Is it possible to design authentication flow for my app, when accessing to the app data through google home voice?

Any update on Unity 3d plugin for DialogFlow V2 API ?

Hi guys!
Is it possible to send a message to a specific Skype account?
I'm using Dialoglfow V2 with fulfillment.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi all, I have a problem: the "Integrations" page in my agents appear completely empty (see screenshot)... am I missing something?? (a setting, maybe?)

Thanks in advance...

We can created Individual intents and we can use context of other intents also. So is there and specific reason for Follow-up intent feature. ??

I want innovative developer to design a chatbot for me and to be familiar with English/Arabic languages

I nned to hire chat bot developer who is aware with Arabic and English

Hello, I have Integrated dialogflow using
in my product, it was working fine but currently i am getting no response from dialogflow using Postman I have cheked my request i am getting data but not here in my product


I used to use before Google acquired it. Recently I tried to login to dialog flow, the only option is to login with google, when I log in, it shows error:

Error The user with email '<my-gmail-redacted>' has already been registered. Please login using the original account.

Does anyone have this problem?

Hello, i am using dialogflow beta features including speech....
I am able to get response speech in dialogflow simulator, but how can i get that speech in my android app? Anyone help me?
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