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Dan Imrie-Situnayake
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admission start on 1st march

Hi everybody!
Unable to reset Telegram integration. Apparently, it was my fault because I deleted bot in Telegram before stopping it with Dialogflow. Now it's impossible to stop it. And even if I am lucky after several manipulations to enter new token and start new bot, it's not working. It seems that the first one still not stopped.
I've written to support but unfortunately no answer.
Any ideas about possible solutions?

Hi, this is the EN version of
Bataille Cartésienne...


<< Talk to Naval Cartesian Battle >>

* Easter Egg or good thing ? After 3 shots at the same position... try it with screen or maybe not if you are good with morse code...
Ok i say too much !

Let us know your experience during the game. : )

Thank you


It is nice

Hi everyone,
I am having problems with User-says entries that contain special characters such as < (less than) or > symbols.
The Dialogflow agent can be tested in the web console but when I try to switch to the Google Assistant simulator the update of the Actions on Google project fails with this error:

Request contains an invalid argument.
Query pattern contains invalid characters in custom intent ...: Symbol <

Do I need filter these characters from User-says entries or is there a way to escape them?
Where can I find a list of invalid characters not supported by Dialogflow or the Google Assistant integration?

what are the new feature limitations of Dialogflow in standard plan?

Can someone please provide me with a link of how to setup a custom OAuth Server, preferably on Google Cloud infrastructure, that works with Dialogflow/Actions.

I have everything working in my Dialogflow/Actions apart from a consistent user id, which is I feel is essential.

As a user and I don't want a service that forgets who I am if I don't use it for 30 days.

We're also happy to pay for such a service, if anyone can recommend a service that they have good clear instructions that would be nice also.

I'm creating a flow which effectively requires 2 OAuth connections, or maybe it doesnt, Im not sure. Let me explain..

We have a 3rd party system with it's own contact database, and authentication for this is provided by OAuth. I would like to allow an authenticated Google Assistant user to sync their Google Contacts with this 3rd party contact database.

I can require that the 3P system be account-linked, but how do I get access to the Google Assistant user's contacts?
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