Alright I'm going to start kicking people out so if you actually are willing to start being active you can request to join again cool
comment below if you see this so I won't remove you from the community

Wow okay this community is dead yay

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Sooooooooo funny

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My last concert 2nd chair

Hey guys if you could start being active on this community that would be great...
Okay so if any of you want to be promoted to the rank of legionnaire or centurion, please either comment on this post or sent either me or Willow a message.
Remember guys, unless you are owner or moderator all characters start out as probatio.
Also, we are going to start enforcing more rules. Unless you post a profile or are active by the end of June, you don't really use this community, so you're out
luv you all,
(Or Kelly, as most of you know me)

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Find me were the wild things are

【《Q U O T E S》】 Im honestly done okay

【《N A M E》】Marianna-- call me anything other than Anna and you're dead

【《N I C K N A M E S》】 Didn't I just say to call me Anna

【《A G E》】17

【《P E R S O N A L I T Y》】Anna is a very closed off, hostile person. She is generally a loner, and absolutely despises human contact-- OW ANNA STOP THAT
Okay anyway
Anna has no friends. None. Zero. Nada. No offense, Anna but you really are not a likeable person. I mean yeah, Anna has a friend, Willow, but that is literally one friend.
I don't do attachments
Anna is afraid of getting close to people, which results in her extremely hostile and pessimistic attitude.

【《P H Y S I C A L T R A I T S》】
Hair: Glossy chocolate brown
Eyes: A mix between blue, green, and brown. Similar to hazel colored eyes but these have a certain quality to them that cannot be explained.
Skin: Tanned, darker toned skin
Height: 5'1 hahaha shortie

【《G O D L Y P A R E N T》】Bellona

【《P O W E R S》】Energy transference

【《W E A P O N S》】


【《R A N K》】

【《C O H O R T》】

【《B I O G R A P H Y》】 IM DOING THIS ONE, BIANCA Okay then um looks like Anna is telling her story

When I was a little girl I was always teased about not having a mother. On my 6th birthday, my father died from cancer. I ran away from the orphanage and was found by Lupa. She trained me and sent me to camp. After I took down all the centurions I battled the Praetor. I won but chose 2nd cohort instead of being a leader

..Okay then. Moving on

【《R E L A T I O N S H I P
S T A T U S 》】
Single forever

Waves arms enthusiastically I LAY CLAIM TO:

- Chloë Grace Moretz
- Lily-Rose Depp 
- Hayes Grier

Thank you for your time.

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[ QUOTES: ]  What is something that your character says?
"Get away from me, you're bothering me."
"I like hugs..., when my knives are hugging your face that is."
"Touch me and I'll stab you."

[ NAME: ]
Damien R. Karasu

Don't even think about it

[ AGE: ] 

Hates everyone and everything in general unless he knows them well or if its a wild animal. Likes to work alone and prefers working night-shifts (for obvious reasons). Prefers to stay more towards the truth but will lie if he believes it is necessary. Likes to swim and draw. Can usually be found awake at night either sketching something or just looking up at the night sky. Likes to do many activities but will not admit them to anyone other than those he trusts that won't make fun of him. Uses strong language if upset and will get agitated if anyone gets to close.

Soushi Miketsukami (can't find a non-anime character that looks like what i want)
Hair: Grey 
Eyes: Heterochromia, one blue and one golden yellow (has reading glasses)
Skin: Pale (but only because he doesn't get out in the sun that much)
Height: 5'10"

Nox (Nyx)

[ POWERS: ] PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE POWERS TOO OVER POWERED. There is a maximum of 4 powers only
Shadow Travel
Able to see very well in the dark

[ WEAPONS: ]  MAX: 4
Two medium curved daggers
Spatha (rarely)

[ RANK ]

[  COHORT  ]
I don't like to fight so uh...

[ BIO: ]
 I was born not too far from California. My "father" was a scientist. I never understood what he did all I remember from the few times I ever met him was that he would always look up at the stars and study them. Sometimes on the bad days he would just look up at the night sky almost desperately, I never knew why until much later. He always hated me for what I was and would always punish me, maybe that's why mom never met him again. He  was heading down a miserable path that i didn't want to see the end of, so that's when I left. The police took me to an orphanage or well I should say they tried to, I escaped them and made my way to California. My only regret was not being able to take my adopted sister with me, but I knew should wouldn't have been able to survive like I did. Then I found my way to the wolf house and that's where I learned about my mother.

Ha! Don't make me laugh

[ OTHER: ]

[ QUOTES: ] If opertunity doesn't knock, build a door.

[ NAME: ] Jayrious Foxx


[ AGE: ] 17

[ PERSONALITY ] Jay is a mysterious camper that doesn't really fitin. She hates attention. But,never underestimate Jay while she's on the battle field. She's a smart,quick and silent player. She doesn't really have that sunny and cheerful aura that an Apollo kid has,she has more of a gloomy aura instead.


Hair: Black and brown mix
Eyes: Neon Green ( looks like it glows in the dark)
Skin: Pale olive
Height: 6.78 feet

[ GODLY PARENT: ] Apollo

[ POWERS : ] Biokinesis and Photokinesis. ( Search it up if you do not know)

[ WEAPONS: ]  _Bow and arrows and a dagger_

[ RANK ] Legionnaire

[  COHORT  ] 4th Cohort

[ BIO: ] Jay grew up in the UK Wolf Conservation Trust with her mother. One day they found one of Lupas kids, they did not know this, so they brought him back as he broke his paw. Jay was 12 then and got the privilege to name him as he let her, only her to get close to do anything to it. She named him Nii. She least how to "speak wolf" and read their emotions. Shortly after,Jays mother died in a car crash. She couldn't belive it. She screamed and cried,she ran into the forest and was confronted by a Manticore. It was Nii who saved her and brought her to Camp where she was pronounced Legionnaire on her second year serving Camp.


[ OTHER: ] She has mastered Biokinesis and Photokinesis. She sometimes sneaks into the woods and meets up with Nii to talk to him.
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