Hi is server up for login to the world?

Is the game still working, I can log in but get suck forever on the loading page. (Win10 64-bit, Chrome 62.0.3202.89 - latest)

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Did anybody else see this? :D

Hey sorry but I suppose I made the mistake of interacting with a visiting stone in Jethimadh and my game froze. Tried clearing cache and reloading but I'm stuck in a holding pattern. Ack!

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Take note of what we've been up to with our latest release: https://goo.gl/z7bJtp

What are the obstacles to getting this working with iOS? I would love to see it on my iPad.

OK, I'm dumping my old email address which happens to be the one I used to log into Glitch, and now of course CoU.
When I first started playing on CoU< I used my Glitch log-in and automatically got my old character back, but if I use a different email I don't see how I'll keep my old character. Any thoughts please?

Most of the profile pages are currently broken, but I had to sacrifice the fix in order to get Global Chat working again for now.

We're working on a more permanent solution to both issues, so stay tuned!

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Come see what's new in alpha 1.4.6 - you can carve pumpkins and make jack-o-lanterns for Zilloween https://goo.gl/ET0396

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Laura fixed Cebarkul this morning so that there are no longer a few random white spots, pixelated assets, and a signpost that is cut off. This resulted in the database going back to 12 hours previous, so you may have noticed you time-traveled. It isn't you, it's us!

Pictures are before and after sign tweaks. Also, please note the lack of pixelation on the red-topped trees.
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