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Hello Dialogflow Community

I've got a very basic Dialogflow "program" with an intent, and several prompts for the needed parameter.
Everything fine in the console test within Dialogflow,

BUT when I try the draft in the Google Assistant..... no way, only one same (the first) Prompt is asked several times when he cannot get the correct value for the requested parameter.

Any Idea? Am I missing something very basic? :(

thanks a lot !

I'd like to set up a local test environment for my Dialogflow App because it takes a couple minutes each time I push my local changes to my Google Cloud Functions for Firebase.

I think one way to do this is to use ngrok to set up an HTTPs endpoint, and run a node.js server in my project dir.

Was anyone able to set this up correctly? Do you have instructions?

I've been developing using WebStorm (Javascript IDE developed by JetBrains) and am hoping to be able to use the debugger to inspect incoming requests and step through my code. If anyone knows how to set this up, that would be really great. Thanks.

Hi, sorry its probably this topic is a repeated but, someone know why i get this error?

"Webhook call failed. Error: Failed to parse webhook JSON response: Cannot find field: displayText in message"

My webservice is a php file and i have an agent in V1 that works fine... But with the new format of response (V2) i get this error. Please someone help me!

Thanks and sorry for my englis! :)


I'm working on a FAQ agent with over 500 questions. I'm looking for some kind of method to catch the main concept in the very first user's input using one entity '@concept' that contains all the concepts that the agent is going to cover. For example:

User: What are the main characteristics of oviparous animals?
Bot: Response

You'll see that 'oviparous' is the concept we are dealing of. So in this point I have no context declared in any intent. But I need that when the user asks again:

User: Could you give some examples?

The bot should know that user is still talking about 'oviparous', so I need to have an input context declared in the intent in charge of giving the examples.

In order to do this, I came up with the idea of adding input contexts dinamically to every intent talking about 'oviparous animals', just oviparous, not viviparous or any kind of animals. This is suppose to be done once I have received the main concept in the very first input.

I'm not sure about could I do this. Would you help me to achieve my goal?

Thanks a lot,

Hi everybody!
Unable to reset Telegram integration. Apparently, it was my fault because I deleted bot in Telegram before stopping it with Dialogflow. Now it's impossible to stop it. And even if I am lucky after several manipulations to enter new token and start new bot, it's not working. It seems that the first one still not stopped.
I've written to support but unfortunately no answer.
Any ideas about possible solutions?

admission start on 1st march

Did you try ?
<< Talk to Naval Cartesian Battle >>

* Easter Egg or good thing ? After 3 shots at the same position... try it with screen or maybe not if you are good with morse code...
Ok i say too much !

Let us know your experience about the game. : )

Thank you


It is nice
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