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Just playing around with pixijs for Haxe (using FlashDevelop as UI). Everything works as expected so far, BUT:

How in the world is it possible to overload native Javascript getters and setters of the Pixi Library?
I have a custom "Text" object that overrides the constructor and adds some functionality, but it doesn't seem to be possible at all to override the property "text" as a setter/getter in haxe.

I already tried lots of the suggestions out there, none worked. Well there aren't even that many suggestions. Looks like in this case, haxe just isn't complete.
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Once I worked in a team on a flash game and we had a clean code software architect from whom I learned a lot about MVC and design patterns. BUT after all, we program for the real world and I saw a whole lot of over-engineering, really huge abstract structures for quite primitive tasks (including Interfaces for almost everything, those empty getteres and setters, etc.) and at some point, this overly dogmatic style of programming does not only lead to less performance but can actually make the code less readable and/or understandable - which lead to quite long developmnent times. There was a point where I had to add one extra property to the server/game communication and I had to wade through like 17 classes and interfaces to find out where to declare and define and validate and convert and whatnot this one property. It took me half(!) a day after all.
So I'm happy to do a little less inheritance and less bloated structures :)
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It possible to only create C# sources from Haxe code without compiling?
I wanna use Haxe language for make C# code then use .NET Core modern tool (dotnet) for compiling this sources
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haxe -D no-compilation skips the compilation for C#, C++ and Java. Checked it with Haxe 3.2.1
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hi everyone, i have a project using haxe/openfl. when i use ipv6 so i can't connect to server. i use socket (
Can you help me? Thank
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Devin Curry

General  - 
Did a little #haxe #kha #code after work. Got particle vs circle collision in!
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Devin Curry

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Just ported a cool Verlet physics engine to Haxe and Kha! Play around with it here: Get the source here:
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+Justin front thanks! +Fabricio Gonçalves​ haha so rough, this is why we can't have nice things :p
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Simple example of rendering two differently colored triangles in 2D webgl with haxe, the example is self contained, and is perhaps a good starting point to extend and adapt, it can be a pain setting up webgl with a lot of time spent in front of a black screen so having a starting point that works can be really useful and is also important prior to just using a framework for that deeper understanding or not in the case of webgl! #webgl #haxe #javascript #2triangles #color #mat4 #varying
Haxe is an amazing multiplatform programming language. Check it out !
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Skial Bainn

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seems a cool concept perhaps using Macros in haxe it would be feasible to insert a regular expression at runtime, but the idea of trying to implement such a mini library does not excite me, but it could be super useful.
This is awesome - verbal expression - #RegularExpressions  but using normal words. Useful #JS  library for your consideration if you find them tricky.

Hat tip to +Addy Osmani for the find.
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Really nice! Great finding, Justin!
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I have a question can Haxe be used to develop agent based applications?
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If you are talking about , then sure, why not. But I'm not quite sure you can make a whole application on this principle in a feasible way. It is usually used for models.
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I am in need of a little help with the latest version of Haxe/openFL.

When targeting a movie clip in openFL from a function I get the error unknown identifier. An example:



private function someFunction():Void{

Source/Main.hx:263: characters 2-18 : Unknown identifier : parentMC

I have also tried calling the child directly like so


but get the same type of error.

How do I get the property the child MC or even the parent from within a function?

using hate version:
actuate: [1.8.6]
air3: [0.0.1]
box2d: [1.2.3]
flambe: [4.1.0]
format: [3.2.1]
haxeui: [1.8.18]
hscript: [2.0.7]
hvm: [0.0.2]
hxcpp: [3.2.205]
hxsl: [2.0.5]
layout: [1.2.1]
lime-samples: [2.6.0]
lime: [2.9.1]
openfl-samples: [3.3.1]
openfl: [3.6.1]
swf: [2.2.0]
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Thanks, Justin I ended up figuring out the issue. 
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Skial Bainn

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I like too execute an function when an the last reference to an specific object is lost. Is there anyway to do this in Haxe?
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No, there isn't. Only some of haxe target platforms support finalizers, therefore it's pointless to implement them in haxe. However you can probably hook specific platforms(cpp and java I guess) to support finalizers. Also it is not an idiomatic way in haxe, so not recommended except when you really need it.
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Updated hxPolyK port with a div drawing triangulation test, you can drag the points around and it will recalculate. Obviously this is heavy ( not using canvas or webgl ) so I only recalculate and redraw lines once in every 3 frames when dragging.

I will add tests for some of the other PolyK features prior to perhaps putting hxPolyK on haxelib.

#PolyK #hxPolyK #Divtastic3 #Javascript #Div
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Ported PolyK to Haxe and using it to create fills using triangulation ( weird red shape ), example also shows animation on graphics4 and 'BasicKha' mouse movement of image on graphics2.

#Haxe #Kha #PolyK

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