From the Facebook page:

Come help CardBoard Gaming celebrate our One Year Anniversary! We'll be running games all weekend (keep an eye out for details on Meetup!) and we'll be posting further details throughout the week on special events.

ALL WEEKEND - for every $20 spent, you roll a d20 on the Table of Treasures! (see in-store for details)

ALL WEEKEND - play any RPG at the store and get DOUBLE entries in the Fishbowl of Fortune!

From the Facebook page:

We have a lot new games coming out soonly, so to make shelf space...everything with a pink sticker is 40% off throughout august. Im not sure just how many games that is, but it's eight sheets of stickers worth. Cheers!

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Player slots remain for today's DCC madness at CardBoard Gaming!

It's the conclusion of People of the Pit at 10am, followed by Intrigue at the Court of Chaos at 2!  Pregens are available, get on in here!

Sign up via the Meetup below!  More DCC is being added to the schedule regularly.

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Hey locals - we're going to use this Meetup to organize games at the store from here on out.  ALSO we'll use it for slots at Trident so if you're planning on joining us for the mini-con, please hop into the Meetup!

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The 2014 DCC Worlds Tour continues at CardBoard!

This Saturday the 12th at 10am, come in and play Intrigue At The Court of Chaos !  If you have a 1st or 2nd level character from previous sessions, bring 'em; otherwise, pregens will be available.

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We're throwing a mini-con, and you're invited!
Trident Con 2014
Trident Con 2014

Want to try out Pathfinder? Or D&D 5th Edition? There will be games of both running this Saturday, July 5!  The introductory Pathfinder Society adventure "The Confirmation" starts at noon, followed by a D&D 5E launch adventure after 4 pm!

So, who here will be at Free RPG Day on Saturday?

Personally, I'll be going for the 13th Age game at 4 pm, but there's plenty to do all day...


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News about CardBoard Gaming's June events.

"As an experiment, all GW miniatures are 25% off for the entire month of June!"

10 am: Pathfinder
10 am: Castles & Crusades
12 pm: Dungeon Crawl Classics
1 pm: Kings of War (fantasy wargame)
4 pm: 13th Age
5 pm: More Dungeon Crawl Classics

Plus all sorts of free goodies and prizes!

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What does CardBoard Gaming have planned for Free RPG Day?
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