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What is the highest tech level world you have created/encountered?

I saw this post on Reddit and thought I'd share it here for discussion.

i natural-rolled A-000-A76-J a long time back. i regularly wonder what that place must be like...


So an enormous (tens of billions) balkanized population, banning all personal firearms except for shotguns (roughly equivalent to today's UK) based in an asteroid belt - sounds like each large asteroid or asteroid cluster would have it's own government - maybe separate governments for the Legrange points of any planets in the system as well - do they work together? Against each other? An Ancient Greek or medieval Italy style set of city states, forming and re-forming alliances before the 'home state' has been informed what's going on?

With that tech level (18) anti-matter power would be becoming the norm, and freely available fusion power would mean effectively limitless energy - if you have the fuel

So, let's hypothesise. A high-tech civilization, spread across a massive system-wide asteroid belt - near limitless space for expansion (hence the huge population) and with medical tech to massively prolong life expectancy - and maybe even to have solved the problem of Humaniti giving birth in weightless environments

Maybe a new rogue anti-matter object has been detected in the outer Oort cloud, and it's heading for the main part of the system

One (or more) of the various outer asteroid governments has claimed the AM body, and is using long-range gravitic containment (only possible with TL17+) to siphon off chunks of it to power their ships and developments - they might well be on the way to TL-18

The inner governments are unhappy about this, and are forming a loose confederation demanding equal access to the AM body

Sounds like a single system that could keep players busy for a whole campaign

Add in quirks like microjumps 'up' above the plane of the ecliptic preceded and followed by a short manoeuvre to a safe jump point (only need to be 100 diameters from an asteroid, so not too far), and possibly no gas giants, so the only fuel comes from ice asteroids - all jealously guarded and maybe now in short supply (hence the desire to use the AM body for fuel) would make for a really volatile political setup

Players could be co-opted to work for a faction of asteroid states, as 'honest brokers' in negotiations, or hired by the Outies to keep the nasty Innies away from the AM body, or hired by the Innies to infiltrate the Outies' setup and report back about their research, and maybe steal some antimatter?

I could write whole sourcebook on that one system...

Out of curiosity, anyone know what a Star Type BD is in Traveller? It seems to be a Brown Dwarf, but since it has no decimal number or size, does it all just get scrunched into the Star Type instead of Size?

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Kuut thandremes, FEFF343 through FEFG211
The Flaw

Hey there. I'm fairly new to Mongoose Traveller, though I've played some of the older ones for quite awhile. I've finally cracked open my copy of MgT2 from my birthday and I'm interested in running in the Third Imperium. I was wondering what's a good group of suppliments for the aliens and sectors for the setting? Thanks for any help!

What crew positions would be available on a 200t trader, assume it has two turrets. I therefore see, Captain, Gunner x2, Engineer. But who else?

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Recurring figure in the Flaw, Pilastrie

ipad pro, paintstorm studio

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Low tech fastsleep harness, TL 7.
ipad pro, paintstorm studio


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In October I’ll be running my first Traveller game in a very long time. I’ll be using the Death Station adventure, which is set on Gadden in the Harlequin Subsector in the Solomani Rim. Any tips on how to take advantage of that region in game play would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! 🌎🚀

Pilastrie opened his eyes...

His last conscious thought had been the brightening of the lightpanels in the cargo hold of the tramp freighter, the Enok Minsurd. He had interrupted the Chief Engineer doing something which definately fell outside legal restrictions on tampering with official government email packets.  He had suspected as much, which had been one reason he had been on board. Following a series of deadly assassinations against political leaders of the Kilmireen Associated Worlds he had traced a number of leads to Dingurha Highport, and from there several tedious weeks of data mining had produced 3 possible leads pointing at those who were coordinating the terror campaign.

The 1st lead had led to a dead end, at least as far as he was concerned.  That vessel, the Beanix Warvel was engaged in some illicit smuggling of religious refugees, trying to get away from a cluster of 3 worlds... the... Marcela Management Cartel.  They believed that unremitting toil and labor were better for the soul, as it were, than some pointless belief in beings greater than themselves.  Pilastrie had quietly moved on.

The Enok Minsurd on the other hand tweaked his instincts the moment he boarded her as a last minute Fastsleep passenger.  The equipment seemed a tad too new and well maintained as did most of the other systems on the vessel.  The Captain came across as genial and friendly, but that attitude didn’t seem to make it to his eyes. As he met each of the other crewmembers, the Chief Engineer, the Navigator (briefly), and the Ship’s Steward (also briefly) he noted they all had that same dead look in their eyes. As he was being led to the Slo-berths, he had noted the well maintained and shiny new equipment that had some superficial attempts to mask their quality with cosmetic dehancements.

One small problem, none of the crew bore any sign of the extensive grease and rust stains from the equipment on their uniforms, which were as immaculate as their hands or smiles. Part of his cover involved copious handshaking and shoulder patting along with an insipid smile that he flashed at every opportunity.

As he was led into the Slo-berth compartment, Pilastrie prepped a small device in one hand while he followed the Steward 1st, Inantkeh Buina, to what looked to be his dedicated berth. Patting him vigorously on the shoulder he flashed another insipid smile and following Buina’s instructions, he attached the sensor harness that would monitor his condition during his sleep. He stumbled carelessly as he stepped up and through the open frame, catching himself with the hand holding the device he had prepared on the fly.

Pilastrie thanked the Steward as the hatch slid down and sealed itself. Outside the berth, going through the checklist, S1C Buina watched the last passenger slip into fastsleep and turned to exit the berth, dismissing the prissy little man from his mind as he prepared himself to switch to his more satisfactory, and profitable, duties.

The Enok Minsurd, supported on it’s lower hull trolley, slowly trundled from it’s interior class-5 docking berth to the transfer rail that would carry it up to the mid-deck launch pads. Progress was slow, as it was 5 tiers below the high paying ships who took precedence in their launches. The Dinghurans were nothing if not pragmatic when it came to shipping schedules. If the customers wanted to get to their destinations on time, they would damn well lubricate the scheduling computers appropriately.

Some 2 hours later, local time, the Enok Minsurd finally reached it’s mid-deck Aerie and prepared to take flight. In the fastsleep berth onboard, a small indicator light began to blink in sync to the internal working of one of the Slo-berths.


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