Pakistan DHA. Lahore
Phase 6 today hot plots
D. 589 @ 225 Lac Corner
G. 371 @ 235 Lac
Phase 8
Z1. 331@ 112 Lac
5 paid civilen

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The following blog covers some affordable ways to make your house look stunning when it's time to sell.

The items on this list will cost you less that a $1,000.

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Accessible Homes: Design And Accessibility Modifications

Accessible home – designed to meet the needs of people requiring higher level access from the outset, and usually designed and built with a specific person’s needs in mind. As we mature and grow older, getting around our home becomes more difficult.

Also included a useful post from +Anita Clark, +houzz and others.

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Slaying Home Buying Myths [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Tax Return Depressing? Owning a Home Could Help

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Avoid These 7 Common Rehab Mistakes When Flipping A House

You buy the property right, you line up the funding and you forecast a nice profit but what is the one primary aspect of a flip that could turn that profit into a loss?

Your right, the rehab!

You don't have to look too far to find an outspoken guru or a TV show preaching about the large profits you can make from flipping a house. Unfortunately, these people do not accurately depict the true details and miscues that can occur during a flip. With that being said, real estate investing and flipping houses have gained a tremendous amount of momentum and for good reason, it can be very lucrative.

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How Big is My Home?

When it comes time to list your home square footage plays a role in pricing your home correctly as well as marketing your home.

When pricing you want to compare your home to similar sized homes.

Some buyer make buying decisions based on the published size and will have a minimum size they will view.

Of course you want you home to be bigger, it will have more value. But you want to be careful not to overstate the size of your home. It can lead to trouble. It is not unusual to meet with a seller and they think there home is one size but when I pull tax records and start to verify it is significantly smaller. It is important to be accurate for several reasons as the article will cover.

We also look at how to properly calculate your homes square footage.

Other resources by +Bill Gassett, +Anita Clark, +Kyle Hiscock, +Lynn Pineda, +Conor MacEvilly and

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The Very Best of Real Estate April 2017
Each month we round up some of the best real estate content found in the Google+ communities.

This month +Anita Clark had the honor of putting together this excellent compilation of posts featuring some of the top real estate bloggers.

Featured writers this month include +Just Close +Luke Skar +Kyle Hiscock +Kevin Vitali +Paul Sian +Social Report and +Fit Small Business.

Fit Small Business featured some of the best business blogs for 2016. Some familar real estate bloggers were honored including +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor +Joe Samson and +Anita Clark.

There is lots of great real estate content here so check it out and share if you enjoy it!

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Dual Agency Does Not Serve Buyers or Sellers
Dual agency in real estate is when a single agent represents both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction.

The problem with this arrangement is the fact it's impossible to represent the buyer and seller.

The buyer and seller have conflicting goals. In addition, the agent is not allowed to perform the services they otherwise would as an exclusive buyer's or seller's rep.

Take a look at the article and see why dual agency should be banned in all states.

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