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I hope it's alright that I post here. I'm a longtime supporter of ConTessa (and will be at GenCon again this year) and I apply the mantra of inclusion without discrimination to my life and my game club. I especially work to empower the girls in my club and my classroom to be strong gamers (and people in general... a dad accused me once of having a feminist agenda, which I now live with as a proud label if it means I'm support making strong women). So I thought I would give this a shot.

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Podcaster & Streamer Call to action!

The Free Spacer Kickstarter is approaching, the manuscript is in editing, and we're putting everything else together, but I need help to expand our community. Let's tell people about the game.

We're looking for Streamers or Podcasters interested in featuring Free Spacer on their show. You can do a preview, set up an interview with me, run an actual play, or whatever your show does.

Are you interested? Send me a msg.

You know someone who is? Get them to msg me.

Are you a fan of a show that would be perfect? Ask them by their preferred method to get in contact and ping me with your suggestion.

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The RPG Casts site has re-launched, and now has over 290 tabletop RPG actual play and discussion podcasts on it! The most exciting thing is that we now have a category specifically for podcasts where the entire cast is all women, all non-binary people, or a combination of the two. <3 Check it out if you're looking for new listening!

Hi folks, I was turned onto your community via Twitter. I'm the line editor and adventure developer for Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures RPG and I'm looking for a more diverse spread of writers to pitch adventure ideas to me to be turned into standalone adventure products that'll be sold as PDFs via and on the Modiphius store. I also have other adventure projects in the works that'll be hardcover books.

Specifically, I'm seeking pitches that are approximately 500–800 words long for 8,000–10,000 word standalone adventures set in any era of Star Trek, from the earliest years of Star Trek: Enterprise right up to the end of Star Trek: Nemesis. That’s over 200 years of the Star Trek timeline ripe for setting adventures (approx. 2151–2379).

Pitches should detail the essentials of the standalone adventure and what the Player Characters have a chance to explore or accomplish in the adventure. I'm specifically looking for standalone missions, not linked missions, campaigns, or adventures that assume or require a sequel. I'm also seeking adventures that don't require a specific knowledge of a given episode; i.e., no adventures that pick up a thread from an episode and revisit something we've seen on screen or posit 'whatever happened to…'. The focus is on exploring strange new worlds, new lifeforms, and new civilizations.

Prospective writers are expected to own a copy of the Star Trek Adventures core rulebook. If you’ve seen the sample adventure in the core rulebook or the free quickstart, or any of the adventures in These are the Voyages, Mission Compendium Vol. 1, you’ll have a good sense of how we structure adventures.

I'm happy to mentor writers new to writing for RPGs and happy to answer any questions you may have here, or email me at jim at Thanks so much for you time and interest, and please forward this along to any writer who you think might be interested in the opportunity.

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I am running a streaming playtest of my unpublished, but finished™, sci-fi tabletop RPG Free Spacer. The session is primarily to promote the game for a eventual Kickstarter. We recently finished our first contract, but we lost some players. I found one replacement, but need another. I'm looking for someone with a camera and mic that wants to play while streaming to twitch and saved to YouTube. I'd love to run for a variety of people, but our group has been mostly cis white dudes. So, I'd love to find someone different.

We run Monday nights starting at 6 ~10pm PST. We're planning to start up again on Monday, January 22nd for about 9 or 10 weeks, but I'd like to do character creation before then.

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Who needs a plush for a good cause? Or a [RPG] hitman for a bad one? I'm looking at 3 RPG Kickstarters you should check out! ;)

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Have you checked out the ConTessa Bundle of Awesome?

A whole pile of awesome RPG PDFs for $10


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Employment Opportunity.
I am looking to hire a new writer for a project currently in development.

Looking for someone with an interest in SF, in a variety like the comic Prophet. Preference for surrealism and tight writing, visually expressive. A touch of the weird and gonzo, but through an easy to grasp and follow (read: concise) writing style that is simple enough for an artist to be able to adapt without being lost in translation.

Project is a roleplaying game. Ability to develop game mechanics a plus but not a requirement.

Writing on the project should be functional: the product is meant to be used at the game table as a useful and visual guide. Verbosity is a hindrance.

The Pay:

In Search of Games pays $.10/word at an industry standard of 250 words per page, with a minimum guaranteed pay of $2,500 for this project.

In addition, we pay 25% in profit shares once the product is released.

If interested, email your interest to, with the subject "*SF WRITING INQUIRY 544*". Include your full name, any writing credentials, and a short (single paragraph or two) writing sample that fits the above details.

PLEASE NOTE: WRITING CREDENTIALS ARE NOT A REQUIREMENT. New writers with little or no experience are welcome.

Serious inquiries only.

Not familiar with In Search of Games? Download Santa is Dead (available as PWYW) for free from RPGNow:

...for an example of the quality of work we produce.

Thank you for your consideration.

Note: The attached image is from "Prophet" and is not directly related to this project. It is included simply as inspiration/reference.

+Juan Ochoa


Hello Contessans!

I'm putting a project together for a planned release in late 2018/early 2019, with the goal of collecting art assets and getting writing started by August of this year.

Currently the project has +Evey Lockhart as a writer, +Karen Conlin as copy editor, and +Deven Rue as cartographer.

While still very early in the process, I want to start collecting names of artists (and their contact details) I should consider to hire for the project.

Please note this is still very early on, and we haven't determined the visual style yet, or if we'll be using one or more artists on the project.

This is also paid work. The goal is to create a minimum 100-150 page, digest-sized hardcover book, with 35-50% of the book dedicated to interior art.

If anyone is interested (or you know someone who would be) please have them contact me via email:

And to make it easier to find, use the subject "Great and Terrible".

Thank you everyone!

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She's coming.....

Keep your eyes peeled for ConTessa's next exciting announcement! Oh, and hey, today is the last official day to submit events for Gen Con so make sure you get your games in!
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