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Level Summary: Itsuki Aoi, a newcomer from Japan, finds a strange girl sleeping in a tree after pacing around and planning an idea for a gaming club outside the school. The girl wakes up and introduces herself as Mayumi Rae Shika, stating she had just moved to the school. She seems to have no filter and an abundance of hyper energy, but otherwise seems quite friendly. Adding to the tree's surprises, Kyo Kusanagi jumps out of it and introduce himself. After these introductions, May questions Itsuki's pacing behavior, prompting him to tell the two about his idea and receive full support from the two strangers and urging from them to start it. A report of a large gang of armed robbers is heard on the News, and upon hearing it, Itsuki and Kyo head to the scene. When there, they see the police are greatly outnumbered, but someone seems to be taking the robbers down on their own. When they move in such a way that they can be seen, it's revealed it's a girl, fighting and behaving as a ninja would. She reveals to Itsuki that her name is Reaper, and once the crooks are dealt with by the 3 heroes, she disappears. The next day, a new member joins the up and coming club, Terry Bogard. As the day progresses, May becomes quite lost exploring the school, but eventually is found by Itsuki. She watches the drama club's practice and wanders off, lost in thought. A week later, the club is finally ready and the members all game together. A new possible member, Sora Hiroko, wanders in and joins them. After this, the students return to their homes, ready for a new day and glad to have made new friends.

LEVEL TWO: A Series Of Discoveries
Level Summary: One week after the club is finally formed and dubbed The Adventurer's Club, our heroes are slammed with homework. It's taken a mental and physical toll on all, but everyone still shows up. After a short party game, May abruptly leaves, telling Itsuki if she wasn't home soon she'd be in trouble. The next morning, the Mysterious Heroine has stricken again, this time taking down a gunman. The next day, after starting a co-op game, it's Itsuki's turn to rush off without explanation, confusing May. After one more tiring day in school, the club meets again, this time lacking the presence of Kyo and Terry. After a short break in activity beforehand, Itsuki and May play another level in the co-op game, Itsuki as the swordsman and May as the assassin yet again. May states that Itsuki is lucky his old friends still keep in touch with him, as hers do not, and someone is heard falling outside. Sora is met yet again, and Kyo and Terry are now present. While May and Itsuki are distracted by Sora, Terry tries to convince Kyo to break up a gang fight. May tries to convince Sora to join the club, her enthusiasm proving to be too much when she accidentally knocks him over. However, a strange glow is seen, catching the attention of both May and Itsuki. After this, Sora too joins the co-op game and the three blow through yet another level. As the three leave, Sora's necklace faintly glows. The next day, May bursts into the club yelling about adventures, dragging Itsuki to a deserted area she's heard strange rumors of and has coordinates for. After some investigation and a strange drone accompanying them, May discovers that, upon stating a phrase found with the coordinates, they can be teleported into a massive underground facility. Upon investigating this, Itsuki and May meet a young man by the name of Loppe, most likely due to the lopped rabbit ears tucked into his long hair. He's very jumpy and prompts an irritated response typically uncharacteristic of May, who leaves in a huff. He states that the, at the moment unknown, heroes can return to train at anytime.

LEVEL THREE: Down The Rabbit Hole
Sticking to a previous promise to Loppe, Itsuki returns to the UTF in order to learn more about the odd facility. Upon arriving, Itsuki is asked by the rabbit-eared keeper to bring more friends, which he does by calling Terry. Loppe, rather than explain directly why the facility was constructed, tries to show them a book, but it's last bit is too smudged to read. While he freaks out over it, Itsuki and Terry investigate. Itsuki finds a worn book with an odd prophecy written in it in multiple languages. Once he decides it's truly not going to be fixed, Loppe gives up on the book and, when prompted to, gives the 2 boys a lecture on every machine he was able to figure out. After a little more poking around, both leave.

LEVEL FOUR: Action News!
Boss 1: Unknown Beast
Bored in lunch when no other club members could be found, Itsuki checked his phone. Upon reading the news app, however, he sees that a monster is ravaging the center of the city. Upon creating a small distraction, he goes to the scene to stop it. While fighting it, he notes that it seems not to be bothered by pain or impalement, and that the feathered wings on its front legs are useless for everything other than propulsion. After fighting it on the roof and the arrival of backup, Itsuki is pinned to a building by the beast. However, just as things seem grim... Reaper shows up and renews the fight, kicking the creature in the side of the head and directing its attention onto herself. After more fighting, the beast is defeated and shrinks in size. The next day, the club comes back together and shares some time as friends, until May gets a message from Loppe. They go to the UTF, where Loppe tells them what he called them for: something was wrong.

LEVEL FIVE: Recap Remix
Going off of the previous level's cliffhanger, Loppe explains that the problem at hand was that the beast was a demigod. Demigods, he explained, never shifted into their beast forms unless fighting other demigods. However... no other demigods were nearby. Upon sending all others back home, the rabbit guardian discovers a new member of the heroes. Later, after a round of gaming in the club at school, Itsuki is called back by Loppe. At the UTF, he's shown a screenshot of the news report on the demigod beast, one in which 2 mysterious women are seen on top of a building for just 1 frame of the footage. With this inconclusive data, Itsuki and the new member are sent off. Upon being left alone, Loppe confers with his "Master", and the level is drawn to a close.

LEVEL SIX: Investigation/Examination
Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, the members of the Adventurer's Club search the city for clues. However, interest and enthusiasm are in short supply for a multitude of reasons. Fortunately enough, the members run into a new friend, a card-user by the name of Yusaku Fujiki. Upon speaking for a couple minutes, May makes a deal with Yusaku that both would help each other research and get to the bottom of mysteries they were trying to solve. Itsuki has to run off at this exact time, leaving the two, a food-truck owner, and a girl who wishes to be unnoticed alone to converse awkwardly. It's not long before a news report on the Unknown Monster's current status of containment comes up and prompts May to run off. Later, Leo walks in on a researching May. At the end, Leo says that Rock may know more about Surging Orochi, and May runs off again. Leo finds an odd legend titled "Legend of the Two Sisters" and May's messy notes on it. The mystery deepens...

LEVEL SEVEN: MegaNet Part 1
After the reported theft of several thousands dollars' worth of metal from a city warehouse, the club goes to investigate. However, there is nothing to be found, puzzling the teens as to what happened, how it was stolen. After being chased out by a guard, Itsuki suggests a stakeout, an idea only he takes up. He stays the night, and is greeted the next morning by May. The two go to Loppe, having been unable to find any new clues. Loppe and May get into a brief argument, but not for long as May shares an idea for a multiple-person stakeout and runs off. She and Itsuki do the stakeout, and new details about May and Loppe's relationship are revealed. The next day, once all seemed calm, a mysterious intruder arrives, knocks out all the guards, enters the warehouse, and builds a massive robot around themselves.

LEVEL EIGHT: MegaNet Part 2
Boss 2: MegaNet
After narrowly escaping the massive robot once, May and Itsuki run to alert city officials, running into Rock in the process. May leaves to tell the mayor, and is sent home. As the robot lands, Reaper shows up to the scene, asking if Itsuki can defend himself. Once he says he can, Reaper runs off after the robot. Itsuki follows, and the two square off against the robot, who states its name is MegaNet. After tricking it, the two run to find higher ground. They find an apartment building, where Reaper finds a rapier for Itsuki, and finally go up against MegaNet. A mechanically-armed figure attacks the robot as well, trying to hack in and steal pieces. Finally, one last member arrives, clad almost like a knight. Itsuki strikes MegaNet with lightning, shutting it down just long enough for the party to deal heavy damage. Once it powers back on, its not long until the combined efforts of all the heroes... do nothing, but it runs out of power. Once the cockpit is opened, a young boy by the name of Davey is revealed as the pilot. He owns up to his actions, admitting he was only doing it to avoid teasing and mockery. As the heroes leave, the knight reveals himself to be called Playmaker. The next day, the club meets as usual, with the exception of Sora being dragged away by his brother. Said brother seems to irritate May to the point of mildly breaking her, but all is well once the club adjourns for the day.

LEVEL NINE: Fighter Flight!
Game... Begin!
It's been two days since MegaNet attacked the city, and since the child prodigy Davey made news. He was going to be serving 3 months in a Juvenile Detention Center, to be punished for his actions, but would then be using his genius for good to improve city defense and help rebuild the damage he'd caused.
The school had been buzzing, with students excited about the possibility of someone like Davey in their midst. It was a tantalizing idea, you'd admit, having a genius among you and your friends. The status it would earn you... it would almost be like becoming royalty!
Either way, there didn't seem to be one of such. Everything was normal, and it had seemed to die down within the week.
That is, until an unlabeled box was found on the table of the Club Room after school one day.

Game Alert: Boss Badge Earned! (MegaNet)
Game Alert: Level Summaries Updated!

LEVEL EIGHT: MegaNet Part 2
Game... Begin!
May and Itsuki were in quite the pickle.
While they stood in the entrance of a city warehouse, a massive robot crouched in the center. This wouldn't be problematic... if the robot wasn't active. However, it had just powered on, and their time was limited. This particular robot was quite dangerous and unpredictable, as it was controlled by the enigmatic thief who had stolen the metal before.
May looked at Itsuki, horror spread across her expression. She mouthed one word to him-
M: Run.

Game Alert: Level Summaries Updated!

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LEVEL SEVEN: MegaNet Part 1
Game... Begin!
It's been about 13 hours since the club's investigation of the city, and it just so happens to be the weekend, letting the club relax in the comfort of their own homes and be as antisocial as they so desired.
On this calm, rainy afternoon, however, all was not well.
A headline in the Newspaper read as followed:
In the article, it reads that about $35,000 worth of steel plating were stolen from a giant warehouse in the city the previous night. How exactly that much metal vanished was unknown still, but something was up.
As expected, the members all decided to investigate.

Game Alert: New Clues Unlocked! (Rock Howard, Messy Notes)
Game Alert: Level Summaries Updated!

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Name: Mayumi Rae Shika
Nickname(s): May, Bubbles, Author-Chan
Age: 16
Grade level: 11
Hero name: Reaper
Alternate Hero Name(s): Neon Ninja
Appearance (Normal): Bob-length wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, black square-framed glasses. Usually clad in a gray sweatshirt as well as skinny jeans. Always wearing a silver ring with a purple gem on her right index finger, usually smiling
Appearance (Hero): Bob-length white hair with dark blue tips, bright purple eyes, gray scarf with small black x pattern, black sweatshirt (Like literal sweatshirt, not hoodie), black skinny jeans, black espadrilles, wears a silver ring with a green gem on right index finger, indifferent/neutral expression most of the time
~Good at befriending others
~Good singing voice, but doesn't think so herself (others tell her this)
~Pretty good at cheering others up
~Good at mending conflicts/stopping arguments
~Able to pull off a significant amount of gymnastic maneuvers
~Pretty flexible
~Extremely fast
~Impressive balance
~Good at moving silently
~Moderate physical strength
Specialties: Stealth/speed
Role: Stealth/assassin
Fun-loving, hyper, easily distracted, optimistic, emotional, ambiverted, pretty socially awkward, quite talkative
Quiet, reserved, agrees most of the time, introverted, calm, prefers to work alone
Likes: Cats, music, singing, drawing, her friends, creating characters and stories, memes, hearing other's ideas
Dislikes: Performing (has stage fright), needles, disrespecting others, treating others as if they were less, those who harm innocent people and animals, open water, the ignorant
Favorite Game Genre: Adventure/RPG/JRPG
Bio: For the first 15 years of her life, May lived in an entirely different district, where she had many close friends and good memories. However, her Mother's job required them to move to a new district, where she met all the other members of the Adventurer's Club. They were instant friends. However, after witnessing the death of fellow member Terry, May has gone much quieter and become quite a bit more introverted, but she's still mostly her old self. She won't hesitate to stand up for her friends and anyone else who's being wronged, a trait that's gotten her in trouble more than a couple times.
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