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Here is my newest video. It was fun filming as I enjoy doing experiments :)´╗┐

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Welcome, We run a non-profit Petting Farm & Animal Rescue in Anola, Manitoba. I started our channel to share with others what we do and to help others from what we have learned. Since I am very technical minded I have had some struggles bringing out my creative side and am more relaxed in front of the camera than I was a year ago. In the next few months I plan on "bust or confirm" segment from information on the web, like... Does a 6,000 volt electric fence shock a person through a foot of snow? Does putting pop bottles filled with salt water actually prevent a water pet dish from freezing in the winter? We here at The 10 Acre Woods are all about helping others, if you have a question, please ask.

Mark McKean´╗┐
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