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// oPEN, That is, if there's anyone even active anymore.
Chapter One || The Falling

"Come here..." Alice sleepily grabbed towards the apple. Her voice wasn't much higher than a whisper, since her sisterly friend was sleeping above from her current position. Her pale hand was resting then grabbing a tree root to stop herself from falling down the hill. Her other hand was desperately trying to grab a shiny red apple that was soon on its way to tumbling down the large hill. Little Alice wanted to stop that, since she was taught from young to NEVER spoil food. Her blue eyes were in a dreamily state, wanting to close and rest eternally. She stood frozen in that position until the wind blew in her past her direction, which made the apple roll down the hill. Alice's blue eyes widened as her black hair blew past her porcelain face. She reached out once more with more effort and pushed herself forward with support from the tree root. This was a mistake though.

Unable to scream, the girl rolled down the hill like the apple. Fortunately for her she didn't get any damage done to her, other than grass on her dress. When she popped up, she sat up straight breathing heavily. Alice was a careful person, yes she was. She listened to whatever her mother said was best for her, yes she did. But here she was with a stranger, no a sister.

Alice turned her focus to the apple. This is the reason I fell. Her cerulean eyes narrowed towards the apple, but she gasped and moved back. The shiny red apple fell into the clean pond, though it was previously standing straight on the edge. Anyone can see the pond's bed and whatever was resting upon it, but little Alice couldn't see the apple anywhere. Without thought, Alice put her hand into the water. Her eyes widened again with shock as she found herself behind pulled in by the water. The last thing she knew was that she was falling.
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this community looks fun holy crap

I'll make a profile soon XD

I sigh, stretching and sitting up on the mushroom. Now then caterpillar, you were say- Caterpillar? Hello? Huh, must've gotten bored of telling stories. I stand and begin to walk through the large spotted mushrooms shrouded in smoke. You couldn't see anything down here, it would make a perfect place for laying silly traps for someone. I smile to myself as I pull out a few simple trap materials and set it between a pair of particularly large red mushrooms. I would give whoever I caught some sort of prize for getting caught of course, thought I as I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out the contents. But would they like taffy or lollipops? Perhaps advice was a better prize.. but hearing footsteps I quickly jump onto a tall flat mushroom to watch from above as you walk through the smoke towards my trap... 

Can I be the rabbit?

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This is George, I forgot to add the photo on the profile..

"Haha! We're all a bit crazy, but crazy is fun!"

Name: George Hatter
Alias: Viara
Age: 17 And seven months mind you.
Gender: Female
Occupation: Playing! And traveling with that grinning cat... Oh yeah.. I give pretty good advice. Better write that down too.
Personality: She seems extremely silly and useless but she is very serious when trouble is at hand. She is amazingly clever with puzzles and problems and she loves games. She is very old in truth but she has lived so long she doesn't remember that she is so she tends to say or do things like an old woman at times.
Likes: She enjoys the company of cats and a good puzzle or game of riddles. She loves to travel and ask random questions because she is fairly forgetful at times but you have to be cautious because she will sometimes only be pretending to forget to make you frustrated. She loves to play tricks and lay traps but she also loves foiling the plans of other tricksters. She also likes a good cup of tea now and then.
Bio: I was raised by the dear hatter, after I appeared in his teacup one day a wee little thing with a squeaky voice and lots of questions. Ah, my hatter he once told me the moment he realized I wasn't a beetle but only a tiny lady he knew we would be good friends. He never expected me to grow at the rate I did but of course he couldn't figure why I was so small in the first place and had decided it was a charm or sorcery of sorts. When I had been with him three years and was at the age of fourteen I said goodbye to my dear friend, I think surely their tea consisted of mostly salt water that day but I didn't want him to see me get old. So I left and on my way around the world I met the Cheshire cat. He took me with him and we've traveled together a few times I and him. I gradually began to age more slowly now, it's been a full year almost and I'm not eighteen yet. So I still go back to visit dear Mr. Hatter, I could never live without that glorious tea. 

Eye color: It seems a little crimson but they are more brown.

Hair color: The hatter's tea made it bright violet when she fell into his teacup and it's been that way ever since if a little whiter now.

Skin color: She paints herself from time to time but she is naturally very pale.

Birthday: She was found April the twentieth at three O' clock.

Horoscope/Zodiac Sign: She has never been sure, some tell her one others tell her another.

Height: Five feet and seven inches

Weight: One hundred and eleven pounds.

Relatives: The mad hatter is sort of like a father, brother, friend to her.

Affiliation: She plays no part in really anything except on the occasion she joins the tea party.

Species: Fairy/ human.

Status: I am so very Alive.

Abilities: She has vast knowledge and can recall it when she needs it, she also picked up quite a few tricks from Cheshire cat.

Main Weapon: Her mind, but she does carry a satchel of trap materials.

Combat: 9/10 
Initiative: 7/10
Wits: 10/10 
Teamwork: 0/10
Low temper: 2/10

Theme Song: Time Travelers [OST] Another Timeline.

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Name: argon

Age: 5 milenias

Gender: male

Species: dragon

Extra forms: human ((hint of scales))

Personality: calm, cool, battle hardened, polite, energetic, mannered
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Leo true

So am I supposed to create an oc 030
I know nothing about this place-

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" Even though I am stuck at the bottom of this hole, doesn't mean I won't use it to my advantage! "

" I will definitely find my way out of this mess, at any cost! "

" I'll be okay as long as nothing gets in my way. Otherwise they'll have to face the consequences. "

"Marin Bell Church."

"Little-Blue" ( By her sister like friend )
"Alice" ( By most of the creatures of Wonderland )
"Sweet Ophelia" ( By her father )
"Bell" ( By her mother )

Eye Color

Hair Color
"Black/Dark Brown"

Skin Color
"Porcelain Fair Skin"



"May 17"

Horoscope/Zodiac Sign


"122 lbs"

"Bella Kuscher" (Sister-Like friend, alive)
"Amber George Church" (Mother, alive)
"Theodore Church" (Father, deceased)



"Lost In Wonderland, Alive"

Born into a middle class family, Marin felt often bored with her life and didn't have many opportunities to handle the great adventures of life. She would ask her father if he could take her hunting, and of course since Marin was born a girl he would have to decline. Back then it wasn't "proper" for a girl to be doing such boyish things. Marin couldn't socialize either, due to an over protective mother. Though one day, mysteriously, a girl named "Bella Kuscher" had moved into the neighborhood from what she thought was called "Germany". Bella indeed made her life more exciting and fun, and having a friend around, especially a neighbors, had her mother thinking she would be able to trust her daughter to play around and go different places.

One beautiful afternoon, Marin went off to a slightly woody park that her friend had dragged her to, so they could have a picnic together. They both had fattened up and decided to fall asleep against the trunk of a tree. As an apple fell on the sleepy Marin's head, she decided to go after the apple like how a child would do. And down into the rabbit hole she went!

Marin is a bright and bubbly young woman and is often seen as approachable and witty with her words. As she grown up, her clumsiness decreased and is shown to be serious when she is handling a situation. She is very cautious around native land and will get aggressive when provoked.

The mushrooms and potions can make her size either increase or decrease, but I don't think that it would be considered an ability.

Main Weapon
Slightly blood stained knife

Speed || 4/10
Combat || 9/10
Wits || 8/10
Initiative || 8/10
Teamwork || 5/10

Theme Song
Zella Day - Ace Of Hearts
Marin In Wonderland
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