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* No stealing of other people's roles in the RP
* No killing of other characters in the RP without permission
* No asking to get promoted (You will get rewarded if you work hard)
* No bullying or name calling of any kind, unless it's in RP
* No asking people to leave (People will leave of their own freewill)
* Only mods and owners are allowed to post more rules
* If you create a character on this community and another user makes a character that relies on that 'character' and you take it down a owner or mod is allowed to re upload that character because somebody else has a character that relies on it. (If another character dose not relay on that character a owner or mod is not allowed to re upload it)

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A small Taby cat wanders the hallways of the school, heading towards the basic magic courtyard. The cat arrives, looking around herself, as if looking for someone, then shakes their head slightly in annoyance.

Inviting +Alabaster Fair, but one or two others could join

One of Elle's hobbies is stargazing, so much so that she started to make her own star charts. She was out in the courtyard, under a tree with watercolors. There are a few finished charts scattered around her. She hears quiet footsteps approaching, and mentally prepares herself for whoever it might be.

+Alabaster Fair guess it won't tag, also pardon my sucking at the opening

I'm walking through the mostly empty hallways after school, laughing and joining conversations. I'm just walking away from one when I bump into a guy without any arms. "Oh! Hello..."

Story Time +Ellice Hinchliffe
Zach’s back story

A blizzard rips through the tundra. Ice swirls ‘round and ‘round. A boy spawns out of the snow. He sits curled up, naked and afraid. He looks out into the never ending white, wondering why he was there.

He had no name, no title, he knew nothing. Only that he could bend ice and snow to his will. He wondered, trudging through the snow, through day to night. He had no will to stop, he kept marching forward, with no idea as to were.

After a while, he came across a cottage, warm, and cozy. It drew him in, distracting him from his course. He sat down in the small cottage. He managed to fall into a deep sleep, tired from his long hike.

A family soon arrived, a man, his wife, and two sons. They found the mysterious boy strayed across the floor, fast asleep.

They were scared, they prepared to do whatever they had to, to survive. The family armed themselves with a variety of weapons.

The boy awoke to the family poking and prodding him the butt end of their spears. He backed away fearsomely. Scared of what may happen, he formed a wall of ice separating them. He cowered in a corner, the ice wall fell. The family dropped their weapons, realizing the boy meant no harm.

They took him in, gave him everything he lacked.

He became Zach Kyro, of the ice.

Story Time +Ellice Hinchliffe

Aileen's backstory

Aileen sat in the corner. It had been a peaceful day. No accidents. No embarrassments, just peace. She bit into her sandwich, waiting for her friend Yasmine to come.

The blue sky seemed so different to the fire burning in her heart.

She knew she was different. She could feel it. At times, when her emotions break the dam, something inside her will click. And…

She sighed.

The clouds shifted with the wind, as if to remind her how fast time is passing. And her loneliness. Even clouds came in clusters.

Yasmine still didn’t show up.

The day before, she had just been rejected. Her hair, brown with blonde highlights, smacked on her face as she whipped her head and walked away, not taking a glance back. She had felt numb, and she still was. Numb. She thought to herself. It’s for the better, better numb than others. The laughter of kids ringed in her ears. In her mind, she wasn’t scared of being different. Not really. Everyone is a little different. She believed. But…

She was fire.

Living in this little village is France, there are less than a hundred kids in the school, even less of her age. Out of them, even if there was only one people who appreciated her, she would’ve been grateful.

And she is.

But that didn’t stop her mind from wandering to all the possibilities. What if…

What if I was never abandoned? Never adopted? What if I didn’t wear a red shirt this morning?

What if I can’t control fire?

She laughed. It was a soft, clear laugh. The ones that reminded you of a balloon floating in the sky. The bubbles, as clear as it can be but so full of colors at the same time. It made you light, lighter than air. As if you can fly. Fire isn’t meant to be controlled, she told herself over and over again. Fire is wild, and so is you. Don’t let your power hurt others, or you will pay for it.

The sky was still blue.

Yasmine still didn’t show up.

She decided to look for her. She would probably be in a classroom, she thought. She went back into the school building. It was a flat house, with 3 classrooms inside and a library. She looked into the first classroom. It was empty. She turned around, facing the second classroom at the end of the hall. She could see the dim lights coming out from the small windows. She decided to check it out.

A girl with brown hair was working. Her hand brushed those long, curly hair down to the shoulder. Aileen paused, her mouth opened wide. beads of sweat rolled down her face. It was that hair, she thought, that blocked the blue sky that day.

She forgot about the fire.

And the chemicals the girl was dealing with.

She exploded.

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Thanks for the invite

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Teacher Profile Template:

Quote(s): "We are all lost boys when we arrive here but we become found again when we leave"


Name: Ryland Nightshade
Name meaning(s):
Title: Professor Nightshade
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 23rd July
Approximate age: 27
Physical age: 29
Mental age: 29
Sexual orientation:
Written appearance: (Picture)
Subject: Advanced Magic


Species: Elf
Powers: (3 Max) Dragons soul: He can channel the power of a dragon
Voice Of Nature: This allows him to control and summon any animal.

Weapons (2 Max.): A wooden elven bow
Physical disabilities: (Optional)
Mental disabilities: (Optional)
Dorm: He is the head of the mastery dorm - but is NOT a mastery child


Temperament: When people question his ability's
Guilty pleasures:
Pet peeves:
Enjoyments: Preforming all magic
Dislikes: War and Bully's


Biological mother: N/A
Biological father: N/A
Birth siblings: N/A
Relationship status: Single
Crush: None Open
Friends: None Open
Allies: Most staff in the school
Enemies: The 4 idiotic lords
Rivals: None Open
Spouse: None Open
Offspring: None

Childhood: Read special info
Adolescent: ???
Adulthood: He is a professor at crystal chronicles high
Recent events: None
Upcoming events: None


Theme song: Colors of the wind - Pocahontas
Special information: He was abandoned as a aby and one day he found a lost and hurt baby dragon he nursed it back to health and ever since it had been his companion.

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"That seems like a you problem."

"The pen is stronger than the sword."



Ivory Nicole Dylan


Dylan, Nic



Date of birth:

June 16th

Approximate age:


Physical age:


Mental age:


Sexual orientation:


Written appearance:

Short black hair, tan skin, and greenish-gray eyes





Can draw things and make them real, also applies to any art (tattoos specifically)


Various pens and sharpies she keeps tucked into her pockets

Dorm: Dark


Temperament: Somewhat shy, but always has a smile on her face and is friend - of - the - year/century/eon
Guilty pleasures: Spooking Parley
Pet peeves: People bothering her because of her tattoos
Enjoyments: Reading, lowkey flirting, drawing obviously, being Parley's friend
Dislikes: Sharp plants, loud noises right in her ear


Biological mother: Maisie Harlem
Biological father: Riely Dylan
Birth siblings: None
Relationship status: Single, although Parley is always setting her up on blind dates, so who knows
Crush: will update
Friends: Olivia Parley, Cayde Garrison
Allies: Olivia Parley, Corre Garrison, Cayde Garrison
Enemies: will update
Rivals: will update
Spouse: na
Offspring: na


Childhood: She belonged to an average family, her parents always cared about her, let her do somethings and not others. But when she discovered her powers, her parents didn't know what to do.
Adolescent: She went to a boarding school first, where they thought she'd be safe, but eventually she was transferred to CCH starting in eighth grade.
Adulthood: na
Recent events: Became close friends with Parley, handed her the nickname Candy
Upcoming events: Who knows what the future holds?


Theme song: Hell Nos And Headphones by Hailee Steinfeld
Special information: Is considered "popular" due to the fact that she's friends with exactly everyone in school, and her best friend is the most popular girl there. Her other best friend is well known for his smooth insults and easily won arguments. She also has twin tattoos on her back just barely above her shoulder blades. They look a bit like dragons or wolves, and when they come out to play, they range in any size suitable for the occasion, becoming large shadows of mass.

+Captain Ink

using Ivory Dylan

After class on a Wednesday, there's not much to do but homework, and I've already done most of mine. I'm wandering around in the gardens, twirling around the gazebos, leaving a heart or two drawn every so often. I'm also very distinctly avoiding the roses. I see another girl walking around, and surprisingly, I haven't met her before. Oh well, I guess I didn't know everyone, like I'd thought. I think to myself. Well, I will now. I smile, walking up to her.
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