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Winter Wonderland

Tonight on my drive home I went out to the Oxtongue Rapids. Luckily my car floats on snow as I had to drive down the snowmobile trail to get there. I saw many whitetail deer going down the road and while hiking spotted many wolf tracks. :D The ice had so many wicked formations it was hard for me to figure out where to shoot. I noticed over the rapids had a build up of thick ice so I walked out very carefully to the edge to capture the beauty of winter to spring transition. Although it has not felt much like spring is coming yet, I loved the water flow with these ice chunks everywhere. Again this is an HDR image but only using 2 making it more of a fused image to help give the effect of having a graduated filter feel. This method works very well to expose for the sky and still get the smooth flowing water. What a winter wonderland! :D Thanks for viewing and feel free to like, comment or share.

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