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Google Developers

Announcements  - 
Hi everyone,

The wait is finally over! We’ve just announced the Google Fit Developer Challenge grand prize winners. Head over to the blog to check them out:

The grand prize winners and many runner up developers will be receiving their devices from +adidas+Android, Polar, and +Withings in the post soon.

Thanks again to everyone who took part!
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Hi, Michelle.  I have posted my app (Gulp) to the "Apps" section of this community.  Thanks!
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I'd like to make some Google Fit queries from inside a BroadcastReceiver that is launched by AlarmManager.

Does Google Fit have a method for connecting to the GoogleApiClient where, if the user has not yet accepted your app integrating with Google Fit, simply fails to connect instead of prompting the user to approve?

In most situations, the user will have already accepted when they enabled integration in my app, but fringe situations -- like the user launching the Google Fit app and removing my app's permissions -- are technically possible.
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+Gustavo Moura As I understand it, the Google Fit API returns data asynchronously using a ResultCallback object.  Won't that cause an issue inside the onReceive method of a BroadcastReceiver if the BroadcastReceiver's onReceive method completes before the ResultCallback's onResult is called?  Any ideas on how to make onReceive wait for it?
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Fats, carbs, and protein

In the way of "standard metrics", I'd sure love to see a more complete visibility into nutritional intake.

Apps like LifeSum do a fantastic job of tabulating macronutrient (& some mirconutrient) counts. If Fat, Carbohydrate, and Protein intake were added alongside calorie intake that would be very compelling for anyone who is serious about their diet.

Photo credit: my LifeSum app.
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I'll second that 
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The Calories chart in Google Fit shows, by default, the base calorie burn for every hour.
My app uploads calorie burn data, and Google Fit somehow integrates that data with the base calorie burn that it assumes. 
My problem is that I can't figure out how this integration happens. The end results in the Calorie chart doesn't seem to reflect the data that I upload (though the numerical value shown in Google Play appears more or less correct, that is, the same that I upload).
Actually I wonder if my data is used in the calorie display of the chart at all. Maybe Google Fit disregards it fully, and calculates calories for the chart by itself, based on the activity data?
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Yeah, I'm noticing too that the calorie burn count seems insanely low for me. That and sometimes, entries showing walking or biking or other activities get lost, or get their calorie counts waaaaaaay off. Can something be done to have the calorie counter give sane values?
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Hi, I really like Google Fit, but there is one thing about it that really, really bugs me.

When I go out for a walk late at night, where I'm trying to get the final minutes added towards my goal, if I don't finish the walk before midnight the entire walk gets added onto the next day's total.

This is unbelievably frustrating - because if I do an hour's walk, and only the last two minutes of that walk happen after midnight the whole hour counts towards the next day! If anything, I'd rather a walk started prior to midnight counted towards the day it was started on, not the day it ended, as I measure 'days' by when I wake to when I go to bed.

I have tried no end of things to try and stop this from happening - such as turning my phone off at 23:59 for a couple of minutes, but this is not enough to split a walk into two - as I tried it today and while initially it showed the first half of the walk counting towards the day I started on, an hour later Google Fit had transferred all of the data over to the next day.

This then has the added annoyance of it messing up my next day's results by showing it has having 50 minutes of exercise before I've even woken up.

The other way I've tried to stop this is by just stopping my walk at 23:59 and standing still for 5 minutes. But to be honest, having to do this work around is completely nuts. The software really should automatically divide the minutes on the day it is set, or count it towards the day you start the exercise on, not the day you finish it on. Because humans count their days by when they sleep and clearly if I start a walk at 23:02 that ends at 00:02, that was a walk from the day of the 23:03, not the day of 00:02

I'm sure it is possible to get the software to allocate the minutes on the minutes are actually set (so, in the example given, 58 minutes to the first day and 2 minutes to the second) or have it allocated to the day the walk was started (or give the user the option to decide which way around they would like it) - however if this really isn't possible, then maybe it would be possible to set a time of the day that the user wants the new day to start. For example, if I set 3am as the time the next day started, then this would not be a problem. That way - for night owls who stay up until 1am they are not affected by the fact the software can only allocate exercise by finish time.

However I'm sure that you can get Google Fit to log any exercise that crosses over midnight into two separate sessions. 
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+Gustavo Moura Nice work on the Google Fit update. Just downloaded it and looks good so far. Thanks 
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batta tona

Bug Reports  - 
I have these problems with Google Fit
1) I can't see my activities tracked by my phone's sensors in the web.
2) I can't see my activities entered using the web platform in my phone.

3) I can't see my activities tracked by the phone in the REST api, I can only see those that are entered using the web.

In other words, the data in the phone and the data in the web are isolated
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Thank you Satinder, I turned it on and it works now :)
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Zoltan Schreter

Bug Reports  - 

Both the Google Fit app and the Google Fit web site shows a base calories consumption per hour, if no calorie data is uploaded. But when I upload calorie data, for short periods of time of activity, I often get LESS than that baseline in the calories chart. Anyone else noticed this?
Gustavo Moura's profile photoZoltan Schreter's profile photo
+Gustavo Moura  Thanks Gustavo, I'll do that.
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It's seems like I'm getting 2x the steps and distance is too low. Anyone else having this problem with Google fit?
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There is an Update to Google Fit and so far appears to fix the step count issues. Nice Job...
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Clemens Riegler

Bug Reports  - 
The app weirdly corrects values, my 10km walk suddenly became a 4.2km walk which is definitely wrong! Also, if I don't open it for one day it calculates the passive calorie burn way to low so that I would only burn 900 a day already including a 1hr walk of about 5km 
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Rachel Novak

Bug Reports  - 
On a nexus 4. I'm having some really odd problems with tracking. Everything will be fine and correct, and then at some much later point (I've noticed it twice now at 10:30pm) it'll randomly erase the majority of the distance in (usually) the last activity. It always seems to default to a random number under .1 miles. Editing it will not correct it,  as it will then set it to another random number under .1 miles. Sometimes the steps and active time are affected, sometimes not. Adding in new activities has similar problems.
Satinder Singh's profile photoNicolas Benady's profile photo
Hi, i have a similar issue since the last update or Google fit, 2/3 days ago. I'm on a nexus 5
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Hi. I cannot find in API how to read the user's fit goal (the one's set in the Google Fit profile). I cannot find any data type suitable for this. Also how to use this ? Should I register as a BroadcastReceiver with action "" ?
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About this community

The Google Fit Developers group is a community for motivated developers who are interested in testing our pre-released Fitness APIs. Here, you can post questions, comments, or just your general enthusiasm for Google Fit!

Zoltan Demant

Discussion  - 
Superglad to see support for weightlifting exercises in the new Google Fit release, first question that comes up is how one would go about storing other exercises that are not part of the official ones - will they show up by simply storing their names as part of the FIELD_EXERCISE field?

Again, thank you, this is golden!
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+Gustavo Moura You did a great job with including exercises for the initial release, I do have a couple that are not in there - Ill gladly send you a list of all my exercises to make your life both harder, but hopefully a lot easier as well :)

Ive refactored my implementation to work with this new system but I take it the data doesnt show up in the Fitness app just yet? Either way I do have 2 follow up questions;

- How are exercises named? Ive noticed that there is no way of telling the actual name of the exercise, does it fallback to names on your side of things? In that case I can see it being a bit troubling since users will input exercises with one name and theyll show up with another, I do have translations for the exercises as well.

- What happens to an exercise that isnt recognized according to any of the available prefixes? While Id love to roll this out as soon as they show up I think it would cause more chaos than not if some exercises didnt show up :-)

Just general feedback, it would be superb to include some sort of ID for an exercise, that way it would be possible to display it inside the app right from the Fitness app (say you tap the exercise in the workout summary). Some sort of display name parameter would be neat, so that exercises show up with the corresponding name that the user saw when doing them. Thats it for now, looking forward to seeing how Google Fit evolves!
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Zoltan Demant

Bug Reports  - 
If two activities overlap each other it seems that the time displayed is not correct. Ive included two screenshots of this below, basically the same activity has been logged twice - once before Progression supported Google Fit, and now that Progression has synced over its data it has created another activity on the same time and they seem to be in a fight over the duration :)

By the way I think the activity type Strength Training and Weightlifting correspond to the same activity? Translated into Swedish Weightlifting shows up as Powerlifting which I can see is different from Strength Training, but not really since Strength Training wraps all gym activity, in my eyes at least.

Here are the pictures, Ive included the whole post to give you a better overview of it.
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Google API noob here. I am looking to use the REST API to get a list of Sessions created within the past 2 or 3 days, but I cannot figure out how to specify the startTime & endTime from the linked documentation. 

How does one actually use these parameters?

I figured it would be something like:

Spoiler alert!
That doesn't work.
Alexander Ivanov's profile photoAaron Gillespie's profile photo
+Alexander Ivanov - Thank you! I was leaving off the 10th's & 100's place when specifying startTime. You're awesome. 
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My phone is not syncing with my google+ web page, Data is turned on to sync on my galaxy note 2.
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Something wrong here. Every day after my training in the treadmill I add my activity to Google Fit app. Today the numbers that I inserted manually has been saved completely wrong. Like, 90 minutes has been saved as 19..... Anyone knows what is going on?

Lucas Montanari's profile photoSatinder Singh's profile photo
+Lucas Montanari Can you please send an email to with the following details?
1) Account used with Google Fit.
2) Do we have your consent to look at the data in the backend?
3) Time interval of the activity that you added, with time zone.
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Tomas Soltes

Announcements  - 
Guys I have [ iPhone 6 + Moto 360 ] and I am pretty surprise why I have to search working apps for both platforms...
Please consider developing aps before you will get millions of same questions related to "fit, ios, wear compatibility"... This is more important than many things you do well.
Its a shame that the only option is to read articles on xda with suggestions for extreme hardware users how to connect iphone to wear:(. Good luck with development. Thank you! Tomas
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What are you using to connect the Moto to the iPhone? 
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+Gustavo Moura I won Second Prize in the Google Fit Developer Challenge but there seems to have been a huge marketing oversight. I don't have a Google Fit T-Shirt!

It seems like the winners of the challenge would be the perfect people to wear something like this. I would love to have people ask me about #googlefit  on the street or at #io15  but currently no one will know that I'm a Google Fit Developer ;)

Will you have some T-Shirts or similar swag in the Google Fit booth at I/O? I will stop by either way :)
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+Gustavo Moura I'm signed up for that talk! I will make sure to find you guys during the I/O! I do agree with +Michael Prentice that Fit needs more market! :)
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Would like to utilize Google Fit's REST API within a Google Script I'm writing. Authentication has been very challenging. I've went through the tutorials & Google's OAuth 2.0 documentation, and studied the JavaScript Client library, but I can't seem to get Google Scripts to connect to Google Fit.

Does anyone have any experience making this connection?
Aaron Gillespie's profile photo

I used THIS tutorial.
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Alex Shaw originally shared to Health and fitness:
Google fit is going a bit mad recently, I was on 11,000 steps an hour ago and now this. I also haven't ran anywhere today so what is going on?
5 comments on original post
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Ok done, I placed a link to this thread in the email.
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