyberpunk Roleplay four Paragraphs or so, I'm not the best at making starters, but if your interested please comment down below, requirements are; Female, Descriptive, More then Three Lines, and just being active, thanks

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{male or female}
>ωαяηıηⓖ ωıłł ⓒσηтαıη ⓢσмє ⓖяυєⓢσмє ⓒσηтєηт<

[1. No text talk. 2. Nothing less than 4 lines. 3. Ask for pp or hangouts. 4. Try to use proper grammar.]

That's what they called themselves, and that would make a good story, Vinny thought, which explained why he met them in this godforsaken New Jersey motel in a ghost town of 17,000 people they met back so many years in collage together. Months later, he still would not be able to tolerate being in rooms with closed doors. The nostril-widening smell of must would continue to trigger the memory of screams. The beam from a flashlight wouldn't fail to make him sweat.

Later, as he convalesced, sedatives loosened the steel barriers he'd imposed on his memory, allowing frenzied sounds and images to dart out. That chilly night in October. A little after nine. That was the moment he would saved himself from the mounting nightmare of the next eight hours. But in retrospect, even though he'd survived, he surely wasn't saved. He blamed himself for failing to notice how hyper everything felt. As he approached the motel, the crash of waves along the beach blocks away seemed abnormally loud. A breeze scrapes along a decaying sidewalk. Dead Leaves rattled across the cracked pavement.

But the sound that Vinny most remembered, the one that he told himself should have made him retreat, was a mournful rhythmic clang clang clang that drifted along the area's abandoned streets. It was harsh, as if from a fractured bell, but he would soon learn it's true origin and how it represented the hopelessness he was about to enter.
It would have been a warning to ships to stay away and avert disaster.
Or could it have told for a funeral.

The cold breeze making tug on the zipper of his Windbreaker all the way to his neck. A broad-shouldered man the age of thirty-five, he had short Sandy hair and experienced-etched face that woman found appealing, although there was only one woman he cared about. He pulls outside the room, wanting to control his thoughts, to repair his emotions for the role he needed to assume.

*A second man, much older. "When he contacted me, he was enthused by the project."
A third man older like the first two. "I don't think it's a good idea we never took a stranger with us before. He'll get in the way. We shouldn't have agreed." After him here in conversation through the door he decided to no longer let the conversation continued, he had knock gently oh, they had open the door he recognized the professor and a woman he could not completely recognize but found out who it soon was and his old friend Rick.*

a few hours later they all went two by two's to go in to the Paragon Hotel which they snuck in through sewage lines and found unsettling mutant rats that are blind and a angry cat with a extra limb growing out of of its hide. Later on to explore rooms that had depressing stories that contained murders, suicides, rape and horrible memories. The worst part was finding out the man built and lived Behind the Walls of the hotel who lived there behind those walls watching everyone. Carsile placed some of the memories back where they belong like a monkey in a suitcase which a married couple had divorced, which after divorce her ex-husband had died their last photo was with them standing side- by-side not smiling and a monkey in front of them holding a Red ball. It was their last happy memory until the woman committed suicide in the room and locked the monkey into a suitcase causing it to suffocate in the suitcase now just a fur Pelt that smelled like rotten flesh from years on end. Leslie was shook because she was the one who had found out and it in the briefcase and it brought back memories from her childhood of when she had left her cat in a box by accident while moving the cat has dried up and died, all she could remember was a smell and the fur pelt of her cat foofy.

After learning that every room had a depressing story they decided to go up the spiral stairs which going up to today tenth floor they seen a tree growing out from the eleventh floor they were confused of how did they treat get inside if no one can see inside the barricaded Hotel. Soon to say that birds have flew in through a broken glass to the roof they looked up to see a shattered glass sunlight they could see the moon in the clouds clouds going faster and faster the wind causing the metal on the pole outside to Clang more vigorously to Vinny felt unsettled by the sound and smells also documents that contained very specific cases from police, and room keys in the lobby when Leslie and Vinny played a piano jokingly.

Two hours pass soon enough reaching the 11th floor going up from one of the last set ofspiral stairs, the stairs begin to shift from being so old the professor Conklin had screamed.
"Snug the walls! Leslie wrap the rope around the tree then Vinny, Rick and Balenger run hurry, hurry!"
Faster than the old professor they made it to the landingbut professor wrapped the rope around himself knowing he wouldn't make it. The stairs gave in and the professor fell with the rope they soon pulled him up. He had been cut by one of the woods baddly on his leg. They patched up the man as they knew he needed ambulance cause his bleeding wouldn't stop. But he wanted to continue. So they allowed it for another hour. Soon they discovered a famous mafia man's room Carmine Danata. He went missing and they could imagine in his locked room how much money there was. But they knew there was no way that room would open so they made they're way down a emergency set of stairs they herd the song they played from the lobby being whistled. Guard?

They look down into the dark abyss of spiraling stairs with their lights off now. Leslie's heart dropped knowing whoever it was whistling knew they were up there cause they whistled the tune she played. Soon Vinny yelled down.
His voice echoed down into the shadows.
"We work for Jersey city Salvage, the company stripping this place next week."
Vinny shouted.
"A security guard's with us! We've got every right to be here, which is more than I can say for you! We'll give you a chance to leave before we call the police!"
No response so he shouted.
"Okay, you made your choice!"

A man's voice yelled from below.
"Working at night?"

"We work when the boss says! Day or night! Doesn't make a difference! It's pretty much always dark in here anyhow!"

"Must be nice working over time huh?"

They realized they had to call 911 to get police and an ambulance fast cause Professor Cocklin couldn't move, drink, or respond. Soon. To go back up they were all hit and tied up in the dark. Hours pass Rick was thrown off the 11th floor, Leslie scared to death and harassed by one of the four men who snuk in to steal. They thrown Rick off to have a reason for Vinny, and Balenger to listen and break into Carmaines room looking for loot. With coins in bags and bags they found a vault with a woman inside. She had been one of the woman who went missing for 2 years the woman came out attacking and she saw it wasn't the man who had locked her in she screamed. "He WILL KILL US WE MUST GO!" She seen Leslie and ran to her. The men took more loot but Vinny and Balenger turn and see Cocklin decapitated They were left behind with the woman and Leslie locked in the room which they set to flames.

"Leslie there's a knife in my pocket reach for it."
She did and cut them loose. They feared the man who killed Cocklin. They finally escaped to hear screams from below.

"IS! TOD!!"
They can hear the man running up for his life.

Vinny grabbed leslie and the woman and ran to the 12 floor which was only one room it had tv screens with cameras everywhere

"Vinny what does that mean?" Balenger asked picking up a photo of Carsile with a bit from the police case of sexual abuse and rape by his father.

Vinny looked at them
Ronnie attacked Vinny and after thinking he killed Ronnie Vinny seen that Frank killed Balanger and the woman who was found. Leslie was injured as she looked at Vinny Frank knew she was not going to give up without a fight. Vinny soon grabbed Leslie and pushed her out a sunroof and she pulled him up cause the building was engulfed in flames. They used rope to escape down to the 4th floor which they had to go back where they came from they herd Frank scream and a gun shot after and Ronnie running towards them. They managed to get out to the beach where he hid Leslie in the water and he lured Ronnie to fight him with hands. Leslie came out running to the gun and shot the Ronnie in his chest five times killing him she was scared to death as she trembled from the cold October wind and water.

They both went to the hospital and were called bystanders on the beach. Soon after a year they both have met again in a resturant Vinny looked at her and yelled from his table.

"Hey! How are you?"

She walked to him in her waitress dress and apron.

"Vinny? Your hair is longer, wow how are you holding up?"
She sat with him cause the restaurant wasn't busy and he had said told her something shocking and they needed to escape now.

[If you read it all comment PHYSCHO. So I know you read it all.]

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