Even though this is a poem it expresses my emotions...

Forever in pain

I just live to hurt
If I'm not the one in pain
I inflict it
But I don't mean too
Sometimes I snap
Sometimes I do things
But I never mean it
I've lived a difficult life
I've lost friends
I've ruined relationships
I've caused death
Maybe they were right
Maybe I shouldn't be alive
Maybe I should disappear
Just to stop the pain
Just to make you ok
But of I go how could you smile

What do I do...

Those who fly can touch the sky,
Those that can't don't bother to try.
Those who fly can feel the wind,
Those who won't will know the end.
Those who fly soar above,
And those who shan't are afraid of love
Those who fly use their wings
But those that will not, won't bother to sing
Those who fly feel no pain
Those that can't are grieved in the rain.

Tick tock...Tick tock
Said the hands of the clock
Tick tock, tick tock
My heart is locked
Tick tock, tick tock
Time has stopped
Tick tock
Tick tock
Life is blocked
Winter's chill
A giant snowy pillar
Maple trees
It's leaves are free
Down and down
Upon the ground
Hello winter
Only love

sheeps and demons
 sometime i envy the demons that hunt me night and day. for they do not  question why they are here or why they do the things they do , things i for one do not wish to see or no.
 other hand while the sheep hid in a fence of lies and a false hood of safety. they are mind controlled  to believe that they are safe while the ones caring for them are as bad as any demon for they feed them and use them to there hearts content.
for those who does not  like being a demon or a sheep" their is no demon who shed no tears, and no sheep that was truly not alone." 
 - insy ( wasn't sure to put it so i put it in discussion) 

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As I realize that you exist

My chest became full
As if it had something in it
I began to feel a pull towards you
Something new to me
I've never felt this way
As we met this
Grew within me
Even as I listen to you
I realize that I can't breathe
This pain in my chest gets tighter as you talk
When you finally noticed me
I couldn't speak
For this pain stopped me...

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hated in life

You hated me because I mimicked you
You hated me because I won't tell you anything
you hated me because I was alive
you hated me because I won't pull the trigger
yet you claim to love me as I hold onto my tragic life
You're right to hate me
I'm worthless and weak
My tragic life is near its end
Yet you still try to lie
Try to cheat me out of what I deserve
As I hold the truth to my head you claim that you love me
But I know if I let the truth free you won't care

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