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Congratulations Son.

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Destroying and changing, is it better to say you are healed, or to say pick up your bed n walk, mankind see's his reflection, true, a shock, but your not too far gone, you see the light, now question is how far will you go to better something that once controlled you, or will you go straight to destruction ' never knowing how uniquely everything works for good, unfortunately the planet can only receive low levels of carbon imprint, original cast in all mans efforts' to recreate as he, they thought only like man, Gods name is not a name, but every gate breath n thought of all mankind from beginning to end, learn his knowledge n you will know how you were brought for a price. Holy is He.

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I need to fetch below mentioned data from Google Fit API :
Activity type, Speed, Distance, Steps, Duration, Start time - End time.

This is my query -
private DataReadResult getData(String start, String end) {
SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");
long startTime = -9999, endTime = -9999;
try {
Date startDate = sdf.parse(start);
Date endDate = sdf.parse(end);
startTime = startDate.getTime();
endTime = endDate.getTime();

} catch (Exception e) {

if (startTime == -9999 || endTime == -9999) {
return null;
DataSource ESTIMATED_STEP_DELTAS = new DataSource.Builder()

DataReadRequest readRequest = new DataReadRequest.Builder()
.bucketByActivitySegment(1, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS)
.setTimeRange(startTime, endTime, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS)

DataReadResult dataReadResult = Fitness.HistoryApi.readData(mClient, readRequest).await(1, TimeUnit.MINUTES);

return dataReadResult;

My issue is - response received from G-Fit is inconsistent. Like for some dates distance is missing, duration values is inconsistent and speed data is missing for a lot of dates.
Below is the response link -

What's the issue?

I have query sometimes while authenticating google fit the Oauth pop nerver shows up on certain devices like xiomi. What might be the reason.

I have apps NavMusic and NavCasts for Android Wear play audio directly on the watch, mainly for the purpose of listening to something while working out or running when you don't have data.

A lot of users would like to be able to have playback controls on Google Fit. I notice when I play music on my phone, the watch displays controls in Google Fit, but not when I play music directly on my watch. Is there something I have to change to get this to work or is this a feature that can be added?

Can anyone please guide me:
The way to fetch Google Fit API Data and Store in Heroku PostGRE Data Base.....i'm facing trouble in doing that....i'm new to this

Please, Can someone get me:
- a connected scale that publish automatically the weight on Google Fit
- a connected BPM that publish automatically the hearth rate on Google Fit

Noticed that adding activity doesn't count for a goal ("x time a day"). If an activity was started and finished in realtime by "Start activity", it does. It doesn't matter whether activity was added by "Add activity" in Fit app or from external app like "7 minute workout".
Is it a known bug? Any mitigations?

I've noticed recently that when I go to log my weight, that the Android app won't let me select a date. You can tap anywhere on the calendar, but it won't change from the current day. Both my phone and tablet do the same thing.

google fit api's HISTORY API's readDailyTotal() method adds the steps of the walking or running activity started by me to the daily total steps ...
so if my dailys steps were 2000 and i performed a walking activity where i walked 500steps
readDailyTotal methods gives me 2500 as total
if adds steps of running activity also..
anyone knows how to seperate walking running activity steps from readDailytotal method from google fit API
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