Hey guys, I was going to hold a g+ hangout group chat latter today for writers to discuss, well anything related to writing (or not if thats the way the conversation goes.).

Was going to do it sometime around 7-8 pm eastern standard time (please observer daylight saving time).
Comment if you want to join?

Check out my award-winning story below!

From Peasant to Puissant

The sun hung high and orange in the sky over the western horizon when a woman behind me started screaming her lungs out.

“Hey you, thief, come back here! Somebody catch that rascal in the brown jersey.”

My name is Manjhi Patel. I’m a middle-aged peasant from Bihar who used to live as a content and hardworking farmer in the village of Rewali. I had a kind-hearted wife and two beautiful daughters. All happiness and light bade my life an eternal farewell when a band of armed dacoits emerged from the woods one night, ransacked the village, shot dead as many people as they could and set fire to my Rewali. I was one of the extremely few people who managed to make it out of the malevolent flames and mournful air.

My wife and daughters were not.

Often, the brutally ironic and crushing conditions of my life make me wonder if there really is a God residing beyond the all-embracing dome of the skies, looking down lovingly and generously at His kingdom below, as my father had explained to me once. On many an evening, when the sun sank and took all the light with it, I trudged back home from work wondering why He chose to let me live a life so riddled with emotional and financial holes. Every day for the past two years, as I forced down two cold meals in the searingly silent solitude of my crude mud-and-brick shack, it was all I could do not to break down right then; my faith in Him came dangerously close to breaking.

“Turn around and don’t you dare try and escape. You two, hold him!”

Snapping back into the marketplace that lies on the way back home, I spun around. And what! The woman screaming at me was none other than the wife of the engineer whose car I washed every day.

“Madam…” I bowed my head in respect and shame, and tried to join my hands in namaste before I noticed that I couldn’t; there were two shopkeepers holding me firmly in place. “What…” I jerked my head back up again. “Why, why are you calling me a ‘thief’, Madam?”
In response, Madam gestured to someone and I felt the wind knocked out of me as a blow landed heavily on my skinny stomach. I doubled over and retched. Madam was glaring accusingly at me. A circle of people had gathered around us.

She jabbed a finger at me. “Three of my diamond rings and a gold necklace! Just vanished into thin air, did they?”

My mouth dropped open in mute disbelief. All thoughts left my head. Seeing my dumbfounded expression, Madam became hesitant.

“Two years you’ve worked for my husband obediently and now this black act,” she said. “So if you give me anything but the truth now, I promise that I’ll have you flogged before you go to prison. Did you steal my jewellery? The truth now, Manjhi!” As she finished, perfect silence fell upon the marketplace. Everybody leaned in to watch my face closely for a lie.

And then my eyes unexpectedly landed upon the Man. I had never seen him before and my fleetingly straying gaze never intended to light upon his face- but I knew. I knew what he had done. I could tell from how he’d agitatedly tried to snatch his stare from my face in the instant our eyes met, from how his tongue ran briskly along his dry lips and from how beads of perspiration suddenly formed on his forehead.

I knew his sin. I knew he was the robber that I was being mistaken for.

Why he was in the crowd around me was to ensure that I was imprisoned so that the scene in the marketplace safely closed the book on his theft. Despite Madam asking me for the truth, the word of a car washer mattered nought. When I would insist that I’ve not committed the robbery, he was here to step forward and incite the mob to carry me to the police station.

However, now as I prolonged our eye-contact and in the vast silence, my gaze bored into the darkness of his heart, we both sensed his plan backfiring on him. He knew that I was about to point my finger at him and ask Madam that his house be checked for the jewellery or for the large amount of cash he would have traded the precious ornaments for. He could not risk running or backing away from the crowd, either, because nothing else would arouse more suspicion in his direction. In a great twist of irony and chance, the mastermind of the robbery was trapped in his own web.

Thoughts suddenly gripped my mind. If I expose the jewellery in his house, would that accomplish anything other than removing the manacles off me and tightening them around him? If I don’t expose him, it will strip me of my honour and mean spending my entire life in jail for a crime I never committed… but in the grand scheme of things, what good is my honour if it obstructs a sinner’s heart and expiation and transformation? For certainly, this man who looks on me with a hopeless, desperate plea in his eyes, can rise to know goodwill and reverence for other men... if only I can show him that goodwill and reverence exist.

At this moment, a glorious inspiration made my heart sigh in triumph- I had finally deciphered Him.

God is not somewhere beyond the skies at all… He is a soul composed of love and happiness within each one of us, within every living creature He created. We need only imbibe this soul inside us in order to worship Him...

And thus, feeling satisfied and unburdened in a long, long time, I grinned fiercely at the Man and spoke the words of salvation, of a new start.

“Madam...I stole your jewellery. May God forgive me.”

Want more such action-packed, moving compositions? Sure! adarshrajbhatt.wordpress.com

So, what happens in successful persons' heads after they realize their dreams? Like all things, let poetry guide you to the answer.

The light now shines from within my fist,
The peak now lives beneath my feet,
The ordinary now stretches far under me,
The dreams now lay consumed by my feat.

My future is reaching far above this peak,
This new vision is greater than the last;
Encompassing the whole of the sky,
The labour too is vast.

And yet, my heart yearns to start,
Another journey through fields bare,
For the road to triumph is lone and rough
Akin to this peak that was never fair.

Is that not what proves love,
Through struggle and suffering, it will endure;
Fallen in love with glory and grandeur
I shall pursue with passion, this lure.

How deafening are the urges of my heart
How staggering is the path from the peak
The vision, as always, is unimaginably vast -
Yet I shall sprint on with this winning streak.

ARB the Third

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Only  Peace.......................
I used to hate darkness,loneliness,silence, l hate to  sit in my dark room all alone by myself until i finally  realized the value of that darkness and loneliness that wasn't a curse, it was a blessing!
I want to get rid of that darkness ,that loneliness ,that silence So i decided to go to a special place!
A place which is full of flashy colorful lights than can blind you in an instant ,a place crowded with people ,with the loudest noises and than at that moment i crave my loneliness ,my darkness ,my silence and than that night when i came back to my room than that darkness ,that loneliness, that deadly silence start soothing my nerves, calming my mind ,relaxing my body and sinking in the depth of my soul, than that day i became friends with My darkness , My loneliness My silence... 
Now there is no war there is only peace 
Only Peace

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Today i was on my roof top just watching the sunset and than.....

Sun Slept
I' was a sun 
A fireball 
who has nothing but flames 
for you
for  anyone
for everyone........
One day you became a rainy cloud
and cover my whole existence
you decided to tolerate my heat 
And my flames by yourself 
And  giving everyone a shade 
But then I saw your rain
and realize
I can be a moon too
A moon who came to life
When the sun has drowned,
but the question Is
do you still accept my moonlight instead of my flames............
or you finally had it with your sun                            
                                                                                      kiy'a pearl
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Snore-Snatching Snores

Your oblivious snores of sleep are watched over
Watched over by the Watchman as he 
Strides strong as the stick in his guardian’s grip
That risks its head with sounds of vigilance
The only ones that could marry your sleep.

How you rise to tomorrow’s adventures 
How you live your lives’ l’il beauties
You don’t think for your snores be oblivious 
And confuse the Watchman and his stick whose
Sacrificed back and head go on. And on.

Sacrificed not serviced for indeed
What pay there be for lengthening your life
And submitting one’s dignity at your feet
Warring the frigid wrath of winter even-  
He suffers on while you snore on. And on.

He lets you have the Gift of all gifts, now think, while
You slap him with endless sadness and solitude. 

ARB Jr.  

Visit my blog for more : www.adarshrajbhat.wordpress.com 


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Ever wondered how good is your English Grammar? Find it out with this simple quiz!


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Ok...can anybody write a poem, any poem, concerning this picture? Just please....please...Q_Q

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                               _From Me To You_

I want to Cry
Your tears of joy
I want to feel
That pain that can heal
I want to steal all your worries
All yours tears that made you fear
That the future will be dark
surrounded by sorrows
Comes with despair
poison your life
with "No" hope ,just "fear"
but don't worry darling!!
I will be there
I will show you
how to kill your fear
I wont let you die
Slowly day by day
By these so called fears
That comes with despairs
Just hold my hand
lets walk side by side
So you can never feel that "loneliness" deep inside

                                                                                             *kiya pearl*

Just writing on here for fun since I just wanna say: Congrats Cool! Your community's growing and I'm happy for you :) Now isn't it a fun thing to remember how there were only a few posts with nearly 200 comments :P +Cool Girl 
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