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The Real Estate Group Rules

The group has been growing rapidly so I wanted to take the opportunity again to review some of the most important rules of the group. It seems there are a growing number of people that fail to read rules when they join groups on Google Plus.

I am starting to get really irritated that some continue to want to do as they please instead of following rules. From this point forward if I have warned you about breaking the rules you will not get a third chance. I will BAN you from the group! So if you don't want to listen then do so at your own peril.

1. NO REAL ESTATE LISTINGS - This is not, I repeat not a place to post your listings! Nobody cares you just listed a 3 bedroom ranch in India, Idaho or anywhere else! There are plenty of places to post your listings. Don't do it here. This is a place to learn NOT a place to advertise.

2. No link-litter. If you've found or written an interesting article, or found something to re-share that you think the community needs to see, please share it! But we want to know why you think it's share-worthy.

Not all of us have the time or inclination to click through and see if it means anything to us personally. So write something of value that summarizes why you were intrigued.

This means you MUST have a description with your post or it will get removed.

3. No ads or SPAM. This group is not about personal promotion! It's ok to cite your own work as examples, so long as they are relevant to the community.

For example if you own a tool that will help increase a real estate agents business by all means tell the group about it.

This isn't a place to shout LOOK AT MY WEBSITE! I am a bad ass Realtor - I am the BEST SEO DUDE, Look at ME over here.

No LOCAL Posts - Do you think when you post about the real estate market in California that anyone else cares but maybe those in California? Trust me they don't. You won't get any interaction on it so don't post it.

Posts to the group should be relevant to the masses not a small segment of readers.

If you're not sure, ask yourself this question: Will what I'm about to post encourage discussion within the community? If not, it's SPAM!

Important: All articles need a description or they will either not get posted or be removed from the group.

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Why Real Estate Agent Needs A Website and Mobile App

You must have read a lot of article explaining the benefits of having a real estate Website as a #Real #Estate #Agent, brokers, and realtor; here you will learn everything about real estate website design and development using WordPress.

For More Read Here:
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The perfect house does not exist. This leaves every potential homebuyer with two choices, the right choice and the wrong choice. With such a wide array of variables, the right choice is not always clear. Discover some of the most important considerations for buying a home and find out how to make the right choice.

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If I Go Directly to the Listing Agent Will I Save Money on my Home Purchase?

This is a huge question that many home buyers ask and the thought of saving money will often leave them unrepresented by doing so.

SOMETIMES going directly to the listing agent can save you a little bit of money on a home purchase. But more often than not it is just and Illusion that you are saving money. See what +Bankrate and the +The Boston Globe have to say about going directly to the listing agent to save money in this article.

The problem is if you are not an experienced home buyers, which many people are not, your are giving up the right to be represented and have an advocate during your home purchase. Many buyers don't even know what they don't know! But often a buyer's agent will. Full time experieinced buyer's agent spend their days filled with, negotiating, problem solving and managing transactions. That experience can be yours!!

Don't get sucked into the illusion you may be saving money going directly to the listing agent. There is so much more to buying the right home.

Other resources from +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, +Wendy Weir and +Teresa Cowart.

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Buying A Home With A Septic System

Depending on a home location homebuyers may be faced with the prospect of buying a home with a septic system. A septic system is an alternate way of handling waste water from the home as opposed to the more common sewer system. This article discusses septic systems and what it means to homebuyers and homeowners.

Included in the article are valuable resources from +Debbie Drummond, +Kevin Vitali, +Scientific American, +U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and more.

Please consider sharing socially if you find this to be of value.

Pin for later:

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What is an Escalation Clause?
Do you know what an escalation clause in a real estate contract is and how it works?

An escalation clause can be a great tool for a buyer to land a home they really want when caught in a bidding war with other buyers.

In many parts of the country we are in an extreme sellers market. An escalation clause can increase a buyers odds of landing a home when up against other buyers.

In my latest article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, you will see a complete explanation of how an escalation clause works.

There are also helpful home buying resources to other real estate experts including +Xavier De Buck, +Luke Skar, +Kevin Vitali and +Kyle Hiscock.

Take a look and if you enjoy the tips on using an escalation clause, give it a share.

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Epic On French - 2017 Parade of Homes - One home still available!

We are very pleased to announce that the Summit County Builders Association has asked Mountain Life Development Group to feature our latest project, The Epic Homes of Breckenridge in the 2017 Summit County Parade of Homes! Very exciting!

To learn all about these incredible properties visit:

And in more news, there is only one residence still available, so if you are aware of someone who is looking for an in-town, new construction home, walk to everything, just steps to the BreckConnect Gondola (literally closer to the gondola than some of the parking spots in the gondola parking lots!), ultra-green and sustainable design and construction with a state-of-the-art smart home ecosystem, luxe interior finishes and the list goes on...reach out to Mountain Life Real Estate for your preview and showing plans - we'll be pleased to help you facilitate your clients' dream to own a piece of the Mountain Life!

You can find Mountain Life Real Estate at: 970 368 2008
#EpicOnFrench #MountainLifeCompanies #MountainLifeDevelopmentGroup #MountainLifeRealEstate #VerdigrisGroup #HavenSmartHome #FotoHauz #BreckenridgeRealEstate #ColoradoRealEstate

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If you're a the new real estate agent in town, check-out these essential tips you can use to build your network and become the top real estate agent in your new area..
If you're a the new real estate agent in town, check-out these essential tips you can use to build your network and become the top real estate agent in your new area..

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If you're looking for an automated way to collect monthly payments for the loans you have on the books, you might want to check out GeekPay.

Here's an in-depth look at how it works!
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