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We’ve all seen the affects that drinking too many energy drinks can have on people’s health. So this is a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that is worth backing simply because the Green Power Energy is a much better, natural long term energy drink that wont cause any health problems and gives you more energy for a longer time anyway.

Find out more and back the cause here:

Green Power Energy Kickstarter LED T-Shirt So it makes perfect sense. Check out the videos and find out what you can get for backing the Green Power Energy drink. From bottles and packs of Green Power Energy drinks to full year supplies so your money will not only make sure you’ve got instant delicious healthy natural energy drinks but make the world a much healthier, more energetic place too. There’s also several cool t-shirts you can get and an LED t-shirt as well which is super cool so check them out and back the Green Power Energy drink and cause!

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Help Alternative Rock band Afraid to Merge record and release their debut album - "Mount Cyanide/The Emergency Exit"!

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Did we lose hope?
IN THE NAME OF TOMORROW, is a feature-length documentary, almost fully shot and about to enter in Post-production, but the process stopped due to the lack of budget, it is currently in crowdfunding on IndieGoGo:

It is a dance of thoughts, an artistic discovery waltzing contemporary theater expressions and interviews on the rhythms of hope, action and our fight for a better tomorrow. During these mad times, we are sending out a realistic, expressive, artistic and honest piece of media in a jungle of negative and harsh actualities.
Our documentary In the Name of Tomorrow needs your help to see the light! SHARE, LIKE and SUPPORT.
Learn more:
Donate here:
Watch the trailer:

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GuessAgain: Web based Horror Series.

Pledge now to claim your REWARD. Only on #Kickstarter

#webseries #horrorfilm #crowdfunding

Help us build #MYHIPSMART app your one place file with the best disaster app for you. #FREE 2 year subscription!

#Indiegogo #crowdfunding #mobileapp #technews

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Refugees have been through very dramatic experiences. They have risked their lives, they are away from home, they found themselves in uncharted waters and they are living in poor conditions. They are vulnerable, frightened, desperate and exhausted. It is very normal that their judgment and patience have also been affected and they may overreact to daily problems. We need to offer them an easy mechanism to resolve daily disputes. And it has to be online as they are on the move! So, our idea was to create a dispute resolution smartphone application for refugees who are on the move or reside temporarily in refugee camps all over the world. ODR free for all refugees! Less disputes & conflicts and a more peaceful world for them. Technology that helps people.
Find our campaign at
We have the expertise to make it happen. We need your support to make it work!
The ODR 4 Refugees Team

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Help to ECO Tours and Dolphin Watching in the Daytona Beach area #Gofundme campaign. Follow the link to find out more about this project.

#Crowdfunding #EcoTour

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Download Lockheal Today to Find a locksmith on demand in seconds !!
Lockheal is changing the way people find and connect with licensed locksmith professionals in their area. Our app is free to join and gives customers easy and direct access to trusted locksmiths 24 hours’ day and 7 days a week. It's simple and easy to pay with credit in selected states.
Click the link below to check it out now >>>

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