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Baking for Christmas Dinner
Remember if hosting a Christmas dinner to plan baking the same way as the cooking .
Get as much of the prep done ahead of time!
Even avid bakers should not shy away from some of quality pre-made baking supplies found at your local grocery store. (E.G pre-made pie filling(s) pie shell(s) puff/phyllo pastry etc)
This gives hosts way more time with their guest/family and less time in the kitchen. After all the host has the right to celebrate the holidays just as much as the guests.

Place vegetables underneath the turkey (a.k.a onions, carrots, garlic, parsnip, garlic cloves) Even adding herbs like fresh oregano, thyme or bay leaf will help add flavour to the bird and the subsequent gravy.
Placing a chicken Stock cube with the Vegetables will also add flavour and it will dissolve as the turkey cooks.
Be sure to have the appropriate size roasting pan and rack for the size of bird you will be cooking. You avoid boiling your turkey if the pan is too small. If the pan is to big certain parts of turkey may burn.
Stuffing done in the cavity of the bird tastes wonderful. HOWEVER, it can present a food poisoning risk. A better solution is to do your stuffing in a PAN.
For the Cavity stuff it with fresh herbs or even some of the vegetables from above. Put a half a lemon in the cavity it helps to keep the meat juicy as it cooks.
Prior to storing left overs remember the following:
Remove all turkey meat from the bone
Store meat in a proper container with a proper fitting lid
Allow all left overs to cool prior to storing in the refrigerator
Throw away any herbs or other ingredients added in the cavity of turkey
Consume left overs as soon as possible

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