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Anyone wanna rp with jason

Closed to +Enzio Wikktorias boy
I ((chloe)) was walking down the hogwarts hallways as I thought of my future when all of a sudden my thoughts got interuptted by...

Closed to +Skelsis MP

I was sitting in the throne room,thinking about something when I hear footsteps and four familliar voice coming into the throne room,those voices belonged to...

Does anyone want to RP?

::OPEN RP:: :Golden Trio, Carter Darkwing, other (boy character only may join for other)
Time: Year 1
Location: Great Hall of Hogwarts
I ((Harriet Pan)) am in the Great Hall, sitting at the Gryffindor table while the rest of the students walked passed heading to the Hogwarts Express train to get home...I for one didn't want to go home, I got permission from the Headmaster to stay in Hogwarts during Winter break! As I was staring at the ceiling of the Great Hall...You walked in and sat across from where I sat. (I sat on the right side of the table closest to the wall)

:Open RP Golden Trio, Carter Darkwing, and Other: :Note you may read or join whever you want, just remember to ask my permission first I will answer as soon as you post it in comments:
Harriet was in the Forbidden practicing the Patronus spell until you came along surprising her

Harriet was walking in Hogwarts hallway trying to get to the Gryffindor Common Room when you run into her knocking the both or all five of you down!! ::Open to the Golden Trio and my 2nd character profile (Carter Darkwing):: :Note; you may read or jump in this roleplay if you want.. Ask me permission first I will answer reply ASAP:

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{Character Profile} #2
Name: Carter Darkwing
Age: 14
Year: 4th
Nickname: Cart, Jetwing, Shadow
Gender: male
Realm: (Was from Hell but now is on earth)
Spices: Fallen Angel
Wand: Dragon core
Patronus: Black Mare
Likes: Adventuring, making new friends, passing classes/tasks
Dislikes: Fights, bullying, Loved ones hurt, being expelled
House (only if they attended Hogwarts): Slytherin
Love interests: Harriet Pan
Family: (used to have a family but is now alone with nothing, but extra clothes, and his Hogwarts school supplies all paid)
Friends: Golden Trio and Harriet Pan
Enemies: most Gryffindors and Harry Potter
Appearance:See pic
Personality: Brave, Daring, Cunning, Friendly
Backstory: Carter started out with a dark angel family, but was then abused when his parents found out that he was part wizard. They hurt him over and over again with a whip and their dark magic.
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{Character Profile} #1
Name: Harriet Pan
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Looks: See Pic
Year: Fourth
House: Gryffindor
Wand: See pic
Realm: Earth Hogwarts
Species: Human/Witch
Love interests: Harry Potter, (maybe Carter if they eventually meet!)
Likes: Adventures, studying, Mythical Creatures, Magic, To draw (Art)
Dislikes/Fears: Fights, Loved ones hurt, most Slytherins depending on their attitude
Personality: She's grit, Courage, Mischief, Leadership, Anguish, Optimism, Self Reliance, Curiosity.Need to put things right. Hero Worship. Her favorite season is fall, due to the fact that her birthday is on November 14, 2002. She is almost identicle to Harry Potter! She loves to hang out with friends, play Quidditch, get's good grades except in Potions, and finally; she's never been kissed by a boy or dated! Her favorite class, is DADA, she can be very mean when witches or wizards make her mad.History: Her parent's have passed due to an evil with taking her parent's lives and is an orphan and the Blacks are the only muggle family close to her. Even though her guardians aren't the best, she'll appreciate them for who they are.
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Question: Can we create more than 1 character or not?
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