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Why do you say that you care?
Why do you say you love me?
Dont you even understand how i feel?
Dont you know that i care!
You sit there with no words to say.
I argue while you just stare.
No words to say.
Then why am i with you?
Why do i care?
When you just stay there and glare.
You hurt me with nothing to say.
You deprive me.
And say that you care.
Is how you make me feel.
Like nothing but steel in your heart.
You break me apart.
Yet I'm still standing waiting for you to change.
To be real.
To love me and show me who you are.

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Maybe with one touch i felt your pain.
Maybe with one tear i dreamed of fear.
Somehow I've lost touch of what's real.
Lost love.
Lost faith.
You hurt me with words as if i bled.
You hurt me with that stare whenever you glare.
You look at me as though im your greatest mistake.
Mistakes that keep me locked away.
Darkness only i see whenever i stare.
Alone as i stay with long nights ahead.
Fear no one sees or actually care.
Heart break of my love for you.

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I close my eyes in fear that ill cry.
I'll cry for you and it'll be harder to stop.
With all these lies.
You tore me apart.
I thought i was fine.
But now it's like i died.
Alone in the dark.
With nothing at all.
Lonely days without you.
You swore to care.
You swore to be there.
Helpless im here greiving my pain.
Don't make promises.
Promises you'll break.
Don't say you love me.
Then you walk away.
Don't make me cry for you. when I'm already in pain.
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