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Great meeting tonight guys, thanks Joe for the awesome presentation on persistence.  

Something that keeps coming up is how to maintain your git forks.  I just found this article that I think does an awesome job at explaining the best methodology.  Please use it as a reference....  Happy coding!!!


We are delighted to invite you at the Grindr - iOS Event May 29th.

Grindr is holding the Grindr Tech Talk - Test Driven Development, Unit Testing and code metrics presented by Lukas Sliwka, Grindr’s VP of Engineering.

The talk will focus on Implementing Test Driven Development, Unit Testing and code metrics when building mobile iOS applications.

Great opportunity to network with the industry people. Plus, Free Parking + Free Beverages + Food.

Please register or RSVP at the URL

You are most welcomed if you want to add this event to your group and share this info with your other group members.

Looking forward to a great Tech Talk!


After I installed the 0.5.1 Android Studio on my Mac and attempted to build the CNJ code, Studio threw an exception that was a little confusing:
Something to the effect of " support-v4:19:01" was not found. 

After some searching online, I followed a recommendation from someone with a similar error.  They said to open the SDK manager tool and install the "Android Support Repository 5" under the extras section.   Not super intuitive due to the version differences, but it did get me past the exception and allowed me to build the application.

Looking forward to our next meeting on Tuesday at Mutually Human, where we will hear from +Eric Fox on how he implemented the REST API calls as well as get a chance to hack on the remainder of the Chuck Norris tasks.

Hoping to see you there!!!!

Hey everyone, thanks to +Eric Fox  we have the beginning of the Chuck Norris Random Joke page.  It is completely integrated with the API to get random jokes and it uses a google library called Volley to do all of the heavy lifting.  

Update your code base and give it a shot....if there are any questions, please feel free to post them here.

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During our next meeting on Tuesday, we will be spending some time talking about Git.  Here is a great free resource....
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