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Okay so I've pretty much got my Five Main Character's downpat but I'm still trying to write my first 1-2 arcs and flesh out some things.

Also if you'd like to ask about characters, arcs, etc., suggest anything, wanna be part of the project, or just about anything else you want to add post in the comments below.

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Well I've two characters in mind that I'm ready to show. Both of them are part of the Main Character's team:

Metaru Ketzu:
Character Inspiration's: Jaganshi Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho and Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter with a little bit of Sasuke from Naruto.
Power: Ferrokinesis (Metal Manipulation)

Jo Megane:
Character Inspiration's: Leorio from Hunter x Hunter, Sanji from One Piece, Kei Nanjo from Persona 1 and some elements from various other characters.
Power: Pyrokinesis (Fire Manipulation)

I'll go into more detail with these characters overtime but I thought I'd put their names, which inspirations I took to make the characters, and their main power. If you'd like to know more post in the comments below. XD


I am starting this project up again and I am going to start writing more after taking a week off because I just didn't feel too well this month.

If you'd like to ask any questions, leave any suggestions, discuss the project (Like characters, etc.), or just want to say something of mild importance put it in the comments below. I also might create a Hangout and/or Skype chat in the future.



Sorry for not updating for a few days.

Anyway what I'd like to put out there is that at the moment I'm developing a few concepts (Including Soul Accel) for a Manga. Just trying to see what I can do, what can work, and such. XD

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Production Update:

Okay... I'm going to explain everything I'm going to be doing in order:

1. I am going to write out my characters, scripts, etc. for the first 1 or 2 arcs. That should take about a month or two depending on some things.

2. I am going to be looking for an artist/illustrator to work with me on the story. Since other than some of the Gag Manga drawings I do... There not that amazing and I personally don't think it'd fit my story that well. I am also looking for an artist who would be passionate for the story and would have fun making it rather than an artist would do it like a chore and  a means to an end.

3. I'm looking for about 1-2 people to help me a bit with writing. Contact me for more info on that one.

4. I'm exploring Distribution options for the Manga, how to make a fanbase, how to get it noticed, etc.

5. I am also looking out for someone to translate my story into Japanese so it can potentially  be viewed/released over there.

With that out of the way that ends this update. If you'd like to know more or just want to contact me leave a comment below. :)

Also Shaman King picture because reasons and I need something to make this post somewhat eyecatching. XD


okay! so i am seriously, seriously trying not to get involved with any more big projects, but i will def keep an eye on this, and if i have more time in the future... we will see

Soul Accel, First Update: Simple Plot and Setting

Is a Manga set in a modern urban setting. The world inhabits beings that are above humans in Soul Essence known as "Agents". Every Agent's Soul Essence can allow them to access many powers...

One boy aspiring to become an Agent is 15 year old Shimasu "Shima" Piritto who is an Electricity Manipulator. He strives to be the best Agent in the world... But it will take a LONG time before he gets close to that recognition.

That's it for the story for now. It's simple but I'm still expanding the story and making some good progress as well. I'll update the story in about a few days.

If you're interested in helping out with the project just ask. Also if you're an artist and want to be one for the series I will be making a post specifically for that in the future. :)


Jesus bruh, soo many projects. XDD

What exactly would I be classified as with this? Lol.
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