Hello, and thank you allowing me to join your community. I am delighted and grateful to find, and be invited to pull up a chair to this Design FEAST!

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Some interesting discussion here. I particularly enjoyed the points about how everyone is a critic when it comes to design.

“Everyone has an opinion about it, which is great, but those aren’t often rooted in what is actually challenging about design. Anybody could make a glossy image, but no one knows the inside of that conversation. You don’t know what the client’s goals were, the users, and all the details of what they’re solving for. That bigger picture of why a design or design system or product is successful is missing from a lot of this conversation.”

No one can talk about and analyze a design or logo like a designer can, since they have a breadth of knowledge that can’t be expected of other people. Yet… designs are meant to make an impact on non-designers, so it's pointless to discredit the impulse reaction of the layperson. They are the target audience and the reason the design exists in the first place. They are also the client.

But it's still difficult to spend weeks, if not months, on a logo that takes into account all a designer knows about combining form with meaning, satisfying the business objectives as well as several different practical considerations, on-time and on-budget — only to have someone say it “looks like balls.”

Reconciling these two things is among the most challenging things I've had to come to terms with as a professional designer. You?


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unbelievable. tough crit, too...

"...But not everyone is happy. "When I saw the image, I was outraged," said [REDACTED], a Professor of Graphic Design & Typology at [REDACTED]. "Look at the font—it looks like some kind of bastardized Verdana. It's horrific. This just goes to show you how poor the state of global design education is. The way that they have rendered the letters is disrespectful to our profession and completely dismissive of the great strides typology has made...."

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I'm conducting an informal poll, and I'm going out on a limb in transparency. (You do not know how crazy I really am.) Wondering if I am the only crazy graphic designer that had a profound tendency to Pareidolia as a child, or to see strange creatures in scribbles or tree branches or patterns, as this artist has done. I use to think it an imagination in overdrive, but now I know what may have troubled teachers has served me well as an adult. How about you? Did you know from an early age that you had a hyper-active imagination? Did anyone encourage it? http://www.artpeoplegallery.com/being-creative-intuitively/

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I know that I should be reacting intelligently about the BBC logo redesign but I just can't get past the pain. The design is no longer easy on the eyes, an essential element of any logo. The lines and negative space seem disjointed and the exclamation point doesn't make sense to me.

Why the redesign? Is viewership down? If so, perhaps the BBC should just improve programming.

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Combining Canine Love with Typography

Andrei Clompos recreated the alphabet. Each letter is a piece of art highlighting a canine companion. My favorite is the Weimaraner.

View the alphabet here > http://goo.gl/35pObG

#typography   #design   #dogs  

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I'm a real fan of music whilst working. When I boot up my computer Google Play Music is usually opened before I've even checked my email.

And it seems that, in the majority of cases, music in the background whilst working will help make you more productive - but the type of work you're doing should dictate the kind of music.

It's an interesting read for anyone working in the creative fields - I'd love to know your thoughts.
Are all songs made the same? Or are there perfect tracks for certain tasks?

Wanted to give a spontaneous shout-out to +Paul Biedermann and the re:DESIGN2 community for your feedback on my book cover when it was in production a few weeks (months?) back.  The cover is done, I'm very happy with it, and you guys, as promised, are mentioned in the acknowledgments!

Big hug to all those who commented!

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Creative Therapy

RxArt is providing therapy to children through creative visuals. The nonprofit is installing art at pediatric hospitals and their mission seems to be working. "We see the art starting conversations about something other than illness,” says the group’s founder, Diane Brown. The less we think about illness the better we feel. This is just one way the art is producing positive emotions for healing! 

Hospitals weren't keen on the idea originally but it's catching on. Brown now has 30 projects in over 25 institutions.

Read the full article here => http://goo.gl/b3REhA

#creativetherapy   #visualart   #health  

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What do you think of the new 500px logo? I liked this comment on the Youtube page:

"The new logo is an unmitigated disaster.  It is horrible.  It IS NOT clean, it is NOT simple and it is NOT articulate.  Would have been more successful having a kindergartner write 500px in crayon."
– Jason Nash 
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