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Should You Opt For Quantity Or Quality For SEO - Jain Technosoft
Is SEO about the quality of keywords or the number of keywords you must use on your website? This blog will explain why quality has the winning hand. #SEOCompanyinIndia #SEOAgencyinIndia #IndiaSEOServices

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Is It Wise To Merge Pages Or Have Multiple Pages On Your Website - Jain Technosoft
Whether you must have a single master page, or multiple pages on your website, the choice depends upon your keyword pick, content quality, and user experience. #SEOCompanyinIndia #DigitalMarketingCompanyinIndia #InternetMarketingServicesinIndia

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Should You Merge Pages On Your Website Or Have Multiple Pages - Jain Technosoft
Should you merge all your pages into a single master page, or have multiple pages for a single topic on your website? Let’s find out which option is better. #SEOServicesinIndia #SEOCompanyinIndia #InternetMarketingCompanyinIndia

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Google Now Uses RankBrain For Every Search Query
Earlier, RankBrain was used to process only a fraction of 15% of searches that it had never seen before. But now, Google uses it for every query!
#GoogleRankBrain #GoogleUpdates #InternetMarketing

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#BestWebsiteDesigners #WebDevelopersBangalore
*How Can Web Designers Increase Their Creativity?*

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Hi, hope you're all OK! 

I'm part of The Business'er team, #BusinessDirectory in the #b2b and #b2c segment. The directory has been doing great and we're having more and more members joining in. Since a few days ago we also opened a #searchengineoptimization #SEO category of industry.

As a company owner or #entrepreneur you're welcome to enlist your #business of any size. The registration is FREE without any credit cards required which is what most members take. #TheBusinesser seeks clients within two segments, outside clients (search engine) and within (#b2b). We successfully interact with our members and locate you a potential customer! Upload your profile photo, company logo and fill out the company profile! Engage yourself with social media campaigns, publish articles, job opportunities, products and events, and much more :) Please share this post

Have a look

#smallbusiness #businessowners 
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