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The Real Estate Group Rules

The group has been growing rapidly so I wanted to take the opportunity again to review some of the most important rules of the group. It seems there are a growing number of people that fail to read rules when they join groups on Google Plus.

I am starting to get really irritated that some continue to want to do as they please instead of following rules. From this point forward if I have warned you about breaking the rules you will not get a third chance. I will BAN you from the group! So if you don't want to listen then do so at your own peril.

1. NO REAL ESTATE LISTINGS - This is not, I repeat not a place to post your listings! Nobody cares you just listed a 3 bedroom ranch in India, Idaho or anywhere else! There are plenty of places to post your listings. Don't do it here. This is a place to learn NOT a place to advertise.

2. No link-litter. If you've found or written an interesting article, or found something to re-share that you think the community needs to see, please share it! But we want to know why you think it's share-worthy.

Not all of us have the time or inclination to click through and see if it means anything to us personally. So write something of value that summarizes why you were intrigued.

This means you MUST have a description with your post or it will get removed.

3. No ads or SPAM. This group is not about personal promotion! It's ok to cite your own work as examples, so long as they are relevant to the community.

For example if you own a tool that will help increase a real estate agents business by all means tell the group about it.

This isn't a place to shout LOOK AT MY WEBSITE! I am a bad ass Realtor - I am the BEST SEO DUDE, Look at ME over here.

No LOCAL Posts - Do you think when you post about the real estate market in California that anyone else cares but maybe those in California? Trust me they don't. You won't get any interaction on it so don't post it.

Posts to the group should be relevant to the masses not a small segment of readers.

If you're not sure, ask yourself this question: Will what I'm about to post encourage discussion within the community? If not, it's SPAM!

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+Karen Kruschka posting to a wrong category is not something that causes a post to be removed. If the post did not meet the group rules then yes it would get removed. The other big real estate group is fanatical about the categories - I could care less about this as nobody searches that way.
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How To Handle Low Ball Offers in Real Estate
Low ball offers happen more than most people believe.  Knowing how to handle a low ball offer can make the difference between a seller actually selling their home or not.

For a variety of reasons, buyer's feel that submitting low ball offers is a good idea.  While some low ball offers are justified, the majority of them are not.  

Knowing how to control emotions, knowing how to respond to low ball offers, and not forgetting to look at the entire purchase contract instead of only price are just a few tips to successfully handling low ball offers.

Check out this "How To" guide on handling low ball offers at

Throughout the article you will find a variety of resources from other top real estate bloggers including +Lynn Pineda, +Andrew Fortune, and +Bill Gassett!

If you find this article helpful, please consider sharing it with your networks.

#realestate   #homeselling   #lowballoffers  
Selling your home and received a low ball offer? How do you handle it? This guide to handling low ball offers in real estate provides the "know-how!"
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Make The House Sparkle & Shine - Inside and Out
Vacuum and clean all carpets, rugs and window coverings.
Dust the furniture and mop the floors.
Wash the windows and don’t forget the window blinds.
Put out fresh kitchen and bath towels, blankets and bedspreads.
Air out closed spaces and place lightly scented air fresheners throughout your home.
Remember the utility room – clean gas/oil burners and dust free water tanks speak volumes to prospective buyers.
Make the front entry inviting by clearing cobwebs and replacing all the welcome mats.
Is your home clean enough to sell?
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Genuine Property Buyers

General Real Estate  - 
There is a good reason to hire a property ‪#‎lawyer‬ when ‪#‎selling‬ a house.
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Trisha Desai

General Real Estate  - 
Tips for enhancing aesthetics and security with outdoor lighting
Tips for enhancing aesthetics and security with outdoor lightingOutdoor lighting can do a great job of enhancing a home’s aesthetics and security. The use of the right strategies can ensure that aesthetics and security are combined seamlessly. Let us look at a few tips.
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According to CBS New York, this year record snows in the Northeast have "swamped" insurance claims adjusters, restoration companies and cleaning firms!
Customers should be advised to make sure their policy covers incidents that are likely to cause trouble for homeowners based on weather, natural disasters and other possible scenarios in their regions.
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If you are interested in working with a real estate investor for fliping wholesales, please email at
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It's Monday, time to get your game face on! Hope you all have a great Monday!
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Mortgages & Financing  - 
LaTasha Rowe, General Counsel at NFM Lending, discusses the two new loan disclosures being implemented by the CFPB August 1, and how NFM is preparing for these changes.
On August 1, 2015, the mortgage industry will introduce the TILA-RESPA Integrated Closing Disclosure, to utilize on loan applications taken after that date.
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10 Ways House Hunting and Dating Are Basically the Same Thing
Anyone who has ever braved the big, bad world of dating and/or real estate understands that the two, while totally different, can be equally as daunting. And while we're not saying we necessarily dislike either one (we shamelessly spend hours wat...
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Bill Gassett

General Real Estate  - 
Tips For Selling a Condo
Selling a condo vs a home is slightly different. Not only are you marketing a place to live but also a lifestyle as well.

In the article I provide some of the best tips for selling a condo. You will see some advice on things you should be doing in order to get top dollar for your place.

If you find the article to be helpful please consider socially sharing.

Take a look at some of the best tips for selling a condo. Selling a condominium is a little bit different than selling a home. See how to sell a condo!
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You got that right +Adrienne Hollis !
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About this community

Using Google Plus to discuss anything related to Real Estate whether it be general in nature or more specific topics including financing & mortgages, home staging, short sales & foreclosures, social media & SEO, as well as tips to improve your business. This IS NOT a place for personal promotion! Please do not post your website saying how awesome it is and why we need to visit it. This is also not a place to promote Real Estate listings or local market reports!! Trust me nobody cares about your listing or your local market. Share Real Estate articles that will make people want to engage with you. When you add an article in the Real Estate community please don't just post a link but write at least a few sentences about your views on the subject and why someone should care. If you just link drop the post will be removed. This is a place for real estate social media. Please don't think dumping your link here has some magical benefit. It does not! Lastly, please be considerate of all the members of this Real Estate group. Below you will see links to the moderators of the group. If you have a question about the Real Estate community please feel free to ask either myself or one of them. Owned by Realtor Bill Gassett.


Business Tips  - 
Agents: Protect yourself from intellectual property liability when marketing listings on third-party sites.

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Now’s the Time to Shield Your Real Estate Brokerage from Intellectual Property Liability
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Learn these Lead Follow-Up Scripts & Techniques for REALTORS to stay in contact with people looking to buy or sell a home in the near future.
‪#‎realestate‬ ‪#‎realtor‬ ‪#‎lead‬ ‪#‎follow‬ ‪#‎up‬ ‪#‎scripts‬
#realestate   #realtor   #lead   #follow   #up   #scripts  
Real Estate Lead Follow Up Scripts - Use these lead follow up methods for REALTORS to stay in contact with people looking to buy or sell a home soon.
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I put together this five minute video to give you the advice you need to hear if you want to take your real estate business to a whole new level...

If you want to make more money and not work any harder, take action on this advice and you can be assured it will change your business, your finances, and your life forever...

Realtors - The Best Advice You Will Ever Get In Your Entire Real Estate Career ... ‪#‎realestate‬ ‪#‎luxury‬
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Things everyone is talking about: What do you need to do as a real estate agent to thrive!
‘I don’t care what you have to offer me, I just want a cheap property!’ 
Excellent news for all those who work in real estate, here are some tips and tricks on how to become a successful real estate agent! Must-read!- Tour Wizard
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Today we're discussing the qualities that go into making a successful real estate coach, and why those are qualities that every real estate agent & broker should embrace in their careers.
Today we're the discussing qualities that go into making a successful real estate coach.
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Don’t focus too much on vanity metrics (follower count) and you’ll gain followers naturally - +Gibson International Real Estate 

Learn more about the Millennial’s favourite network - Instagram:
Today's Know It Now article is contributed by Katherine Tattersfield. She serves as Content Marketing Specialist at Gibson International, a luxury real estate brokerage in Los Angeles. She’d love to connect with you on your f...
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You may think that you will be more productive if you work from a home office. However, this could actually be your downfall. As a real estate agent a big part of getting leads is networking with other agents.
Networking and taking advantage of walk-in leads cannot be done from a home office. This is why #realestate  agents need to work out of a #brokerage in order to be presented with the right opportunities that will boost their salary. 
Working from home has its perks, but could it be hurting your salary? Learn how successful real estate agents take advantage of spending time in the office.
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Networking, rocks!
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Many homeowners may not realize that Radon levels can fluctuate over time, and can be impacted by things such as new construction nearby, or geological changes...

For this reason, it is recommended that homes be tested every 2 - 3 years to ensure that the levels have remained low and further steps are not necessary.

If your Radon level is high, a Radon Mitigation System will be necessary to reduce this to a safe level.
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Per Inspectors- We do not have Radon issues here around Austin Texas USA
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Seth Williams

Business Tips  - 
There is more than one way to maximize the cash flow from your rental properties. I never knew about a couple of these until now - they're brilliant!
You might be surprised to learn that there are many ways to earn rental income from a residential building. If you haven't considered some of these options, you probably should!
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