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New horned archosaur species uncovered in India!

In the aftermath of the Permo-Triassic mass extinction (~252 Ma), well diversified archosauromorph groups appear for the first time in the fossil record, including aquatic or semi aquatic forms, highly specialized herbivores, and massive predators. Allokotosaurians, meaning “strange reptiles” in Greek, comprise a bizarre suite of herbivorous archosauromorphs with a high disparity of craniodental features.

Shringasaurus indicus, from the early Middle Triassic of India, is a new representative of the Allokotosauria. The generic name is derived from ‘Śṛṅga’ (Shringa), horn (ancient Sanskrit), and ‘sauros’ (σαῦρος), lizard (ancient Greek), referring to the horned skull. The species name ‘indicus’, refers to the country where it was discovered. The holotype ISIR (Indian Statistical Institute, Reptile, India) 780, consist of a partial skull roof (prefrontal, frontal, postfrontal, and parietal) with a pair of large supraorbital horns. The fossil bones have been collected from the Denwa Formation of the Satpura Gondwana Basin. At least seven individuals of different ontogenetic stages were excavated in the same area. Most of them were disarticulated, with exception of a partially articulated skeleton.

Shringasaurus reached a relatively large size (3–4 m of total length) that distinctly exceeds the size range of other Early-Middle Triassic archosauromorphs. This new species shows convergences with sauropodomorph dinosaurs, including the shape of marginal teeth, and a relative long neck.

Shringasaurus has a proportionally small skull with a short, rounded snout and confluent external nares. The premaxilla lacks a prenarial process and has four tooth positions. The prefrontal, nasal, frontal, and postfrontal of each side of the skull are fused to each other in large individuals. But the most striking feature of Shringasaurus indicus is the presence of a pair of large supraorbital horns, ornamented by tangential rugosities and grooves. Individuals of Shringasaurus of different ontogenetic stages indicate the size and robustness of the horns were exacerbated towards the adulthood, with a distinct variability in their orientation and anterior curvature in large individuals. Several amniotes have horns very similar to those of Shringasaurus (e.g. bovid mammals, chamaeleonid lepidosaurs). The independent evolution of similar horn shapes and robustness among different groups can be explained as the result of sexual selection.

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So this is interesting. DIY therapy works as well as therapy done by/with a professional therapist. So does that mean therapy is really quite simple and the time and money spent to be a licenced therapist is wasted. CBT therapy a bullshit placebo?
( Reiki done by a certifief Reiki master or a faker with no training also has an equal outcome, as long as the recipient belive they are getting 'real reiki', right?)
Or is it something else? I know my personal bias against psych medicine tends to make me look as loony as a Scientologist. But maybe........

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"The Great American Eclipse"
August 21st 2017

Well, the big day has come and gone. And I couldn't be happier! Happy not because it's over, but because everything went so well yesterday.

My biggest worry before the eclipse had been the weather, but the weather was perfect here in Hendersonville, Tennessee. So I was able to see it all! Including a special and unexpected bonus! (More about that bonus later.)

Yesterday I came prepared. I had studied exactly what to look for and when to look for it. I had my "Sky Guide" and "Eclipse Timer" Apps ready and most importantly my ISO approved protective eye glasses.

I also had a backup plan. A couple of days before the eclipse I had gassed up my Explorer and topped off the tire pressure. I wanted to be ready to drive if necessary. In case there was a lot of cloud cover over Hendersonville, I was prepared to drive up onto the Highland Rim to White House, or possibly to Gallatin, both cities being located closer to the center of the path of totality. As it turned out, I never had to leave my own driveway! I witnessed the entire total solar eclipse from my home in the middle of Hendersonville.

The only drawback to viewing the eclipse in at my location that I noticed was the slightly hazy sky, due mostly to high humidity, very typical for this time of year here in the Cumberland River Valley of the Central Basin. During totality I had hoped to see as many as four planets—Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, all of which would have been lined up along the plane of the ecliptic and in the sky at the time. I knew exactly where each of them would be located in relation to the eclipse, and I did look for them all, but I was only able to spot Jupiter. It was clearly visible off the left side of the eclipse about halfway toward the eastern horizon. In fact, the planet Jupiter was the only "star" that I saw appear during the eclipse. No matter, it was the sun and moon that were the stars of this show.

Any disappointment over not seeing all the planets was quickly overshadowed by my intense surprise and excitement at witnessing one extremely short lived, rarely seen, natural phenomenon known as "shadow bands" or "shadow snakes" (the bonus I mentioned earlier). I had only learned of the existence of shadow bands a few days ago. These ethereal eclipse shadows can sometimes, but not always, be seen a few seconds before and a few seconds after totality, when the conditions are just right and the sun presents as its thinnest crescent. During these times atmospheric turbulence high overhead can cause strangely distorted faint shadows to appear on any very light colored, preferably white, flat surface. (The same turbulence that causes stars to twinkle at night.) Yesterday, to my great surprise, for about four or five seconds, I saw shadow bands! I was standing in my driveway watching the eclipse when immediately after totality I looked down to see what I could best describe as undulating shadows, alternating light and dark, that looked like hundreds of snakes slithering side by side away from me across the top surface of the bow of my boat. It was amazing! I knew they were going to be difficult to photograph, but I did try to capture them anyway. I made a quick video using my iPhone. Unfortunately what my eyes were able to see clearly, my iPhone camera was not.

So "The Great American Eclipse" has come and gone. It's now history. But I've checked two more items off of my bucket list:

Total Solar Eclipse ✔️
Shadow Bands ✔️

All in all, it was an awesome sight to behold and an incredible experience! It was a great day to be alive!
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Together with his daughter, Trump chose to ignore the advice of scientists who postulated a direct link between staring at something very bright for too long and third degree retinal burns.
“This morning, I asked him to point to North Korea on a map and he actually did slightly better than before he lost his sight.”

#trumpistan #solareclipse
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Nautilus Live!

The ROVs are doing a visual survey of the bottom of this section of the Quinault Canyon. We are taking notes on the biological communities and collecting samples to document the diversity. 35 min 5 sec ago

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Detention in Spain of the turkish born writers Dogan Akhanli and Hamza Yalcin (citizens of Germany and Sweden respectively, after political asylum).
They're waiting the decision to be or not extraditeds to Turkey...

Dogan Akhanli was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2013, Hamza Yalcin received two life sentences (1998 and 2004), so if Spain sends them to Turkey...

In the catalan news:

#españistan #erdoganistan #humanrights #freespeech
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Mossos d'Esquadra officers have shot down this Monday afternoon Younes Abouyaaqoub, the perpetrator of the slaughter of the Rambla and the murderer of a man who kidnapped the car to flee from Barcelona...

Agents dels Mossos d'Esquadra han abatut a trets aquest dilluns a la tarda Younes Abouyaaqoub, l'autor material de la matança de la Rambla i l'assassí d'un home a qui va segrestar el cotxe per fugir de Barcelona...


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Momentum is growing to REPEAL LAWS THAT ENABLE CONVICTED RAPISTS TO MARRY THEIR VICTIMS to avoid punishment. As well as the horrors endured by victims, this law means many women and girls where these laws exist are then forced into marriage against their will.

Latifa Basma Mohamad WAS 19 years old when she WAS FORCED TO MARRY the middle-aged man WHO RAPED HER. “My sister didn’t like the deal, but I assured her, it will be temporary,” her brother said.

On August 1, following a heated debate, the Parliament of JORDAN REPEALED A LAW that states that if a valid marriage contract is held between the rapist and his victim and the marriage lasts for more than three years, the charges will be dropped.

Pressure for change is mounting in neighboring Lebanon where a parliamentary vote on abolishing similar laws is anticipated soon.

#patriarchalism #womensrights #enlightenment

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In Loving Memory ~ Rosalind Franklin - Biophysics

Watson did not go to her lab to visit (as he claims). He went there when he knew she wouldn't be around after hearing she had breakthru information about DNA. Watson went thru her findings, after which, Watson & Crick literally published HER WORK.

Watson & Crick are Common Thieves
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