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first please read our rules and regulations and templates to get started on this community, thank you and enjoy
1: don't godmod, do op moves, be too impossible to hit, indestructible 
2: don't be a dick and trash talk others
3: NO GUNDAMS OR MOBILE SUITS OR MECHAS THAT LOOK TOO MUCH LIKE GUNDAM OR TRANSFORMERS ONLY PICK MECHS THAT  ARE ARMORED CORES OR LOOK LIKE OTHER MECHS SIMILAR TO ARMORED CORES you can use ANY armored core prototype or not from any generation of armored cores (though For Answer and 4's Armored Cores are recommended)
4: please no NSFW why the hell would you want sex in a place like this??
5: be creative, don't just be the generic head on clasher, be strategic in your moves (don't have to fully obey this rule)
6: don't kill people off faster than you can say holy shit, give the others a chance
affiliation: BFF, Omer Science, GA, Technocrat, Algebra, Interior Union, the survivors of ORCA, none
Armored Core:
pilot skill: (rookie, good, experienced, great, dangerous, professional) 
name of craft: 
quality of craft: (custom or company based)
special abilities/ functions:
RA:(right arm)
LA:(left arm)
RB: (right back unit)
LB:(left back unit)
Assault Armor: (yes, no) 
craft's bio: 

Vapor sits quitely on his mecha jump giving him a beat to rock to

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If I may post a profile, it would be appreciated.

Just let me know if I should have waited or whatnot.

Name: Lazarus
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Station: Sniper, Support
AC: Bahamut

AC: Hi Mbl, Hi Def, Heavy Reverse Joint

Equipment: Missile Sentry, Laser Cannon, AS Missiles, Lock-On Jammer, Laser Rifle
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Idk if this is very active, but nonetheless, hello.

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max out moon light blades are now on sale few can handle one but we sell these bad boys in pairs.

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AC Name: Opalescence
Pilot: Riley
Type: Long to mid range sniper.
Quality: Novice

Combat Strategy: Not too complex, loves to hang back and pick apart her enemies with a sniper. She is equipped with a grenade cannon and high speed missiles to ward off frontal assaults.

RA: Rifle
LA: Sniper Rifle
RB: Grenade Cannon
LB: Vertical Missiles
SU: None
Assault Armor: No

Bio: A fairly new craft supplied by BFF corporation. Not much to speak of, but features excellent energy management and can stay suspended in the air for extended periods of time.

*Can be hired as a consort.

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Name: Riley
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Armored Core: Opalescence
Pilot Skill Level: Rookie
Affiliation: Bernard and Felix Foundation

Personality: A fairly new lynx who has a lot to prove. Normally quiet and calm, however she starts to crack if the stakes get too high. Her fighting style reflects her personality, as she hangs back and shoots from a safe distance.

Bio: Her family was killed after Morbid Humor destroyed the cradle they lived in upon Red Frame's defeat. She then joined the League as a rookie lynx. Her AC, Opalescence, is named after her mothers jewel necklace.

*Can be hired as a consort.

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Ac name   Vulture super light  mark2
Ac age 6 years of battle

Affiliation none

 long range flash sniper 

pilot name Vapor

Pilot skill dangerous 

Bio was made to be the replacement for the vulcher mark one
  super light but never made it  to testing  as it was needed for the front lines thankfully it  was ac killing nightmare 
Specializes  in all high movement all range combat with the ability to  stay in the  battle no madder how long it it takes  with large ammo clips.  and has flash rocket to blind and get  a quick shot in or an even a fast an escape 
weapons flash rockets,  two 22500 damage pile divers 12 ammo,and 62 ammo sniper rifles for range and its unlimited boost.

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name Vapor

 gender male

 Race African American 
Height 6ft2

Weight 180 with armor 220 

Personality dead quiet like his father storm. But unlike his father he can   do small talk but will normally let his AI Jump

(Yes that ai  name she makes up for his lack of talking  normally bye playing music and blast it on the coms). or   do the talking for him bye sharing info. but she  was master pilot  as a unac  has great experience will share it with him.

Skills fast and agile with his piloting skills he uses his mecks large clips to stay in the battle longer. but he most none for going in at close range for the kill when its needed. But will stay safely at long range.
Piloting skill dangerous   

Armored core
bio all the intell that was given was thatt

+Morbid Humor 
Oxana sits on the roof top taking the last few puffs of a small cigarette before throwing it off the old business building, now almost covered in sand ugh....this is rather boring.....they assigned me here to eliminate a unknown AC.....probably just here to waste my damn time.... she looks at her AC RedFrame before taking a last look at the sun nearing its set well forget this crap....  
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