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Twenty-Five Things to Do When Your G+ Hangout on Air is Over
When you click end broadcast your work has only begun. Make the most of your Hangout on Air (HoA) by doing the work of follow up. I've been using & watching hangouts for several months, and I've discovered and observed at least 25 different things you can do to make the most of your HoA after is it over. Some of these actions promote community, others drive traffic or generate leads. You probably won't use all of them after every hangout, but you should have a plan for follow-up.

Here are a few of my favorite tips from the list:
►Upload a custom thumbnail to the HoA YouTube video, preferably one that matches the unique branding you used on your event page theme.
►Pin the video from YouTube onto Pinterest.
►Create a time-stamped outline of the Hangout on Air and share it on G+.
►Create a list of great quotes from the panelists in the Hangout on Air. List them in a G+ post and +mention the speakers.
►Make those quotes into graphics for social media which you pin to Pinterest (linking back to your video or event page) and share on different social media platforms.
►Write a blog post that is related to the video and embed the video into the post. Offer valuable content beyond the video.
►Embed the video into a relevant sneeze page on your site.
►Slice and dice sections of the video to create small snippets to use in various ways.
►Make a screenshot of the Hangout on Air YouTube video. Add the screenshot to your email newsletter linking it back to either the event page or to the YouTube video so your subscribers can watch.
►Create your next event page and share the new link on the hangout you just finished. People who said yes or maybe to the event or who interacted on the event get a notification that you posted. Hopefully they will sign on for your next event. Now your follow-up leads into promotion of the next event.

You can see all 25 here ►
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Good summary of Hangouts for fist time users
What is a Google+ Hangout on Air & Why is it Good for Business?
This is a great starting point for those not familiar with the power and use of Hangouts on Air and other Hangout Related tools.

+Mike Allton writes up a useful article here on the basics of what Hangouts on Air (HOA) are and how they can be useful for your business. He includes a couple videos that were created via the HOA tool as examples (I'm proud to have made one of them).

He also includes a more advanced tip in the midst of the post regarding a common issue people (new and experienced) have with Hangouts or HOA... how to avoid staring at the filmstrip (or actually how to deal with that common activity).

Take the 4 minutes to read this post and pass it along to others that are new to Hangouts & HOAs. They'll thank you for it.

For those interested in taking Hangouts to the next level, check out the helpful engaging membership called Hangout Mastery at

Thanks again for the kind references +Mike Allton... looking forward to your follow-up articles too!
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How to do Private HangOuts
Learn how to setup and use Private Hangouts on Air to broadcast a live message/show to a limited group of people. This training session is for Hangout Mastery Members Only a paid membership community learning how to master Hangouts and HOA. Find out more at

For the members, please add this to your calendar to interact live in the comments. In the Private Community, I'll be asking who wants 'in the filmstrip'... but as we can not all 'fit', I'll be addressing questions from the comments here live as part of the training. The video of the training will be available for viewing on the Membership site soon after the live session ends.

As a point of reference (esp. for those on mobile) the start time for this session is 5pm EST/2pm PST on Friday 10-Jan-2014
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How to share the original photo from G+. (Not just right clicking)
Sharing a photo to Facebook from Google+

This question has been asked in the Google+ Help Community:
How can I share an image from Google+ to Facebook?

Click the image open in the lightbox view, copy the URL (web address) and paste to Facebook.  The album / image must be from a Public album or shared in Public.

After pasting, the link opens up and you can delete the actual link so you don't have to leave the long link in the post.

My photo on Google+:

The Facebook post:

You can also share any post from Google+ to Facebook by right-clicking on the time stamp and copying the URL.

Sharing Google+ photo #Stories  on Facebook:

You can either share the Google+ post where the story was shared by right-clicking on the timestamp or:

Go to the end of the story and copy the link from under the share box: It has to have the authkey in it for anyone to see the contents.

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Google Authorship Photo Disappear?
If your photo is missing it could be because your Google Authorship is not working right, or you aren't searching correctly. This in-depth guide from +Craig Fifield will show you exactly what you need to do to make sure you've got it working the way it should be!

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