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The Real Estate Group Rules

The group has been growing rapidly so I wanted to take the opportunity again to review some of the most important rules of the group. It seems there are a growing number of people that fail to read rules when they join groups on Google Plus.

I am starting to get really irritated that some continue to want to do as they please instead of following rules. From this point forward if I have warned you about breaking the rules you will not get a third chance. I will BAN you from the group! So if you don't want to listen then do so at your own peril.

1. NO REAL ESTATE LISTINGS - This is not, I repeat not a place to post your listings! Nobody cares you just listed a 3 bedroom ranch in India, Idaho or anywhere else! There are plenty of places to post your listings. Don't do it here. This is a place to learn NOT a place to advertise.

2. No link-litter. If you've found or written an interesting article, or found something to re-share that you think the community needs to see, please share it! But we want to know why you think it's share-worthy.

Not all of us have the time or inclination to click through and see if it means anything to us personally. So write something of value that summarizes why you were intrigued.

This means you MUST have a description with your post or it will get removed.

3. No ads or SPAM. This group is not about personal promotion! It's ok to cite your own work as examples, so long as they are relevant to the community.

For example if you own a tool that will help increase a real estate agents business by all means tell the group about it.

This isn't a place to shout LOOK AT MY WEBSITE! I am a bad ass Realtor - I am the BEST SEO DUDE, Look at ME over here.

No LOCAL Posts - Do you think when you post about the real estate market in California that anyone else cares but maybe those in California? Trust me they don't. You won't get any interaction on it so don't post it.

Posts to the group should be relevant to the masses not a small segment of readers.

If you're not sure, ask yourself this question: Will what I'm about to post encourage discussion within the community? If not, it's SPAM!

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+Everardo Banuelos You're unable to remove yourself from the group?
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7 Things Real Estate Agents Should NEVER Say To Buyers

Here are some tips that will help agents keep from putting their foot in their mouth when they are talking to buyers

We have all been in a situation where we think to ourselves..."Oh I should not have said that!" This blog highlights the 7 worst things a real estate agent can say to a buyer! #RealEstateAgent  #Funny
Here are some tips that will help agents keep from putting their foot in their mouth when they are talking to buyers!
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Gennady Barsky

Discussion  - 
Gennady Barsky On Why To Banish Weak Leadership Traits

Nothing destroys a business or project faster than weak leadership. Now, before you start thinking this is about lording over people and being a tyrant, unless you like doing everything yourself, that’s just as bad.

Instead, you need to focus on becoming a better leader. The first step in solving a problem is admitting there is a problem. Once you understand that’s the case, and you admit you can be part of the solution, the next step is identifying the problem and then eliminating it. Here are three far too common negative traits of a weak leader.

1 – Belittling others

It could be your team, your subordinates, your coworkers or even your competition, but if you find yourself compulsively berating or talking down to others, you have a leadership problem. And, if you are doing it in public, you really have issues. Yes, people make mistakes. They even do obviously stupid and foolish things. That doesn’t give you the right to damage them. Make criticism constructive and, if at all possible, save it for private. Turning a person into an object lesson for the rest of your team does not demonstrate real power. It makes you look like a jerk.

2 – Hiding from the difficult choices

If you have a tendency to keep “thinking about” the tough calls long after a decision needs to be made, you are doing no one any favors. Pull the trigger already before failure gets its own shot off first. If you lack confidence or feel you need to be 110% certain before you make a decision you will find yourself doing a whole lot of nothing. The cure for the first ailment is a string of small successes. The cure for the second is a few successes…and a few nonfatal failures.

3 – Dishonest feedback

Did they do a better job than you said they did? Did you not like it as much as you wished you did? Whether you are tempted to “motivate by downplaying” or save feelings by gilding the lily – stop it. Honest, informed and constructive feedback is always better than inaccurate or vague responses. Lies do not bring the same level of happiness that goals do, and that’s what honest feedback is about – either congratulating someone for meeting a goal or giving them a new goal to reach for.

Did any of those traits apply to you? If so, don’t waste time in denial. Get to work on making some changes. You can be a better leader starting right now. Or not. It’s up to you.
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Great post
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General Real Estate  - 
Got a client who's a first-time homeowner? Walk them through the basics of homeowners insurance with these tips.
If you're thinking of becoming a homeowner, you've likely spent time budgeting for additional expenses - property taxes, lawn care, a big-screen TV to fill up that extra get the idea. But ...
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Seth Williams

General Real Estate  - 
I just bought and sold a property using my Self-Directed Roth IRA. It was the fastest growth my retirement account has ever seen.
Want to supercharge your retirement savings WITHOUT paying taxes on your earnings? There's something you need to know...
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You can add home accessories that convey a toasty feeling by focusing on such items as area rugs, throw blankets and pillows in winter tones. Little touches, like appropriate bedding covers for the season or plush towels in the bathroom for warmth will convey a message of well-being. You can even go a step further by romancing visitors with the scent of fragrant candles, like mulled apples or gingerbread. Another time-honoured trick of the trade on cold winter days is to have simmering cider on the stove or cookies baking in the oven.
Great tip that really works!
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Kim Duong

Home Staging  - 
Improve the curb appeal of your home using a custom address nameplate. I use this company which does great work!
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Hugh Thomas Lorch

Business Tips  - 
"Pocket Listings" are extremely valuable to you when working in the Luxury Home Market ... Luxury Home Sellers - Why "Pocket Listings" Are So Valuable ... ‪#‎realestate‬ ‪#‎luxury‬
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Lydia Blair

General Real Estate  - 
The craziest things you’ll ever hear about gaining new clients!
Things everyone gets wrong about real estate customers! 
Things everyone gets wrong about building trust in real estate! How can you do it? Shocking ways to build trust: Realtor - customer! - Tour Wizard
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Building a cheaper pool can reduce the value of your home
It has been said that swimming pools do not add any value to your property. I say what a load of bunkum! But if you are not careful, the negative view of swimming pools can become a self fulfilling prophecy. I ask you… Why do real estate agents feature swimming pools and not houses as …
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Good items to know when you're buying or selling real estate.
#realestate #appraisalinfo
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You're very welcome +James Kobzeff 
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About this community

Using Google Plus to discuss anything related to Real Estate whether it be general in nature or more specific topics including financing & mortgages, home staging, short sales & foreclosures, social media & SEO, as well as tips to improve your business. This IS NOT a place for personal promotion! Please do not post your website saying how awesome it is and why we need to visit it. This is also not a place to promote Real Estate listings or local market reports!! Trust me nobody cares about your listing or your local market. Share Real Estate articles that will make people want to engage with you. When you add an article in the Real Estate community please don't just post a link but write at least a few sentences about your views on the subject and why someone should care. If you just link drop the post will be removed. This is a place for real estate social media. Please don't think dumping your link here has some magical benefit. It does not! Lastly, please be considerate of all the members of this Real Estate group. Below you will see links to the moderators of the group. If you have a question about the Real Estate community please feel free to ask either myself or one of them. Owned by Realtor Bill Gassett.
This article lists the 10 things that every millennial needs to know before buying their first home. With a projected increase of 2.7 million households over the next decade, the millennials are a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Take a look!
Right now, millennials might have a reputation of crazy twenty-somethings not quite ready to settle down. But, a recent report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University found that “the number of households in their 30s should increase by 2.7 million over the next decade.” Ready or not, the millennial boom is coming.
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96.3% of agents work with the Baby Boomer generation. 
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Build or Buy?  That Is The Question!
Some home buyer's ask themselves this question and there really is no absolute answer.

There are pros and cons to both building a new home and buying an existing one.  Weighing both options is extremely important before making a decision!

Wondering what the pros and cons to both are?

Check out this article over on +Rochester's Real Estate Blog that lays out both pros and cons for building a new home as well as purchasing an existing home at

In addition to the pros and cons, you'll find quality articles by +Debbie Drummond, +Loans101, +Walid Muhammad, +Bill Gassett, and +Andrew Fortune!

If you find this article helpful, please consider sharing it socially.

#realestate   #homebuying   #newbuild  
Should I build a new home or buy an existing home? There are many pros and cons to each. Before making the decision, check out these pros and cons to both!
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You got that right +Jaime Westman!  Thanks for checking out my article!
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Buying a home is considered one of the largest investments that most people make and can take several years to plan. Although individuals who are in the market for a home need a loan to pay for the property, there are still several ways to make wise decisions with your money during the process.
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Follow these 10 helpful tips before signing a lease that works for you.
#rentalproperty #apartmentsforrent #leasing  
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Tour Wizard

General Real Estate  - 
These are the tips you have been waiting for: sell your home this spring
Find out what you need to do to sell your home this spring!
Find out what you must do to make sure you sell your house this spring! Things you can learn and make your life easier! You never expected this -Tour Wizard
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Learn more about how you can use your self directed IRA money to make money in Real estate or Trust deeds. Read my new press release.
Learn how you can use your self directed IRA accounts to invest in trust deeds and in real estate. Higher yield and more secure investment
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A look at this week's Champions School of ‪#‎RealEstate‬ News Roundup:

- Real Estate Notes: A Smart Investment Alternative
- Real-Estate Agents Ride High Again
- The tech tools real estate agents aren’t using (but should be)
- How much do you need to make to buy a home in the U.S.?
- A Tiny Modular Housing System For Cities Where Real Housing Is Too Expensive To Afford
- Why the 30-Year Mortgage May Soon Become Extinct

Click below for excerpts & links!
Can you believe that it's already March? The chilly weather that seems to have taken over most of the country seems to say otherwise, but spring is just around the corner and we.can't.wait. :). Icy-weather or not, real estate news keeps churning out and this week we gathered some fun articles ...
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Rising Rents making it Hard for Buyers to Save for a Down Payment

Apartment rents have been rising for several years now in real estate markets across the country.  Some markets have been hit harder than others with rents rising by double digit numbers in some cases.  Rising rents cause several hardships for tenants and one of those issues for renters who want to buy a home someday is that higher rent makes it hard to save for a down payment.

With the financial and housing crisis  in the late 2,000’s taking several families from their homes and placing them back in to apartments, enough time has passed where many families will be eligible to purchase a home again and become homeowners.  But strong demand for rentals have given the confidence to landlords to raise rents more often and more aggressively because their applications are up as is the quality of each application. 

The size of the rental increases certainly depends on where in the US one lives.  The coastal cities and major metropolitan areas have of course seen the highest rent increases.  San Francisco has seen the highest rental rate increases as might be expected given the job growth in the area coupled with the number of folks moving in to the area. 

Read the article below to learn more and to see if your city made the list. 
#homeownership #buyahome  #firsttimehomebuyer  
Rents in big, glittering metropolises like New York and San Francisco are notoriously pricey and getting pricier, but it's quickly getting more expensive to rent in smaller cities across the country, too. A new report from Zillow shows that rents are spiking in many U.S. cities, even places where the housing market has struggled, and in many [...]
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