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Israel throws migrants into prison. Germany welcomes migrants with an open heart.

Germany is the leading nation in Europe in opening doors and offering help to migrants from war torn countries. They are helping hundreds of thousands of migrants and encouraging other European nations to do more and help more.

On the other hand, if you see Israel ... it was the first one to built a wall around its perimeter so that no one can enter its premises. The few ten thousands that have entered Israel are being treated like animals. They are locked up in prison for the only crime of asking help from Israel. And the rest are being forcibly deported to African countries.

This present behavior is a strong contradiction to Israel's claim that Germans were assholes and they abused Jews. If Germans were rude ... if they were abusive ... if they were torturing and killing people ... tell me, how come are they the most generous in support of people fleeing war? How come are they most kind, most generous and most supportive of people facing war? The present shows the lies of yesterday.

Love you Germany!
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